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End of the Year!

December 31st 2009 8:16 am
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Wishing everyone a Safe and Happy New Year!


New Year Daily Diary Pick!

January 1st 2010 10:19 am
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Wow! I'm one of the 2010 DDP. What a New Year I'm having. I would like to Thank the Catster Diary Persons, My Great friends, and My family. I also want to Thank everyone that has sent me gifties, pmails and comments, and New friendships. I am just plain Honored. I had a wonderful time Partying with my family. We all stayed home and had Snow Crab legs and Steamed Shrimp. I love Shrimp. Grammy peeled them for us and we all got what we wanted. We played laser light and watched movies. We got to choose the movies and we all picked the birdie show and the mouse show. What fun we had. Pappy had cheese cubes and gave us some. The neighbors set of fireworks and boomers. We didn't even mind them. It was hazy but we still looked for our brofur Yoda and little niece Tigger. We know somewhere their stars were shinning bright for all to see. I hope you all have a Wonderful Day and Thank you


DDP Again! WOW!

January 2nd 2010 5:33 am
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I am a DDP again today. WOW! I am jumping up and down and all around. I can't believe it. I want to Thank the Diary Persons at Catster and All my Friends for pmails, Comments, and Zealies. I really appreciate everything. This is so much fun. I get a few extra treats, some extra attention and extra laser light time her at home. My family is so proud.

I Hope you all have a Pawsome Day!



January 6th 2010 11:55 am
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Today Kibbles and I went to The Yappy Hour Group and went skiing with our friend Soc Paws. Socs and I went on the slopes and guess who we saw. Santa! Yes Santa he was taking a little R& R. We went over and spoke with him and really had a lot of fun. I thanked him for my new skis. Than Socs and I went to the lodge and had Hot Cocoa and Cookies with Kibbles and some other friends. All in All it's been a great day. The snow is just right for skiing. If you enjoying skiing, snowboarding, etc. Come on over and join us for some fun. Gone back and hit the slopes. Have a great day.


January 7th 2010 1:00 pm
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Meowmy just got the laser light out. Here we go! I just love that little red snowflake. You should see our hallway. Seven of us are in the hall playing with the laser light. Boy you got to watch those little ones they will run you down if your not careful. I have to save some energy cause I'm going snow tubing with Francis and some friends Later. Go to go! Oh that laser light........................

Have a great day.


Cruisin and Tubing!

January 17th 2010 1:52 pm
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What a wonderful weekend Kibbles and I had. We went on a Catibbean Cruise given by our friends Guido & Yolo. Than I was a Tuber in the Yappy Hour Tube Olympics 2010. I won Second Place and received a Trophy in the the Tandem Downhill Tube Races 2010. Miss Molly was my team mate. Than I won 2nd place and a Trophy in the Guys Only Downhill Tube Race 2010. I participated in the Blindfold Obstacle Race. Boy that was like bumper cars. Bing, Bang. Ouch, and Finish. Yes, I would say we were very lucky to have such a fun filled weekend. I had lots of fun, made lots of new friends and even brought home (2) trophies. Grammy is making a special place just for our stuff. She is always proud of us, but today is brimming with smiles. Let's see what tomorrow brings.


I'm A DDP Today!

January 19th 2010 7:27 am
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Oh my I'm a DDP today. What a surprise! I would like to Thank the DD person at Catster Central. I would like to Thank all my friends that have pmailed, emailed and sent me Zealies, and gifties. I love all my friends and I am glad to share my adventures with you all. I just want you all to know how much I treasure your friendships. I hope you all have a great day.


Please read

January 27th 2010 8:05 am
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Hi Today my Diary is about a Wonderful Friend. Her name is Rocky Ann and she is in need of Purrs and prayers. Also her friend and mine Samoa has started a Stroll to honor Rocky Ann Please add your pictures to this stroll. Here is what you do.

Well, we all know she is the Stroller Queen, and to honor her, we've started a stroll and would like you to join in!

Tag a photo: Rocky Ann

It can be a picture of you in something pink!

It can be a picture of you in a special bed - she has many!

It can be a picture of you in your stroller!

It can be a picture of you with something Hello Kitty!

You tag a photo in the same place where you put a caption. Under the caption is a place to put a tag. Type in Rocky Ann, and you'll be included in the stroll!

Then you can check out all the pictures in the stroll by clicking here!

We love you, Rocky Ann . . . . .


January 28th 2010 7:06 am
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Thanks for Tagging me Cupid (Pigeon) ! Cupid asked ...

1. Do you have a Valentine?... If so... who?


2. If not... do you wish you did? ... Is there anyone particular?... Or would you rather be single? ...Why?

I like the ladies, but I just don't have one sweetheart. I love them all!

3.What's your favorite Love Song?... Who sings it?

Don't have a favorite

4.What would be a Perfect Valentines Day for you?

To have Everyone Love Me and Pay attention to Me, and Like to play laser light with me.

I am off to Tag...

1. Sammy
2. Jerry
3. Soc
4. Shelly Sue
5. Cheese
6. Anna
7. Paris

*Just copy& paste this entry into your Diary, delete my answers and Tag names, answer the questions, then list the names of as many friends as you would like to Tag. Be sure to mention who Tagged you, also! Then just send a brief message (you may copy & paste my message I sent you) asking your friend/s if they'd like to play and if so , to see your Diary for instructions. That's it! Have fun, Spread the Love and Have a Happy Valentines Day! ♥

*If you are just reading this, and have not been Tagged yet... and would like to play...consider yourself Tagged by Cupid (Me) ! ♥



February 6th 2010 6:13 am
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Good Morning Everyone! Today is just another day of watching birdies and having fun playing. Well almost. Grammy, Pappy and Meowmy are all home today. No one is going anywhere. Can't figure out why! Oh I justed looked outside ! White stuff all over the place. Lots of it, in fact over 22 inches so far. The snow is still coming down heavy. Wait I hear a noise, sounds funny. No not a snowmobile, not a 4 wheeler, what is it. Oh no! it's huge! Pappy said they got the heavy equipment out. It's a big front end loader. They plowed one lane. Hope they come back and do another. Don't know why I said that, we still have a lot of snow in the driveway. What a mess! Snow! Snow! Go Away! Don't come back! We've had enough. Where is SPRING anyway????? Have a Warm, Safe, Great Day.

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