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February 10th 2010 1:29 pm
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To much SNOW! This White Stuff is getting boring. Yes it is beautiful to look at, but enough is enough. They say this is the storm of the century, well I'm not interested in making this kind of history. Maryland has set a new record for snow fall and it's still coming down. The poor birdies are hungry and the snow is almost as high as some of the feeders. We ran out of bird seed yesterday, but we do still have suit for those feeders. There are no cars on the road, no people, no nothing. It's like the twilight zone. SNOW, SNOW, GO AWAY.
We hope everyone has a warm, safe day.


Valentines Day

February 14th 2010 6:07 am
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I hope everyone out there, has a Happy Valentines Day.
Have a great Day All.


Downhill Ski Event!

March 1st 2010 7:54 am
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Hi Friends, I Won a Gold Medal yesterday! We are members of the Birthday & Gotcha Club, they have a Monthly Birthday Celebration each month for all the Furries that have birthdays and gotchas for that month. What a Celebration, this month they did the Fur Olympics. We had Ice Skating Event, Snowboarding, and Downhill Ski Events. Plus we had Cake, Ice Cream, and lots of Food. We also could go swimming, dancing, get in the hot tub and a place to socialize. A great time was had by all.
I entered the Downhill Ski Event. We really had some close calls, those slopes were icy. However, I did a great job maneuvering those twists and turns. I came in first place. Gold! I won the Gold for the Ski event. Herbie got Silver, and Max Got a Bronze Metal. What fun we had. A great group of friends.
In the Ice Skating Event - Miss Hallie Balou got a Gold Medal, Callie Jane received Silver and Sable Kitty Paws receive a Bronze Medal. For Snowboarding My brother Kibbles received Gold, Herbie, Silver and Wilson J. receive Bronze.
We all had a wonderful time. We went dancing, swimming, partied and got to go in the hot tub. We had so much food. Cake, Ice Cream, Seafood, Cat Nip and the doggies had something they were enjoying. We always have fun with the Birthday and Gotcha Group. Don't miss out on the fun next month come join us! Check our pictures and events out. See you there or be square!!!!!!!


March 8 I will be 4!

March 5th 2010 1:16 pm
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On Monday, March 8 I will turn 4 years old. Where has the time gone? Grammy said I may be turning 4, but I have what she's call the Peter Pan Syndrome!!!! (What ever that means) OK Francis, it means you don't want to grow up! You still act like a little kitten. You are always running around, getting into things (your not suppose to) and picking on the girls. But I love just the way you are. You are our little clown and we wouldn't change a thing about you. So no Clowning around Happy Birthday!

P.S. Kibbles also has a Birthday on Monday March 8, he is older. He will be 6.


I'm 4 Today!

March 8th 2010 7:37 am
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Today is my 4th Birthday! Grammy started the day off with Happy Birthday Franny. I was so excited. She said it's going to be a great day! That means she will give me extra rubs, some brushings, and extra attention. Right now I am just laying around resting with my siblings. The sun is shinning and today is supposed to be a warm day. We might even get on the porch. I hope!
I wonder what Grammy is making us for our special dinner tonight. Last night Kibbles and I got some of their dinner Tilapia fish and broccoli. Yummy!

I would like to Thank all who have emailed, emailed, and given me gifties. I appreciate them all. You are all like brofurs and sisfurs and I love that. Wish you all could come play with me. I am the active one. I love everyone and love to play, play, play.

I am sharing a birthday with my older brother Kibbles today. So a Big Happy Birthday Kibbles.

My birthday wish is like Kibbles. I wish all furries would have a safe and happy 4 ever home.

You all take care and have a wonderful day! I sure am going too!


Many Thanks

March 9th 2010 6:24 am
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I had a wonderful birthday yesterday. I got lots of love, hugs, kisses, treats, playtime, and I got to go on the porch. I got rubs and playtime with Grammy. Plus my friends came to visit and say hello!
I have a lot of Thank yous and I hope I don’t miss anyone. First off I want to Thank the groups I’m in for all the Concats and pictures. We got Turkey for Dinner and treats!
I want to Thank all my friends who p-mailed, e-mailed, left comments on my diary page and sent gifties.
Thank you to the following:

Sugar McShy and Family Birthday Hat
Karma Kitty, Charlie Clarence, Punkin Pooh, Bobbie Boi, Shelly Sue Cup Cake
Tony, Anna, Greystone, Sammy, Stormy, Cleo, Ashe Cup Cake
Alfie Lucky 4 leaf Clover
Anonymous from a group Birthday Hat
Sammie, Kiki, Ember Lucky 4 leaf Clover
Beauty, Mitzie, Snowflake, Mallory & Link Cup Cake
Anonymous Lick Me sniff Me
Starr Paws, Tweekee Paws, Daisey Mae paws, Itty Bitty Paws, Patches Paws, Blaze Paws,
Little Blaze Paws, Windsong Paws, Puff & Buddy Shrimp
Jack, Bobby, Teddy Shrimp
Soc Paws Shrimp
Biggles Shrimp
Tabby Little Balloons
Jack & Molly Birthday Hat
Tatie Mc Cuppycake Num-Num Cup Cake
Bella Logosi Birthday Hat
Pebbles, Mercy, Joy, Pixie, Riley, Nikie Rebok, Sofe, Enzo, Melody, Quincy Chug-a-Mug
Andre, N’bikay, Gnomey Lucky 4 leaf clover
Apollo Cream & Tinker Bell F Cup Cake
Hazel Lucy Leprechaun Hat
Luke, Tully, sammy, Natasha NumNum Cup Cake
Hooch & family NumNum Cup cake

Love to All of you. I Hope you have a great day.
Francis McFancy Pants.


More Thank You(s)

March 10th 2010 6:38 am
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I have a few more Birthday Thank Yous that I missed yesterday.

I would like to Thank:
Edwina (Eddy) and Family Leprechaun Hat
Monida 4 Leaf clover
Muppet 4-ever Diamond
Ava Corrine, O'Andy Boy, Arli Blarney Stone, Lilah Alexis Grace, Mink (Cupcake), Prussia Blue Ribbon
Riley & Skippy Cup Cake

I cherish all my friends and I thank them for thinking about me on my Birthday.


I am sending Concats to my Brother Kibbles for being a Daily Diary Pick today! He is celebrating with our good friends, Calvin, Zack, Jingles, and Pfeffer. What a great way to celebrate a DDP. I wish the other DDP a Great day and send my Concats. Hope you check each one out today.


Yesterday was a wonderful day here. The temp went up to 65 and we got to have 2 windows open and go on the porch. The snow is slowly melting and we can see more and more green grass. The birdies were out and the squirrels. We watched those silly squirrels get their peanuts out of the peanut box. The one squirrel would go up and get a nut, run down the tree go away, come back and do it over again. Usually they have one or two squirrels get the peanuts and throw them on the ground for the others. Now today I don't think we will get to have the windows open or go on the porch. It's a gloomy, cloudy day. We are having some rain off and on. Suppose to be that way all day. We have been running up and down the hall playing. But I getting tired and going to take a break. Things are getting quite for now! Later Kibbles and I are going to Vets for our Yearly Checkup and shots. We don't mind going to the vets, cause the ladies all love us. They even have our pictures in an album. Our entire family is in this album. Zelda is even on their web page. Our Vet is the bestest!
I hope everyfurry has a great day, be safe, be loved.


We went for a Ride

March 11th 2010 7:00 am
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Kibbles and I went to Vets today for our yearly check-up. Grammy went to put me in the carrier, but Tater Tot was trying to get in. She had to tell him no, so I could get in. I don't mind the carrier. She put me in the car and I immediately started to sing! I don't care for car rides. It's only about 15 mins to our vets office, but it feels longer when you have a singing cat. Grammy or Meowmy have to talk to me the whole time. They were trying to ignore me one time and I left out a Loud Meow! for attention! Once the car stops I am ok. I love our vets and the attention we get. They love me! No, they really do! They talk to me, pet me, give me a hug or two, talk sweet talk to me. I know Kibbles thinks he's their favorite, but I know better! I got a good report, I weigh 8 lbs, teeth look good, got 2 shots, temp took (YUK!). I was going to go first, but Kibbles jumped right on the table and said he was going first. MOL! Kibbles usually isn't this bold. I think he was showing off. On the Way home we went to McDonalds, Grammy got a Happy Meal so we could have the toy. When she opened the bag, she knew we were not going to get the toy. It was R2D2 from Star Wars. She knew Meowmy would keep it! Meowmy has a Star Wars Collection. She still has all her Star Wars stuff from when she was a child and it first came out. So we got nothing!!!!!!!
When we got home all the furries were glad to see us, they sniffed us and said lets go play.
Hope you all have a great day!


Thank you to Binx for the Birthday Mouse. Binx I love to chase mice, Thank you again.


Mothers Day

May 9th 2010 6:51 am
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It's Mothers Day and I am hear to say Happy Mothers Day to my Mommy and my Grammy. I love you both.

I hope all you moms and grammys have a Beautiful and Happy Mothers Day.


I am BAD!

June 17th 2010 5:39 pm
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It's been a beautiful day here in Maryland. The temps are just right. Meowmy didn't have to go to work again today, so she was in the flower gardens most of the day. Zeeke, Tater Tot, Harley and Cleopatra got to go outside in the cat enclosure. Grammy promised she would take more of us out this evening. Well after our dinner PJ and I got to go out. Kibbles was ask, but he wouldn't come to get his harness on so it was just me and PJ. Grammy took me for my stroller ride. I was such a good boy. I sat up real pretty and look all over the yard, looked for the neighbor children and just was a wonderful little man. Grammy told me how good I was and how proud she was of me. We went in the backyard and I rode all over the yard. Than I saw PJ (Miss P) walking so I told Grammy I wanted to walk too. I walked for a bit and than I wanted to go in the cat enclosure. I was playing with the grass and climbing the cat tree in there. Meowmy put PJ in with me and we both enjoyed it. Our neighbor came to the fence and was talking to Grammy and us. She thinks we are beautiful. She has 2 cats, but they are inside only. Well I was doing what I do best, by looking good and taking in all the great compliments. Than Meowmy opened the gate to the enclosure and out I went........ Grammy said my leash was still on so try to grab it. Well Meowmy and pappy got me, I was over by the pine tree. I'm smart I saw the birdies go in there! Meowmy put me back in the cat enclosure. Later she came back to take me inside. Guess What I did.......I got out and took off running. I got further this time, but I went right for those pine trees and the birdies. So now I have to go inside and I might have lost my privileges to go outside again.........

I will try to be good and earn my privileges back!!!!MOL!

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