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Play Day!!!!!!!!

June 7th 2009 7:09 am
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Grammy was up early, early today and we are in a playful mood. The birdies are just coming out and they are hungry. They are eating their bird food and getting worms. The chipmunks are out running around also. Have'nt seen the rabbit yet. It's as big a Zeke and he weights 20lbs. PJ's young ones are up and ready to roll, so that's what we're doing. When Meowy finally got up, she said everyone out of her way or I'll move you. Grammy told her, she would have to move their little condo first. They had moved it down the hallway. They have been making noises and messes all morning. They have toys all over the place. Wish you all could see the mess this 5 little monsters can make. What one doesn't think of, the other does. Myself, I just love to play. Meowy put the birdie video on for us and we are watching it off and on. Boy are we all wound up!!!!!!!


I want to go OUT!!!!!

June 13th 2009 7:29 am
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It is a beautiful day in Maryland. We got the windows opened and are on the porch. There's a nice breeze and we are all enjoying it. No fog, or rain yet today. I hope we don't have any, we are all tired of it. I hope I get to go outside for a stroll or a walk today. Kibbles and I have been waiting for our turns and I know this should be the day. Yesterday, Grammy took Onyx out to the enclosure. I was so upset I sat in the window and meowed. Grammy promised my turn was coming up. When Onyx came back in she smelled of catnip!!!! Meowy and Grammy planted catnip in the planter box in the enclosure. Onyx also told us the butterflies are out and flying around. This is her first year to see butterflies. Butterflies are like a new toy that doesn't run out of batteries. Well I'm keeping my toe crossed, Grammy will soon be done on the computer and I, I think, Maybe, It's my turn. Oh Boy!!!!!! Bye!!!!!!!


Grilling Day

June 14th 2009 8:23 am
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It's Sunday, Grammy's Big Grilling Day. She doing Steak, Ribs and Chicken. She'll do vegetables too, but she hasn't made her mind up yet which ones. She's going to do Pineapple on the grill also. It's great! I think she's taking me outside again today. I hope! I have been kind of good. Right now I'm getting ready to taking my morning nap. I am tired, cause I have been running up and down the hall with those little ones. I just love them. They like to play all the time and so do I. We had a treat for breakfast today, Whitefish. We all cleaned our bowls and checked and made sure no one had left overs. Today is starting out great. Hope every furry has a wonderful day.



June 15th 2009 4:59 am
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I'm a needy baby today. Grammy got up early and I just wanted her to love me. I keep rubbing up against her legs and meow. Now, I know my Grammy loves me, but some days I just get needy. I wish she would get off the computer and hold me more.
I guess I will have to go play with those little ones. They are running up an down the hallway and in and out of rooms. I must check this out.
Have a Great Day!


June 21st 2009 7:55 am
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I hope my Pappy has a Happy Fathers Day. I wish all Pappy's and Fathers a Happy Fathers Day.


Something has to be done!

June 21st 2009 2:59 pm
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I'm telling you, these nieces of mine, are down right bad. Grammy was making Pappy and herself a sandwich for lunch. She put the lunch meats back in the refrigerator turned around to put the top pieces of bread on and couldn't find the piece for pappy's sandwich. She thought to herself I'm sure I put mayo on 4 pieces of bread. Where! Where is it. She looked around and said to pappy did someone steal a piece of bread? Pappy looked for the girls first and on the floor. He told Grammy, no there's no bread on the floor. So she said I must have only done 3. Well they found the bread, one of those girls (Toes) had put it in the water fountain. What a mess in the fountain. Nothing like Mayo and soggy bread water. It's been a weekend around here with our nieces and nephew. Was there a full moon?



June 27th 2009 7:55 am
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I got my stroller ride around the yard and branched out around the driveway. How exciting to go place where I've never been before. Grammy took me all around the yard and back to the cat enclosure. She left me in the enclosure by myself, while she hung clothes on the clothesline. I have never been in the enclosure alone. Usually she will bring a playmate with me. I did ok I watched what she was doing and I rolled in the catnip and dug in the catnip. I scratched on the log and I waited for Grammy to come back to me. Than we took another walk around the yard and down the driveway. I've never been there. So much to look at. All new things to see, to smell. Wow! It hard to go back inside but I was ready. Getting in the door is a treat, everyone else wants out and they stand in your way. They sniff all over you and try to rub against you. Grammy said it's cause I smell like catnip and they want some! I was in about 30 minutes when Grammy heard hissing.........running..........hissing............meows... ....meows.............. She came running. You know I'm a instigator!!!!! Zeeke and Kahaless were in the hallway together and I started Zeeke was hissing...........and growling at Kahaless.............and Kahaless was crying..........and hissing.............So Grammy got into it and told us to behave. She always says " If Your NOT GOOD You can't go outside anymore." So we all gave her SAD PUSSYCAT faces and went about our merry ways. Hope I can be good the rest of the day. We will See!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Light a Candle for Hooch

July 4th 2009 5:22 am
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Please light a Candle for Hooch. Go to: =hooch

Let's light up the skies with candles for Hooch on July 4th.

He and his family also need your purrs and prayers.

Come on everyone.

Thank you


I took a Walk today

July 12th 2009 5:31 pm
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I didn't want to ride in the stroller today, so I got to take a walk. Grammy took me all around the back yard. I went to see the goldfish in the pond. (didn't like that today I was afraid of the waterfall) Grammy took the brush and comb outside and brushed me. She said it looked like we adopted another kitty, there was so much hair on the ground. In the cat enclosure I got to eat the catnip and play with Onyx, Zeeke, and Tommie we had fun. I was laying in the catnip planter and Zeeke couldn't get any, so he bopped me. I didn't like that, so I went to the other side and pouted. All in all I had a good day and lots of fun. I hope all of you had a good day too.


To My Meowy

July 14th 2009 12:15 pm
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I Meowy! Today is your birthday and I didn't forget you.


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