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Just Call Me The King

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Pirate Flags and a Morning Shift!!

September 20th 2012 12:18 pm
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Hey Matey's!
Thanks soooo MUCH for all my flags! I pounced and played with them all day in my pirate ship...
I have good news meowmy's new shift at work will be a morning shift starting in two weeks. SO more snuggle and Catsre time ahead YAYAYAYAYAYYY!!!!
Stop by Samo's page and wish her meowmy luck on her two walk for cancer.

King Henry



October 2nd 2012 8:49 pm
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I'm covered in all these sweet balloons! They are so much fun to puch, kick and suck the helium out of....
Thanks again sweet kittehs...

King Henry


A DDP for me? Twice??

October 11th 2012 10:11 am
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Hey Furries!!
My typist has been feeling under the weather so she missed bith my honors. So I chose to wake her up at 1 AM today..MOL! Otherwsie life is good, lots of food, cuddles and treats.
I'm also happy to see zoey's sweet face as COTW..MOL!
King He ry



October 18th 2012 8:37 am
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Hey Furriees,
I was just lurving on my meomwy like usual when she told me I'm a
DDP!! YAYA me! MOL! Now everyfur stop by babay Kody's page and tell him to take his meds and the same with Gentleman Jack.
Meomwy told me though that next week I have to go to "heartbreak Hotel"....She's going outta town with friends and does not want me unsupervised. So i willl meet other kittehs and we will party when the hummins aren't around. MOL!
Thanks for all my ZEALIES friends and pawmails..
King Henry


HeartBreak Hotel....

October 25th 2012 6:20 am
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Hey Furries!
My hummin is jetting to Boston, Mass for a few days for fun and relaxtion. She says she needs to do this before the holidaze start because she tends to work right throught those with just me for comfort. So I will check out this new "spa" as Samoa calls it. I'll have my own cubby and it is clean and quiet. I'll sure miss my meowmy!! I just lurvs my lap time then zoomies....***sigh*** She says she'll look for a treat for me but I do not belive her.....
She also says she weather is the opposite of where we live. It's cold and sunny while we are HOI and sunny. And she'll be able to eat lots of seafood and have hot cocoa! I just lurvs me some trout! Maybe she'll bring me back a fishie or two or three..MOL!
Well must nap before I'm jetting off.



November 1st 2012 3:00 pm
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Hey Furries,
My typist finally has time to update you on what is happening. First I had an uneventful visit to the spa. They lurved me of course and I got major napping done.
Wanna know what my meomwy went through to get me??????????
She had fun in Boston Mass for two days running around and enjoying the people, transportation and weather. BUT then Hurriace Sandy blew in and ruined the party. Meowmy and her friends knew the only way home
was to get into a rental car and drive South and West to avoid the storm.
It rained constantly from Boston around Connecticut and around NYC and New Jersey. Then they hit the beginnings of a snowstorm in West Virginia and Virgina. It was SCARY! They saw lots of truck stops too.
Mewomy says she'll never make fun of weirdos at truck stops because she was one of them! MOL! They stayed up for 21 hours straight till they hit Nashville Tennesse. Then they slept for 8 hours and caught a flight a home back to Houston, Texas. Meomwy could not get me Monday cause she had to work so she picked me up Tuesday and I meowed and snuggled with her!! I have been following her around making sure she does not leave me again
Were happy some New York Catsters have checked in but we are still purring long and hord for all those kittehs who got hit by the storm and snow.
I must watch the birdies....Mol!
King of my home


Christmas is Coming!

November 9th 2012 8:44 am
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Hey Furries,
Meowmy paid bills and has some cash left over wow! But now she has to think about what to get family memebers for Christmas. She told me if she doesn't think ahead she'll forget! MOL...
How do you feel about cat time? I just lurvs my cat time. I jump up on meomwy's lap and snooze and snuzzle. She coos and tells me how how handsome I am. Kitteh time RULES!!
Lurvs King Henry


Thank You and the lap cat

November 15th 2012 1:24 pm
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Hello furry friends!
It took me longer to thank you for my last DDP because my meowmy has been getting busy at work AND I've been stealing her lap.
Yup, I whenever she sits on the couch I run up and snuggle on her lap. It's warm, soft, and she pets me so how can I not do it?? I follow her around everywhere and watch her type on the 'puter. I just really love my meowmy!
I know I'm a boy kitteh and I should be more manly but ...I just LURVS MY MOM!!! MOL!

Lurvs King Henry of the lap


Thanks and Giving

November 21st 2012 11:22 am
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Hello furry friends,
I have been reading alot about the dogs cats and other animals affected by Hurricane Sandy. Please give money or doneate food and blankets to Guardians of Rescue. They have been trapping kittes and helping feed animals in the Long Island and New Jersey area. We saw a news special on it and Smokie Boo also wrote about the trauma the animals and thier people are going through during the holidays. She says we are lucky to have a home and food!
I will also be alone on Thanksgiving since my hummin is visiting the family in Dallas so after pie come to my place ton party with niptini's and fancy feast for all!! MOL!
We lurvs you guys a bunch and are happy there is a safe place to discuss our love of animals.

King Henry


Allergies and Christmas Prep

November 26th 2012 8:26 am
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Hey Furries!!!!
Well I had a nice quiet Thaksgiving till everyone came over
for niptini's and catnip pie. Now that my hummin is home she is
sneezing and blowing her nose all the time. She says it is hay fever or allergies. Whatever they are they sure are LOUD!!! MOL!
She says my fur doesn't help but she let's me snuggle wif her anyways. heheheheheh
Well we gotta get ready for Santa Paws who's coming to town soon. Before that means lots of decorating, baking, and shopping. I think I'll nap through all that stuff. MOL...
Lurvs ya King

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