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Just Call Me The King

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We're Home!

April 14th 2009 7:52 am
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Hey furr friends,
I hope your Easter was Happy and safe. We are back from Dallas TX from visting my Grandma and Grandpa. I got lots of treats, played in their garden, and got the snot scared out of me by moewmy nephews! They're still young so the crying and screaming sent me under the bed. In fact when we got home I spent the evening under the bed recovering. MOL!
This moring though I gave lots of headbonks and purrs...I'm SO HAPPY TO BE HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Off to make sure my Kingdom is still the same!

King Henry


My Mascot is Ill

April 16th 2009 6:59 am
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Hey furries,
I just read Hazel Lucy's diary enrty about the beautiful Muppet. I am so shocked!! A tumor. She's such a friend to all of us and helped to make me like such a part of this COOL community!!!
Hugs and head bonks to her brofurs, sisfurs, and ESPECIALLY her beautiful mewomy! KEEP PURRING furs a miracle!!!

King the humbled Henry


Back to work and bisquits

April 17th 2009 10:24 am
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Hello from WET Texas,
I can not get my morining porch lookout due to the RAIN.....Hmmmmph....So I let let meowmy sleep in longer but got her on the 'puter to write my diary today.
Wilson J Scooter is a DDP pick and according to his old diary entry he has written a book. Meowsa! I can barely keep my fur in the right place. So I sent him a prawn of admiration.
Then we read that little Muppet will get a third opinion which is smart and PROACTIVE!! We lurvs Muppet!!! Then moewmy told me that we'll bake up some cheese panchetta bisquits and pear salad for dinner.(She lurvs the Food channel) That way going back to work from vacation will hurt a little less.
I see a nap iny future.....
Lurvs ya all!!!!
King Henry


Happy Earth day!!!

April 22nd 2009 7:54 am
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Hey furry friends,
I woke my meowmy up early so I could run out on the porch and enjoy the EARTH....... It's rather big! My hoomin has tried to cut down on stuff and drives a car with better gas milage. She also loved Skeezix tips on being a better kitteh to the world.
I also think it's funny that Harry hates being brushed when I LURVS it!!! I purr like a lion when my meowmy brushes and combs me. But then I just like purring!
Hugs to all the sicky kittehs out there and thanks to HL for her information about Nutro (NEVER BUY THAT STUFF) and flea topicals.

Lurvs and Purrs to all
King of the EARTH (fur today) Henry


A Lap Cat Kinda Day

April 23rd 2009 11:49 am
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Well furries,
Today I felt like I should stop being King for awhile and just SIT on my meowmy's lap. There's talk of furloughs at her work and Corky (my grandmewoma) had outpatient surgery. She was sooo stressed! I just would not have it. So after meowmy get her mail I cried until she picked me up and put me on her LAP!!!!!!!!!
I sat and purred and kissed her for a good hour then I let her go to the 'puter. So today take time to be thankfull for you pawrents and SIT ON THIER LAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hugs to all who's left us to soon for the bridge and keep fighting Muppet!

King of the Laps Henry


Blub Blub Were Underwater!

April 28th 2009 8:16 am
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Hey furries,
The fun starts in Louieville today with wearing hats and watching GUIDO the Itailyn kitteh try and be a Horse! (snickers into paw) Poor Yolo and Baci......
In Houston -town though there is LOTS and LOTS of rain!!! I mean downtown is already flooded and parts of the city are under watch. My poor kitteh self HATES water on my fluffy paws and ears. Water does not make me happy until it's in my mouth. MOL! The rain scraed me so much I had to cuddle with my meowmy this moring to make sure she didn't float away. Purrs for us Please to get dry soon!

Lurvs King of the ICKY WATER Henry


Swine Flue??

April 30th 2009 1:45 pm
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Hey furries,
This flu outbreak has everyone howling!! My meawmy got so freaked out by all the coverage she THOUGHT she had it! MOL it was just allergies. Shessh...
Derby fun tommorow but hats fur me because my ears are my crown! That's the only way to know a king is around!

King Henry


HLs Birthday and Derby Days

May 2nd 2009 7:46 am
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I'm so happy Skeezix thought make a big shout out to HL because number one: she's making me a blanket and number two: she's so thoughtful and cute and number three: She just rocks MOL!!!!
The Derby looks like fun and there's a BIG Meatball waitng to be chowed down later! And ohh the champagen and mint juleps...If you have a great Mint Julep recipe leave it in my comment.
Today is humid and icky so Meomwy will get ice cream after work and LOTS of cold water furrs me...
Off to nap beafore the nightlife starts...

King of the Julep Henry


Mother's Day Tribute to a Family Legend

May 7th 2009 8:53 am
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Hey furries,
My meowmy showed me a picture of an old cat named Friskie. This cat was orange and white and fiesty just like her name. She lived with my hummin before I or my rainbow sibling Macy were born. They were new animal owners and new NOTHING about cats!
They didn't know about spaying and neutering so Friskie had a litter of kittens that were weaned and sent to good homes. THEN they spayed her. Sadly Friskie was an outside cat but reveled in catching mice and lizards. She always slept in the gararge and was given food and water everyday. Now this was twenty years ago and much has changed with how to keep animals indoors and the healthcare is much better. Amazingly Friskie lived to a ripe old age and nearly lasted the out the third and last family dog Macy(white chow mutt girl)...
Meowmy says when she looks at her picture now she doesn't see the mysterious animal she saw when she was a girl BUT a real momcat who in her own way taught a family to cherish their animals as family members.
Happy Mother's day Friskie!


Lurvs my MA!!!

May 11th 2009 7:43 am
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Hey furries,
I spent quality time with my Meoamy last night when she cane home from work. I got snuggled then given Iams wet food and water then I relaxed while she got ready for bed.
Then we BOTH jumped on the couch and snuggled up close for more than an hour. I took my paws and face and cuddled up to her chest on our blanket. She had to know how happy I am to have a safe home to sleep and eat in. Then we went to bed and I woke ger up with kisses today!!!
Have safe happy day Catsters! : P

King Henry the Snuggler

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