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Just Call Me The King

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Tough week for Hummin..Not so much for moi!

February 18th 2009 7:51 am
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My week was full of eating, sleeping, and pooping (not in that order) ..and playing with my NEW yellow Star! It is so Pretty!
Hazel Lucy had her Bumm pressed at the V-E-T and it Hurt her! Moewwooww! I felt bad for that becuse the last time I went they did that to me too. : <
My moewomy cried this week becase a plane went down in Buffalo NY and she works for an airline. I purred while she cried and I think I made her feel better. Then she lost her Check Card and someone used it!!!! *Sigh* I told meowmy to stay home like me and watch birdies all day, it will make you feels betters....
We all happy that Wilson J Scooter is Cat of the Day because his page is so cool and we're hoping my pictures will make a difference on my page!!
A birdie just chirped at me! Gotta go hunt!

King of the world (MINE)


A Red Heart in my box!

February 20th 2009 8:15 am
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Someone sent ME a pretty red heart that I plan snuggle with ALL day! Who could it be?
Scooter also sent me instructions on how to navigate the olde furts room..but I'm still learning (meeoow)...
My meowmy let out on the porch today ansd I saw two kitthes roaming around so my huoomin and I gave them food. We think you should help a kitteh when you can.
I'm gonna go snuggle with my precious red heart now!

King Henry


Lap Cat

February 22nd 2009 10:08 am
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I am becoming a bit of a lap cat in my old age and meowmy likes it! I won't let her start or end the day without a little loving. I just purr up a storm and become much in her arms.
We should live a life like this!!



TAX REFUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 24th 2009 7:14 am
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Things are so tough for so many on least the government has given my tax refund so more kitthe litter and kibbles! Yayaya!
Sadly then meowmy said no extragant spending but paying the bills, food, and maybe some SMALL treats. **Sigh** At least cuddles are FREE!
Hang in there my furry friends and remember that King Henry is on the prowl and purring for all of you. ; P

and Head bonks and kitthe kisses
Kin Henry


Old Furt

February 26th 2009 7:38 am
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My meowmy did my cat age today and I'm ****GASP**** 40 years old!!!!!!!!! MOL!
My hummin laughed and said I still act like a little baby kitthe though.
Oh well there's birds to watch ' P
King Henry


Kitteh Tree!

February 27th 2009 8:28 am
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My meowmy got me cat tree and now I;'m to scraed to try it!!! I've been put on it a few times but I just DO NOT GET IT!!
Cats in Trees????
Wait and see.....

King Henry


Bath Time

March 3rd 2009 10:10 am
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My meowmy gave me a BATH last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ohh the horrors, I purred really loud thinking she'd feel bad and make it stop but she didn't. ( It's the no water Vets oatmeal bath) Then I ran for HER bedroom and slept peacefully on the bed till I dried out and got a good brushing. My skin and hair feel so wonderfull now! I woke up my meowmy with kitteh kisses and serious head bonks. She only cleaned me because she lurvs me! Who'd a thought it?
HK is getting his "bits" off and HL is going back to the V-E -T too! I almost feel bad for feeling healthy, (he doesn't know it but I'll give him flea juice today too) ...
Happy birthday olde furts and take a LONG nap for me!

King Henry


Yolo gave me a HAT!

March 4th 2009 9:15 am
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Ohh pretty Green hat, I'm gonna sleep and play with you ALL day!!!!
I lurvs my yolo buddy ; P

King Henry


Hairballs...hairballs....Oh yes...Hairballs

March 8th 2009 7:48 am
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Hello furry friends!
Heeheee I gave my mewomy a BIG HAIRY present!
Ohh, she she had to soak and scrub but MOL that's life with a kitteh who has long hair like I do. (heheheee MOL)
Have a Hairball free day guys!

King of the Hairballs Henry


Cold wet Friday the 13th

March 13th 2009 9:49 am
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My meowny doen't have to deal with the crazy people at her work today, so she's gonna snuggle with me!
Belive it or not I HAD to train her about the *snuggles* We all cats know that the hummins can't do anything till we sit on thier lap for at least 45 minutes before they try to do anything contructive likes grocery shopping or vacuming. : P Also if they must let you unnner the covers in da bed and on couch! I hope you're taking notes Yolo!
Stay safe sweet little kittehs and thanks for my treats Muppet and Calvin!

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