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Just Call Me The King

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If You Can Read this Catter is Working Again!

October 21st 2011 8:57 am
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OMC I have missed you guys! I have been helping my meowmy clean up her old apartment so we can get ready fur the new one.
Imagine, Christmas in a BIGGER place with a new Cat TREE!!! YAYAYAYAYAY....
I'm also just SO HAPPY Ingen is home wif Novi and lil Bear. They missed her lots. I bet she'll have lots of stories when she gets her fur paws adjusted to her new surroundings.
Halloween this year will be quiet as my hummin works REALLY early hours and can't stay up late anymore. We will watch a scary movie and snuggle. I jsut LURVS to purr and snuggle don't you???
Also stop by Lucy Nooner page because she's a DDP..

King Henry


Cold Weather and OUR Last Rent Check

October 28th 2011 8:30 am
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Hello my fabulous furries,
This time next month mewomy anmd I will be in a new larger
nicer apartment. We will have NEWER appliances and just a safer neighborhood to lay our furry heads at night. Meowmy and her meowmy are soooo excited! She also says we will get to redecorate now too. I say more cat stuff! More toys, catnip, and yes litterboxes. Hehehehehe....
Newman's book on PooPoLogY is coming out November 2...I plan on throwing a party in my box fur him! Poop rocks!!
The weather is finally ghetting cooler and rainer in TX. YAYAY! No more droughts.
Well, I also saw a litte puppy
out on a porch today too. He cocked his head sideways and didn't even bark. I 'd like to think my Cat-Titude scared him. meowmy doesn't think so.
Well, a nap awaits me while mewomy runs errends and gets me FOOD! I lurvs payday and lurvs you's guys too.....

King Henry


A long Blown Diary Entry

November 5th 2011 3:43 pm
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Excuse the m,eowming out loud whilst I recover my temper and try again later....
BLOODY )P()P&*)(&(^(8564784465734 as they say in the old country


DDP and One More Time Wif Feeling!

November 6th 2011 12:07 pm
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Hey Furries??
Evfur have a just OFF weird disturbing week? The kinda week that makes you sooo grateful fur your human owner?
Well first let take a minute thank Buddy and Big Harry fur making me feel like the Cat's meow today! DDP on Sunday is sometimes hard because we're all workin and doin the chores like nappin and inspecting our homes SO THANKS!!!!
I have two catnip crazy stories fur yous. Niether involve me because I'm the KING and get treated as such.
The furst thing is well..I gues this does invilve me because I'm gonna have fursibling..a GOGGIE! But this little buddy of mine will not life with me. Her name is sadie she's part schnazzer(spelling) and part poodle. She has had THREE homes in less that a year and she's just a wittle puppy. The original owner, then my meowmy's sister and NOW my grandparents. This poor puppy has had it all go wrong. She has been trained but likes to barky bark. What doggie doesn't?? So hurts my heart to write tis BUT they put the "collar" on her so she'd stop....AARRGGHHH....this is one of the reasons my grandparents are taking her from meowy's sister. She has no patience or time for this purrttyy sweet lurving doggie.
Hopefully this will all get resoved soon and Sadie will to go somewhere where all her emotional needs will be met.
The next story happend at werk....The place where meowmy goes so I can get my treats and litter because thay aren't free!
Now meomwy works for an airline reservation center(she won't tell me who) so she hears stories that happen at the airport. It seems a guy walked into Cleveland Airport wif a box. A box that had holes ans scotch tape. A box that had not one BUT two kittehs in it expecting that he could just get on the plane wif no problem....WORSE the kittehs we're drugged. Not just like the kind I get fue long car rides that help my furry bodies nerves and motion sickness BUT DRUGGED OUT!!! I mean who does this??
Thankfully, due to animal guidelines the ticket was changed, a kennlle bought, and the kittehs taken care of in a duely humane manner. I mean WHAT the CAT??? (Now Cat Guys do not get mad because you guys ROCK and would never do this ...) So that was this week...
So kittehs go hug and purr to your human and keep trying to train them.
Thanks again fur the DDP Diary Gal!!!

King of the Werld
PS Henry's mom here..thanks for letting me vent a bit. My aprent raised me as an animal lover and it just BLOWS my mind when my own sister is this ...this...and that nutter at Cleveland Airport really makes me question humanity.


A Quieter Week..and PURRS for Teddy Bear!

November 10th 2011 5:15 pm
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Hey furries,
It's been a quieter but smellier week here in Texas..Meowmy felt bad and took some time off werk. So I was a RKN and spent quality time wif mewomy in the couch PUURRRINGG and napping wif her. I snuggled right in between her legs or right up close
to face purred like a motorboat and take away her cares and stressors. She tells me it's a fair trade for my SMELLY Newmie's and 3:00AM wake up calls! MOL!
So today she good enough to grocery shop fur me and have a burger at a new place where she shops. They're GOOD and she plans to visit them again. There's nothing like a really good burger and fries after you've lived on soup for three days....
I also heard about our buddy Teddy Bear who may have some calcium problems. Meowmy and I do not totally understand it all but we DO know that TB need POP and PUURRSSS... This kitteh family deserves a break from trauma.
As fur the BIIGG MOOOVVEE? That's Thanksgiving weekend. Mashed potatoes and moving trucks...BUT the grandparents are already werking out a schedue to make sure someone will be with me by my crate or in a room wif me at all times. After all I am the KING!!

Hugs KING Henry


Eeeeeeaaaase on Down Dat Road

November 17th 2011 12:37 pm
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My hummin is cleaning and throwing out a BUNCH of trash! She says the more we gid rid of now the less we have ta move later. We move at the end of next week. She keeps promising that I and not BAGGAGE to be left out when yous get a new home like my last family did to me. She has I'M wonderpurr and would just cry and cry wifout me! MOL!
She tells me that lots of people will be watching out fur me and this move will be great fur us. So we're happy excited and a bit scared but all I wanna know is that my FOOD and TREATS will still be given at the correct time.
Please stop by Teddy Bearz place and give him puurrsss his under the weather and his meowmy is just CRAZY wif worry. And hig and kiss Milo and Ollie 'cause they want thier big brofur to be OK.

Will try and write before we move BUT will send ya a line to know I'm safe and sound...

King of my Werld


Hey! DDP and boxes

November 21st 2011 1:55 pm
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Thanks ssssooooooooooo much fur the rostettes and lurvley pawmails....
I've been busy making sure my hummin packs my food and toys. It's getting down to the wire now!! There's boxes evrywher and meowmy is throwing out tons of old yucky stuff. And we can get our keys soon...HOORRAAYYYY!!
The only bad thing about this that she'll be working more in December... hummphhht hisss.
****As just an aside******
Any kittehs out there who do not think we are worshipped like the Gods we are, We would not belong to Catster and cyberbullyiong them via Facebook or on this site will not be tolerated.****

Hugs Henry



November 29th 2011 4:05 am
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Hey Furries,
We have moved safely. I just LURV my new home.
Our new phone and net service are not up and running yet...
So a full account of the move will be following later.


King Henry


The Joys of Moving

November 29th 2011 3:18 pm
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Well gang,
That nutty human and I did it! In the RAIN on Saturday...
My meowmy delivered me safely to the big new place and I was stuck in "Hearbreak Hotel" (the carrier) till the movers and my hummin were done DONE running around like wild turkeys.
I admit it. The manlymancat was skeered out of my "Newmies"..I mean this is a bigger cleaner place..and even the porch is different.
But after all was said and done, I did get some turkey and lots and lots and lots of lurv....Meowmy checked in on me every two hours or less. She says I help keep her crazy head on straight! So I'm gonna stay here wif her and help out.
My poopy box is in the same room as my meomwy's. MOL! The joke of the day was ," When mewomy takes a DUMP so will I!".....That's fur you Newman.
Well, more later. And Finney..keep up the those great poops!
King of my new werld


Monday..and baffs

December 5th 2011 3:25 pm
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Hey Furries,
Meowmy has all the stuff we need hooked up since the move 'excpet the Cable TV.
MOL! So we're literaly RADIOHEADS this past week. I don't mind because she's playing and wif me more BUT today I's gotta baff. That hummin said I gotta get a baffs fur our allergies and Santa Paws.
Other than exploring my new home..I'm a darn happy kitteh.

King Henry

PS Hey HQ Where's the cool December Zealies??

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