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Just Call Me The King

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Countdown to GrandPawrents Coming!

March 18th 2011 7:43 pm
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Mewomy says my grandparents her parenst are visting this weekend. She says we're getting a new bed and TV. Our old one hurts her BACK and that makes her toss and turn more. Which is BAD fur me.
I also want to thank again Finnegan the Floofy fur a GREAT ST Patrick's party that almost shut down the website!! MOL! Now that's a party!!
Also my thougths and purrs are still with Hazel Lucy's meowmy
who will have a long road ahead of grieving. She says she still misses Macy the family dog who went to the bridge about 5 years ago..Buddy and Calvin BETTER take goos care of her!!!
Japan, food and aide are coming for both humans and furries!!
Keep up the hope.

King Henry


Hey Gang!

March 26th 2011 5:30 pm
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Hello Furries,
The grandpawrenst lest last weekend and meowmy is STILL
trying to catch up on her chores...
I was very good when they visited. The only funny thing I did was STAY on the old bed, when they tried to lift it up and out of the house I wouldn't let go at ALL!! They laughed vurry
hard while I slid slowly sideways to the floor.
Then whe they left I FLOJECTILED a HUGE hairball in front
of meowmy while she ate..I think I made her turn green. MOL!
Lastly I pooped and peed so DISGUSTINGLY meowmy cleaned out my litter box with soap, water, and even a little bleach.
I make good Newmies!
On a sadder note I'm still in shock over HL. She was one of my furst Catster friends and I can't belive she's gone. BUT she doesn't hurt anymore so that's some comfort.
Hugs and kiss us lots 'cause us kittehs are special right HL and Newamn?!
Must Nap on "my" new bed,
King Henry


Real women eat and Make Quiche

April 3rd 2011 4:03 pm
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Meowmy cooked and baked today! She made quiche lorraine for dinner and so she can have leftovers fur lunch!
Let me just say I have a new LURV of bacon. It makes all the baddie stuff go faaaarrrr away..
We also got a massage then ate a pulled pork burger fur dinner yesterday. Wow? Who knew weekends could be so much fun?!
Too bad we have to laundry and dishes...I like having fun with meowmy. I like it when she's HAPPY then I'm HAPPY!!
Right furs? We like our humans relaxed,full, and sleepy. Then, the laps are wide open fur us to sleep on ALL DAY! MOL! So I took good spot napped wif her till dinner.YUMMMYYY Soulistic chicken wif pumpkin.
I wanna play squeaky mousie wif meowmy!

KING Henry


A Dyson Ball With Hisses

April 9th 2011 3:57 pm
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What do you hissy at??
AT NEW Vacums!!!!!!!!
Meomy got me lots of good food fur me to eat then.the nerve.
Dyson vacum made fur FURS! ARRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!
I hissed at itLONG and HARD! The nerve...
But, I did get lots of nom noms..




April 11th 2011 6:35 pm
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The best revenge on a new vacum is..................

HORKING BY IT!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good week.
Horking Hank


Back Home and LURVING IT!!

April 18th 2011 6:08 pm
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Hey furries,
I had a BLAST in Dallas TX..I went into the backyard and scared a squirrel, watched birdies, and slept in the soft grass.
My Grandmeomy looked after me and made sure I felt the LURVS!!!
What did I miss??
I know the EasterCat is coming delivieng nip and noms this Sunday. I also know that HL has a new kitteh gurl coming fur her mewomy and Sophie the goggie needs purrss and licks.
What else furs?? Any new "newmie and poopie" stories???

Missed ya!
King Henry (happy in his own bed)


My 'Puter wigged out.....

April 19th 2011 4:15 pm
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Thanks SO much fur all the zealies and comments about my trip. I meant to write sooner but the virus scan i ran made the 'puter go BOOM!
It's fixed till I hork on it..SHHHH
Do Not tell meowmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets's- Pawty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 13th 2011 4:11 pm
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The Cat-puter is FINALY fixed. It's soo fixed it's like owning a new one so meowmy has been fixing it with her PRACTIAL stuff
before I could sneak on.
Mewomy is going to wedding tommorow so I plan to sleep in the beddy and laugh at her while she tries stick herself in her new
dress!!!!! Then we're gonna pawty and watch Harry Potter finale Part 1 on DVD.
Thanks again fur all the nice HEARTS ans zealies while my 'puter was poopy. I LURVS you all SO much!!!!

King Henry


Taking a Break on my Cat Tree

May 23rd 2011 9:21 am
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Are U's ok out there?? Between the floods and tornadoes a kitteh worries about u's guys!!
I've been watching meowmy take care of her sunburn. Did you know human skin peels and not floats off prettily like ours? She reminds me of a pink snake. MOL but I still lurvs to sit on her lap at night and PURRSS up a storm. Humans need us so much it's a wonder I get any time to sleep on the bed or hang out on the cat tree.
Today meomwy's home due to not feeling good. She thinks she's sick of work or work is sick of her...she's never sure which. Do you know? Later she'll go out fur chicken soup and drag herself back to work tommorow.
I feel a nappy comingh on..
King Henry


Happy Memorial Day

May 29th 2011 9:24 am
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Our Vets deserve the best so THANK ONE today!!!! Also fire up the grill and share some noms wif your neighbors. Kittehs and goggies too.
Take some time to pet and LURVS yours animals. We need thier presence to help wif money worries, job worries, and ALL worries! Us furs just take them away so buy a Calvin Collar that goes towards a cat at Best Friends. Adopt an older furry who just needs some stability and lurvs for thier final days.
Meowmy tells me she LURVS me everyday. So I plan on giving her more lurvs FOREVER!!
Hey Mazie keep up the good kitteh work and snuggle with HL's meomwy she needs it OK?

King of the Snuggles
(and newmie's)

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