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I won!

November 28th 2009 2:04 am
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My Thanksgiving Page won in the Contest The Kit Kat Club had. I would like to Thank the Kit Kat Club for choosing my page for the Cats. Concats to my good buddy Pigeon for second place. For the Dog Pages I would like to Congratulate Xena for first place and Lexi for second place. Hope eveyone has a Pawsome Day today.


We had the Window Open Today!!!!!!

December 3rd 2009 2:07 pm
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Grammy was cleaning the bathroom today so she opened the window. In no time I had jumped up in it, and I had no plans of moving. She said I could sit and watch the few birdies that were out. It got into the 60's today but it didn't feel like it. It's damp, and windy. They say we may get our first snow Saturday. Well here comes Grammy, guess she needs to close the window now.
Have a Great Day!


Our First Snow Fall of the Season

December 5th 2009 1:25 pm
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Oh how beautiful it is. We have been watching the snow since early this morning. We have about 5 inches on the ground now and it's still snowing hard. The snow plows have been back our road once already. Grammy took some pictures of the snow on the bushes and trees. It is beautiful. I looks like a Christmas Card. I'm glad we aren't outside in it cause it's cold. Hope all the cats and dogs that are outside find a nice warm spot to go to. Pappy took corn out for the squirrels and food out for the birdies. They are up and down at the bird feeders. Some of them are fighting on the ground for where others have pushes it off the feeders. We seen our Woodpecker today also. He was on the suet feeder. Hanging upside down. He's funny to watch. We are all taking a nap now cause we are tired of watching the snow. Hope you all have a Safe and Wonderful Day.


Santa Claws Came Today!!!!

December 17th 2009 12:33 pm
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Oh My Santa Claws Came to our House today. Santa Claws was driving a big brown truck and he had lots of boxes. We got 3 boxes and 1 package from him today. We were all so excited. Grammy and Meowmy were getting ready to go out for awhile so we couldn't open anything till they came home. Boy waiting is hard to do. When they came home one of us had taken one of our quilts and put it in front of the stove. Grammy & Meowmy figured it was Onxy. She is always moving things. When they came in they had bags of stuff, but said nothing was for us. That took some nerve. They didn't bring us anything.

Meowmy said we could open the big box that Santa Claws brought for us. We love big boxes. We were just happy getting a box to lay on. Well we opened the box and Meowmy put it together for us. We got a new Litter Robot. This one is a tan one. We love our other robots, but this is a new one so we are excited. Moo-Moo was first to try it out. Than the rest of us had to check it out. Now Meowmy got the lazer light out and is playing with us. I got to go cause I love the Lazer light.

Have a Great Day.


Winter Wonder Land

December 19th 2009 6:03 am
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It's a Winter Wonder Land here today. It was still early morning and dark when Grammy got up, but you could see the snow. It's that much. It was all over the ground, the trees, the sky and everywhere. We already have 6 inch and it's not even daybreak. We are suppose to get 1-3 feet of this white stuff before it's over tomorrow. It doesn't look like the road crews have been back our road yet. Someone did venture out as their is one set of tracks on the road. It does look like a wonderland. The snow is coming down heavy at this time, but the news says the worst of it will come later today. Grammy filled the bird feeders and put extra suet feeders out yesterday. Today there are lots of birdies at the feeders. Guess they are really hungry, cause the berries and stuff they could get to are all covered with snow. We have corn and peanuts out for the squirrels, but we haven't seen them yet. Grammy will post pictures of our snow later. Hope you all have a Beautiful Day, Stay Safe and Warm. Got to go Grammy is getting ready to make breakfast.


Happy Holidays to ALL

December 24th 2009 6:36 am
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I would like to Wish All My Friends at Catster and Dogster a Very Merry Christmas.


I wish for all to have a Safe Forever Home
I wish for all to have Plenty to eat
I wish for all to have a Few Toys to Enjoy
I wish for all to be Happy and Loved
I wish you all to be Healthy and not be sick or hurting.
I wish for Peace on Earth
I wish I could be with each and every one of you
I just wish the Best for ALL!

Love, Francis


My First Daily Diary on Christmas!

December 25th 2009 4:30 am
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Wow! I am so excited to have my First Daily Diary Pick on Christmas Day. What a surprise! I bet Santa was talking to the Diary Personnel. I Thank Catster for choosing my diary.
I would Like to Wish Everyone A Very Safe and Merry Christmas today. I hope everyone is enjoying this day of Love. Hope all you got what you wanted. Not everyone is awake here so we haven't got to look in our stockings yet but I know Santa was here. Grammy got up a wished us all a Merry Christmas and ask if any of us saw Santa last night, but know one would tell. I want to Thank my friends for the gifties, comments, and pmails I have received. I will treasure each one of them. Hope you all have a wonderful day.


I a DDP again today!

December 27th 2009 3:06 am
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Surprised again! I am DDP again today. I am sharing this DD with my friends. Everyone that's a DD today is one of my great friends. What an honor to be among the Best. I still have so many Thank yous from my Christmas DDP, I haven't forgotten anyone I will be Thanking each one personally. I Would like to take the Time now and Thank Catster Diary Lady and all my friends for my pmails, comments and gifties. I hope you all have a Wonderful Day, I know mine is starting out great!


I'm Lucky!

December 28th 2009 8:14 am
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Today when Grammy got on line I had a Pmail stating I was this months winner of A Zeallie Package from the Group We Love Contests. What a surprise! I am just one lucky little man. I have had several extra great days. My 1st Daily Diary on Christmas Day, The Love of My Family All the Time, Santa Paws was good to me and my family, Another DDP that I shared with 4 of my Catster friends, and now the Zeallie Package. I think maybe I should get a lotto ticket? What ya think????? I am enjoying today playing with my siblings and watching birdies with them. We have a yard full of birds. Unbelievable! We also have the Birdie Show on the TV so no matter where you go today there are birdies to watch.
I hope you all have a wonderful day. Hug a friend or two!


Lazer Lights!!!!!!!!!

December 29th 2009 6:17 pm
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Grammy & Meowmy got us all stuff today. My favorite thing is the new lazer light. This one has all kinds of lights. The regular dot, a Christmas Tree, Snowflake, Snowman, and a bell Image. Boy is it great fun. Up and down the hall, in the dinning room Meowmy made me dizzy, but I didn't care. We played for half hour or more. We were pooped ut pussy cats. My brofur Tater Tots got a new Elf outfit with hat with ears and he liked it. He wore it for about 20 minutes and Grammy said Tater we have to take this off. The girls got a few new dresses. And some of us got new hats, and ears and neckwear. We did good. Now we are all resting and getting ready for bed. Kibbles is still in and out of his house tent.

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