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Romeow Tagged ME!

August 30th 2008 8:28 pm
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I'm new to this, but here goes:
1) I like being around people a lot more than I like being around other cats. In fact, my hisses can usually be heard around the house when my four house-mates try to "play" with me. But I LOVE human attention and have been known to crawl onto many laps in search of it.
2) Even though I live inside now, my left ear is tipped. I started out on the streets as a wild child, though I've been inside since I was three months old.
3) I am named Locket because I have a little patch of white -- a "locket" -- on my chest (also on my stomach). It's good to have built-in jewelry!
4) I really like raw food. We tried out a packet of it from our local natural pet food store and I was the only one of the five of us who liked it.
5) I am a very talented climber. We have a 7 foot high clothes rack, and only Buttercup and I are good at getting up there. But I'm no daredevil! Buttercup leaps right off the rack down to the bed (which is about 4 feet away, at least), while I jump onto the folded clothes on the bureau, which is a lot closer.
Now it's my turn to do the tagging :
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Lakoda 591476
Odin 467384
Skylar 398277
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