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November 8th 2011 12:14 pm
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Hi Everyone!
It's a beautiful day in Maryland!
It's almost 70!
The day started with some fog, but nice temps. It cleared off and gots clear. We have a beautiful view of the mountains. Even though most of the leaves have turned brown there are still a few with color and it's just beautiful! Wish you all could see them and the mountains in the distance. Looks just like a postcard.
When we gots our breakfast it was warm enough for
Grammy to open one window.
We quickly took turns being in the window and getting some fresh air.
Just before Lunch Grammy opened the door to the porch. We rushed out the door and got in the windows to soak up some of that nice warm sun.
Grammy went outside to check on her gold fish in the pond and feed them. This summer we had baby goldfishes. So our fish pond has about 15 fishes in it, plus two froggies.
We even have one day Lily that has been blooming, and some lavender that is in flower again. We know they won't last much longer, cause we will be getting more frost.
This has been a great day! We even gots some fresh catnip! Yum! I gots the zoomies!!!!! I didn't even care that Grammy gots the Vacuum out and used it. I just keep zooming up and down the and out of the porch....peeking around the doors for Grammy. Yep! I gots the Zoomies! Do you think it was the Nip?
Well it's been a great day here in Maryland.
Hope we have a few more left...but the weatherperson says things are about to change. So gonna just enjoy what we have today and see what tomorrow brings.
Hope you all have a beautiful day too! Make the most of it and enjoy life!


We got mail again today!

December 20th 2011 3:04 pm
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Yep! We gots more mail today and a package from UPS!
We just love it when stuffs comes for us!
We have been enjoying our Christmas Cards our friends have been sending and really appericate them. We love you all!
Today when Grammy and Meowmy came home there was a package from UPS for us. Meowmy knew what it was for us. We gots a shippment of Merrick Before Grain Salmon and some other stuffs. Oh, were we excited or what! Kibbles claimed the box! and the rest of us waited for the bag to be opened and gets a taste.
Than when pappy came home and gots the mail...we had a envelope with our names on it. Our good friend Pigeon send us some toys and a stretchy thing on a stick, and a great new toy we nevers had before. It's a braided circle with a feather on it.
What a great day!
Well gots to go ..... Meowmy is fixing our evening dinner plates. Don't want to miss mine. You know if your not there ...someone else will eat it!!!!!!
Have a great day and HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!


It's Here 2012!

January 1st 2012 3:34 pm
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Today is the start of another year.
We sure hope everyone has a Healthy, Happy New Year in 2012.
We are having a great day. Must be something in the air.
Most of us have the zoomies today!
Pappy & Meowmy have been watching football all day, so we are
zooming up and down the hall. Every now and than, there's a HISS or two. What fun we are having.
Well gotta's time to eat!


Who's a Sissy?????

July 29th 2012 5:31 pm
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Well today several of us got to goes outside in the cat cage.
This morning after the grass dried off Grammy took Tater Tot and Harley Outside. A little later she came in and gots me too.
This year we gots a bigger kennel. It's was a dog's kennel...and it's a used one but it's a great one. It's more than double our old one. We have our old tree house in it....our old bench and our hide and potty....and our old corner tower. Plus our planter of cat nip!!!!!! Now we have a old step ladder Pappy fixed for us and Grammy and Pappy each have a lawn chair to sit on. It's great! I almost forgots... in the middle of it's an old tree Pappy cut and Grammy said to leave up so we have something to scratch on. Grammy even gots the umbrella so we can have some shade. But I am scared of it. I mean I freaked out! It took about 10 mintues before I gots calmed down and than really enjoyed myself.
After a few hours the sun moved and we were running out of shade so Grammy made us go in. Nobody wanted to go in .... we wanted to walk around the yard.....but they made us go in. It's hard to get in the door .... when others are waiting their turns to come out. But Grammy told them they would have to wait till evening. After dinner Zeeke, Cleo, and Tommy gots to go out. Boy was I upset....I thought sure I was going back out. But Grammy said something about we have to take turns....and if we can't behave we can't go again. I said What Ever!!!!!


Can life gets any better?????

August 11th 2012 1:20 pm
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I ask this question....Can life gets any better for a cat?
Today started out cloudy and rainy...buts it was starting to clear. Grammy opened all the windows and doors and we filled them fast. We even gots the 2 side windows in the bay window open. What a treat. Thanks Grammy. Well grammy is cleaning and said whiles she was waiting for the floor to dry she would take four of us outside. Meowmy puts our harness on and we has been outside most of the afternoon. Moo-Moo, Tommi, Tater Tot and Me (Francis) all in the cat enclosure. We be good! Cause if we can't be goods, Grammy brings us in and takes someone else out. So we be good. Tater is on the top of the latter pretending to be King of the Castle. Tommi was is the little tree house....but Moo pushed her out. So she is laying around on the cool grass in the shade. And than there Me. I just love prancing around and checking all the outside stuffs out. Yep! Life is Grand. Don't worry Grammy gave us a big bowl of cool water and it's in the shade. Wish you were here my friends. It's great.
Have a great day ....I know I am!

Oh no! My great day just got bad! I gots in trouble! Meowmy has been outside doing gardening works and came over to sit down with us and I, made a break for it. Yep! I wanted to walk around the yard on my own. Which is not allowed...we must have our leashes on...and I didn't wait...I just got right outs the gate. So Mean Meowmy bringed me inside and told Grammy I can'ts go outside any more!!!!!! Tommi also gots in trouble and she's inside to. I thinks Meowmy just meant We can't go outside anymore today....What do you all think????? She can't mean forevers! Hangs his head in shame. MOL!


Hi Everyones

October 29th 2012 10:11 am
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Well we still here and it's still raining....raining....raining.
The rain is picking up as is the wind and gusts of wind. We don't like it one bit.
We are very upset. Some of us are trying to sleep....while others are up and down from room to room. Only one of two of us is looking out the windows. In fact when Grammy opened the shutters this morning Tater cried till she closed them. So the rooms that have shutters are closed. And we likes it that way.
The news is still giving all day updates and no good news yet. They are closing some bridges cause of high wind warnings. Some roads are closed, cause of rising water and they say just stay put.
Our PA neighbors PenDot may even being closing roads to all except emergency personnel. Schools are closed today and even more are reporting closing for Tuesday. It's just not a good day. And it's getting cold too. In fact the one channel said we may even get some some flurries late tonight or tomorrow. The one weather person said this storm is throwing us everything ...except sunshine. Sure hopes the sun will come out tomorrow....tomorrow.

Everyone please be smart and be safe!

Love Francis

1:15pm eastern time


It's Beggining To Look Alot Like Catmas!

November 24th 2012 3:11 pm
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Do you remember the song It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Catmas Everywhere We Go......
Well that's what Catster's is looking like.
Oh the Pages!
They are so beautiful.
Everyfurry is getting the Holiday Spirit!
The Cookies are baking on my page and I will have plenty .... so stop by a have a few. Don't forgets to gets a Bowl of Milk to go with them.
We hopes everyfurry has a great Holiday Season.
Come by and have a chat!



November 30th 2012 5:45 am
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I'm a DDP today and I would like to Thanks all my friends for the gifties, pmails, and messages I have received.
Friends are the bestest!
Friends are the greatest!
Friends are like cats .... you never have to many!
Friends are the best gift of all.
Thanks you for being my friends.

Love, Francis


Has the Holiday Started????

December 3rd 2012 3:48 pm
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Today has been a great day here.
The weather is great for a December Day and the mail man brought us a video and grammy made cookies again and meowmy made candy and we had shrimps for dinner and I gots brushes first thing this morning. It's like a holiday!


I'm a Dreamboat!

February 5th 2013 2:08 pm
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Oh my gosh....Samoa choose me as Dreamboat #92.
I am so excited.
Go to Samoa's Diary and read all about Me and the other Dreamboats for 2013.
Concats to Dreamboat #91 Harrison and Dreamboat #93 Norman.
Are their any ladies that need a date for Valentine Day? I am available.
Have a great day everyone.

Love, Francis AKA Dreamboat #92.

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