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Just Call Me The King

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All Moved and Plugged in!

December 8th 2011 8:36 am
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Hey Furries,
Baby it is cold here in H-town! but my fur is keeping the chilly-willy penguins away. MOL..
Meowmy had her holiday party and the cable dud come in one day. She gots it all done now so we can watch the news and see when Santa Paws is coming to towne. I have tried to be soooo gooodd this year! I haven't run away but I have gotten my hummin up at 2:00AM on her days off! heheheheh
I also gave more eye hugs and purrss AFTER I left huge "Newmies" in my box. MOL! Thimk Santa will leave me some treats and a new Cat Tree?? I hope so. Being good is hard werk.
Speaking of werk..mewomy is taking boft days off this week! YAYAYAYAYYAYA...But she says she's Christmas shopping, paying fur my rent, and doing some RELAXING. She still doesn't know if she'll get Christmas Eve or day off. ***Sigh***
I do not care because it's been almost 5 years since I marched into meomwy's heart. Someone left me behind to fend furmyself in the cold of winter but my hummin could not let me starve or get sick. Lack of money or not I got my shots, fed, and LURVED!!!
Happy Hannakah, Happy Christmas, and Merry Kawanza, (even Merry Solstice)

King Henry and his sidekick hummin


Wensday Wishes

December 14th 2011 4:50 pm
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Hey Furries,
Santa Paws is coming to Troute and regular Townes soon. I can tell 'cause the toy tree is up, baking is non-stop, and meowmy is ALWAYS running around me. Hehehehe so I trip her. Wouldn't yous??
Everyfur stop by Tiggers page. It would have been his birfday till Calvin meet him at the Bridge. The holidays are tough enough but the loss of a furiend can make it harder. So send some kitteh lurvs to the best cat guy around!
Well I'll try and keep ya guys abreast of when Santa Paws comes and brings me treats and a NEW Cat tree...
Till then donate to shelter, sponsor a kitteh, or just leave some food and water if ya see a lost fur buddy wandering around. All we need is lurvs right Teddy Bearz!

Livin large
King Henry


I Got Zealies!

December 18th 2011 1:19 pm
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Hey furrry friends,
The countdown fur Santa Paws is on! I have been a good boy sooo faaarrr.... Hehehehehe
I also won some zealies frum Ollie that cute orangie who is REALLY not wearing that Santa Paws hat. But then I wouldn't wear one either. Meowmy is wondering how to get my Christmas tie on!
I just lurvs you kittehs...
Stay Warm
King Henry or (buddy)


Happy Almost Christmas and my birfday-gotcha day

December 23rd 2011 2:23 pm
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Furries my meomy just got back from her parents house to be wif me on my birfday and gotcha day....
To think almost 7 years ago my meowmy came home HEARTBROKEN over the loss of the family goggie. She told me she cried for 4 hours straight! (The entire trip home from Dallas) but I was their out in the cold waiting fur her. I just knew I could make her feel better. Hehehehehe....
So she got some cheap kitteh food and MADE a homemade litter box from a cardboard baox. Hey I wasn't picky.. I used it.
NOW we live in a bigger apartment with good food, water, treats and LURVS. I even let her let me camp fur two days because of the her pawrents new goggie. I knew she was coming back to me...
Thanks so much fer taking ime to send a pawmail, zealies, and such sweet comments. You see it helps meowmy appreciate me more.
I just lurvs my catster friends and all thier wonderpurr health and behavour advice. You gotta keeps your hummin in line right??
Here's to another year of adoptions, rescues, burfdays, and gotcha days!
Merry Catmus everybuddy and "God Bless Us Every One"..

King Henry and his Hummin Katie


DDP and Christmas!

December 26th 2011 7:09 am
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Hey Furries,
Just stopping by to thank ALL of you for your sweet Pawmails-comments and zealies fur Christmas and me being a DDP!
Meowmy worked the ENTIRE day BUT we plan to cuddle and celebrate on her days off...
King Henry (who is still sleepy)


Where's the nip??

January 3rd 2012 2:06 pm
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Meowmy is now on a LONG awaited REAL vacation!!! YAYAYAYYAYAYY...
That means more quality time fur the King.
So.. werking during the Holidays means a BIG paycheck fur food, medicines, and CAT TREES!
So furries please send links, paw-mails, and suggestiond fur a good new cat tree fit fur a King. Don't be shy now guys and dolls. I wanna know where you perch and if your humans got it right...
Also COME HOME MR Z!!!!! And hugs and headbonks to Linus fur making his way home.

King Henry

PS Fur those kittehs in Iowa...I bet ya can't wait till the media leaves.....


Newwwww Kitteh Tree(on Sale)

January 7th 2012 3:29 pm
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Hey Furries!
Vacation is apparently ALOT of werk... My hummin has shopped, done laundry, needs to do more laundry, clean, AND put up my new little kitteh tree.
I got a small sissla tree to start wif. Mewomy has let me play wif it a little before she totally puts it up so I'm not scared of it. We also got our new camara!! Clueless on how to werk it....
Now meomwy is thinking about getting a nice kitteh window perch fur me. I just LURVS the windows!!! In fact last night a CAT climbed up a tree by my window. Meowmy thought I was nutterz with all my meowing and crying. But when she turned out the lights she saw the kitteh in the tree. Then he/or she pounced to a branch then scooched down to the ground...It was amazing. We felines are purrty athelic. I would NEVER go up a tree! Burds are up tress and we know how the TABBIES feel about them.
More later...
King Henry



Sending out the LURV!

January 12th 2012 11:37 am
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Hey Furries,
I have enjoyed having my meomwy home ALL week to bug fur cudddles,treats, and just plain annoy! Heheheheheheh....
I have been sleeping on the bed, getting my picture taken wif the new camera, and just being a spoiled KING.
BUT I did have to be washed, have my nails trimmed, and de-fleaed! That wasn't fun but meowmy likes to keep my paw pads neat and my dander down. I blame my magnificent fur coat.
But my Corky and meowmy have been talking and we need tips on how to introduce me to a puppy. See her next vacation she wants to bring me wif instead of going to hearbreak hotel or being Cat watched. So............
Those of yous who owned or owned goggies and kittehs together...I need TIPS! How do make sure the goggies does not eat my litter, scare me, or like grandma said..."Make me Constipated"!!!!!! MOL...... Paw mail, leave comments or suggestions 'cause I'm the KING and deserved to be treated as such in the prescence of a DOG!
Also COME HOME MR Z!!!!!!

King Henry


Holy Meowsers I'm a DDP!

January 15th 2012 1:18 pm
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Hey! Thanks so much HQ fur recongnizing my diary.
I got a Pawmail frum Buddy , Gibbs, and Cash. YAYAY! Also check out Samoa's new diary entry about the newest Dreamboats.
Hope fully on meowmy's next day off she'll get the pictures of me in my new little kitteh tree up.

Have a safe and happy week.
Come home Mr. Z!!!!!!!!!!!
King Henry


I like my new cat Tree and Meowmy's New Resolutions

January 19th 2012 2:36 pm
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Furries! Ya there???
I just lurv to sleep on top of my little tree and watch my meowmy from its little cubby hole. BUT The bed still is the best nap spot wouldn't you agree? By the window I can get to the sun puddles and watch that crzy meowmy in the kitchen.
Before I napped today meowmy told me her New Years Resolution. (Besides losing weight) MOL! She said she's tired of being behind on her bills at the beginning of the year so she bought a budget planner for the 'puter. I watched her all afternoon printing,typing, and writing numbers. Now she knows where to cut back and when to spend more on cat nip. She also found out her company will have something called "profit sharing" this year. That means more treats fur me!
We both very sad about the Cruise Ship that was capsized on a reef by Italy. We're purring fur more survivors.
Well meowmy must clean out my litter box and HER litterbox. Those humans should learn just to lick themselves. Wouldn't it be easier?

King Henry

PS Read Saomoa's diary for the newest 2012 Dreamboats

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