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October 2nd 2010 4:36 pm
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What's with Grammy putting monsters on my page???? She tries to put stuff on our pages that reflect our pussanalities. What's she trying to say????? I not a monster!!!! HONEST!!!!! Well I not!!!!! I sometimes get things started, but that does not make me a monster! Does it????
Hope she's not going to make me a monster costume! I won't wear it, even if she does! So There!

We have had a really nice day. It's on the cool side but at least it stopped raining. Grammy opened one window and the door to the porch. Life is grand. We got to lay in the sun and boy was it great. We got to stretch out in the window, on the cat tree and on the cement part of the porch. It was warm and toasty!!! Grammy had the oven on and we got to stay out a little longer. She made turkey meatloaf, and scalloped potatoes. We got to lick the cheese. When we had our dinner they closed the door and we are inside for the night. Now Grammy is making brownie with walnuts in them. She said we can't have any cause it's chocolate and nuts. I say Nuts to Grammy. Make a dessert we can have too. After all Tate's Mommy makes him Cuppycakes.
I going to go lay down and rest a little, so I can play later. So you all tomorrow!
Have a great day!


Rain! Rain! Go Away! Come again another Day or two!

October 5th 2010 12:24 pm
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Finally it stopped raining. First you don't get enough rain and everything's drying up-than you get to much of a good thing and your sinking in the mushy mud..... Yuck!!!!
Well it may not be raining at the moment but it sure is cold. Grammy finally put the heat on to take the dampness away. Grammy knows it's cold cause we are all in the beds in the blankets or cured up on out heating pads.
Meowmy is home today so she is cleaning her room. She was cleaning putting her clean clothes away on the shelf and guess what she found! A Tippy! Yes little Tippy was sleeping all comfy and warm down in the clean clothes. Meowmy had to move her to finish putting her other clothes away. Than she turned around and saw 4 others sleeping in her bed. Yep it's cold to us.
At lunch time Meowmy made Chipped Beef Gravy. She gave us some too. Only a few of us liked it. I was not one of them. Give me my canned cat food and I'm a happy camper.
After lunch it was time to play. Needy Deedy (DC) and I were trying to get in Grammy's closet, but could get it opened today. So I started to cry and Grammy thought something was wrong or someone was picking on me! When she saw what I wanted she said haven't I told you enought that you don't belong in the closets! I can't understand why she says that all the time! She does!!!!!
Guess I'll go in Meowmys room and help her clean!!!!!
Hope you all have a warm and great day.


Something Stinks!!!!!!!!

October 8th 2010 1:24 pm
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Boy is it a beautiful day here in Maryland. The sun is shinning, the temps are in the 65-70s. The windows and porch are open. We cats are busy watching the squirrels gather their nuts to hide. One squirrel had a large walnut in his mouth and was looking for a place to hide it. He was beside pappy's pickup and was going to hide it there. Duhhhh! Everyone walks there! They'll see it! Even us cats knew that! Than he decided that wasn't working, so he picked the nut up and tried a few other dumb places. Finally he took his nut and left. Don't know where he ended up putting it. Put I bet it's not a safe place.

Than we were looking a all the bugs on the window screens. Oh boy! What fun we are having...trying to get the bugs that are outside not inside. Our screens are full of those stink bugs. A few of the stink bugs managed to get in on the porch. Wow! are we having fun. Those things crawl and fly. Just when you think you have him....he ups and flies away!

Hope you all are having a fun filled day too.


Strangers in Our Yard!

October 10th 2010 1:53 pm
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Oh I am so excited! We got to go outside today! Grammy took Zeeke out first! He's 1st Born, and leader of the Pack! Than she took Cleopatra out! Than Tater Tot! When Tater Tot came inside she had a BIG hand full of fresh CATNIP!!! She just threw it on the kitchen floor for anyone that wanted it. Than Meowmy came in and she took me outside. Oh I was so excited! Finally I got a turn! I got to walk all around the backyard. I didn't have go in the cat enclosure at all. I walked over to the fish pond, the daylily gardens, in the pine trees, over by the roses and than I smelled something!!! Strangers!!! Strangers peed on our Mugo Pine. That took some nerve. Our yard has a fence all around it!!!! Someone was trespassing!!! I know who it was! It was that ugly (no scratch that) White and Black cat that Grammy seen last night! She says he looks like me. Only White and Black. Well after that shock! I decided to inspect the yard again! I got to go in the Catnip and enjoy that too. I saw hop-a-roos (grasshoppers and crickets) and the chipmunks were out. Several of them. I sat and watched them. Than 2 birdies went to the feeder. Oh this has been a great day! Than with a frown on my face Meowmy said I had to go in. It was someone else's turn to come outside.
Tommie was next she lucked out Meowmy wasn't watching her at one time and she almost got one of the chipmunks!!!!! But Pappy saw her and yelled at Meowmy. PJ was the last to go outside, she was thrilled. She walked all over the place and she kept watching for chippers. Kibbles didn't go outside, cause he was sleeping in his house and wouldn't come out to get his harness on. He did however have a great day laying in the warm sun most of the morning....
We hope everyone had a great day!


Halloween Party!!!!!!!!!!

October 29th 2010 8:21 am
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Last year I had a Halloween Party, but Grammy said not this year. She has let us go on several events instead.
Tonight Kibbles and I are going to a Halloween Party!
I can't wait. Kibbles and I are dressed in our costumes and just can't wait till tonight. At this party they are going to have games like bobbing for apples, all kinds of party foods, and maybe even a costume contest! Grammy is making us a dish to take along. You have to go to the party to see what it is. Oh I forgot to say where the Halloween Party is going to be. It's at a Kool Group called Kewiest Catster Kitties. If your a member don't forget to come and wear your costume. If you are not a member why not join the group and come for some fun. Have a!


Exciting Day!

November 7th 2010 11:03 am
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Today started out like any other day. Than Meowmy got the laser light out! Wow! What fun. Grammy said get the Under Cover Mouse out and put it in the kitchen for the ones that like it. Than the others will have more of a chance to play with the laser light. Boy that worked. Some of us played under cover mouse and some did the laser light. We must have played about 30-45 min. Than Meowmy got the feather toy. Well off we go again.
After all that play time, we started to wind down. Believe it or not. We were out of energy.
Later in the day Grammy went outside and cut some fresh catnip. She cut a basket full of the stuff. We have had several frosts and the nip is getting frostbitten, so she cut one plant back hard. She is going to dry some of the nip for in the winter months. But we got to pick out of the basket what we wanted. Most of us are still so tired from playing this morning we aren't doing much with the nip. Grammy never thought she see the day we were to tired for nip! MOL! I don't know what the others plan on doing the rest of the day, but for me I'm going back to sleep. I'm tuckered out! Talk to you later!


Holiday Wishes - (roll over link)

December 22nd 2010 6:29 am
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Wishing Everyone Happy Holidays!


Happy 2011 !

January 1st 2011 5:14 am
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Hi Everyfurby and Happy New Year 2011!
What a day it is!
Grammy opened the email and I had a message from my good friend Pigeon.
It read:
Concatulations Francis! You've been chosen as Kewlest Catster Kitties, New KCK of The Month for January!...You're also our 1st KOTM of 2011! Enjoy yourself and we hope you & your Family have a Happy , Healthy New Year! KCK Loves ya Buddy! :) ”
Well this has made my day. What an honor to be KCK Kitty of the month. This group is fun little group, where we play games, take trips and just have great fun!
I would like to Thank KCK admin. for choosing me to be KCK Kitty of the month. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Got to close for now, I have lots of friends with birthdays today. Lots to do today!

Fun! Fun! Fun!
Happy New Year!


Good Grief!

January 10th 2011 8:28 am
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Today is Grooming day at our house.
Meowmy is trimming nails, cleaning ears, and brushing us. She will also check to see if everything else is ok!
Everyone is hiding from Meowmy! Grammy is ok! She's not doing it.
So far, I have been lucky! She hasn't found me!
Spoke to soon, she grabbed me, while I was walking down the hall.
I don't mind the brushing, but that ear cleaning is another thing! I hate it! My ears get very dirty! I don't have ear mites, the doctor said I just have funky ears! Whatever that means....anyway Meowmy uses this liquid in my ears to help get them clean. I hate it! It's Cold! I always shake it all over the place... you would think that would stop her from cleaning my ears....but NO! She continues.
Finally, I'm done! Meowmy says I'm a clean handsome guy again!
I run to show Grammy. Now I'm going to hide again! Well maybe I'll play first!
Hope you all have a Great Day!



January 27th 2011 1:34 pm
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We got lots of the white stuff last night. In fact we got more than we needed. It all started yesterday. Snow all day - off and on - big flakes - little flakes - and it just kept coming. We gots about a foot or more of snow.
As a bonus, we lost our electric around 10:30pm Wed and didn't get it back till around 3:00pm today!
We don't like living like pioneers!!!!!
We had no TV so we couldn't watch our much loved birdie shows.
We had no lights. We had no heat! Thank goodness we have a coal stove in the basement, but it was still cold upstairs. We all were laying in the beds. In Grammys bed was 5 of us. In meowmy's bed there was 7 and meowmy. She laid in bed and read a book today. So we were all comfy with her. Kibbles was in his little house all snuggled up. Three of us were in the Catputer room, snuggled in the cat tree pouch, on the chair with the blankies, and in the bunk beds with the body heat pad. A few of us were in the living room window watching the snow and the few cars that went by. We were so cold no one wanted to play or anything. We couldn't figure out why Pappy was home again today....why Grammy was cleaning our cat trees with this hand held type thing - instead of that noise vaccumn...and mostly why they were eating peanutbutter sandwiches for lunch!!!! Than the lights came on and things slowly got back to normal!!!!!! Grammy started the oven for dinner, the water was working again and our birdie show was back! Life is good again! Oh I gots to go and see what smells so good in the oven, I think someone said something about Turkey and gravy! Not sure! Hope you all are safe and warm with your families. Have a great day!

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