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Baybee - the three legged demon

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My Story Sept 2007 - July 2012

July 14th 2012 6:27 am
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My mom and a friend answered an ad on craigslist for a hurt kitten. It was on a Sunday - so the only vets open were Banfield and Emergency. Mommy was told I could run around, on what looked like a broken leg, but I was eating and everything I just had to be captured (I was outdoors)

Well, mommy and her friend drove over an hour to come get me and the man had captured me with food (oh I love food) and right way fell in love. But as soon as they saw how BAD my leg was they took me the Banfield by my new house.

The vet techs told my mommy I could not be seen that day but as soon as the VET saw my leg he squeezed me in. I was 4-5 weeks old with a healed break. The nerve was severed at the "elbow" and when I was healthy they leg was going to have to come off.

I was also very very sick. I had about 6-7 parasites in me. I was put on a lot of meds and I was told I had to be kept away from ALL animals for two months and if anyone even TOUCHED ME they had to SCRUB their hands with hot water. No one, except mommy wanted anything to do with me. Because there were other animals in the house, (she was staying with a friend) I had to be kept in a giant dog crate . She always took me out when she was in the room and cuddled with me. She wore a special shirt - so whenever she held me it was my shirt. My name at first was SKYE - can you believe that name, SKYE ha I hate that name. Every time mommy walked in my room she said "hi Bay-bee" and that name STUCK - stuck like glue! - so Baybee I became.

I used my leg as a crutch - I could feel half of it the other, it was just hanging there, but it helped to cover the mess in the litter box! - Only problem I had was sometimes I caught it in her friends bunny cage. That was no fun. It got infected a couple times but mommy got it fixed right away!

I got my leg off when I was about 6 months old, when the nails stopped growing in that leg. - and then that's when I started to have an issue with the litter pan. Mainly because I couldn't cover it up. At least that's what the vet set. They had covered litter pans - I hated them. I would pee in the box but never poop. It was annoying for mommy but she talked to the vet and he suggested getting me a special box, an uncovered one just for me. I used it! - granted so did the other kitties.

Our house burned down in 2009 (thankfully they couldn't find a pet sitter so I went with them on vacation to the beach) but I ended up with animal control for a while. Ok, yes mommy didn't get me fixed, she knows it was her fault. And I was pregnant about to deliver, and animal control aborted and killed all my babies (but didn't fix me) I was away from mommy for a while.

I got returned but she said I was never the same. I miss my babies (but I see them now!!) Mommy ended up having to leave that friends house and move into a hotel with her other kitties (human child was gone too for a while) but since I kept pooping outside the liter pan, she called a friend who let me stay with her until she could get her own place!

We tried many different litters, deworming, going to the vet, I still kept pooping outside the litter pan. But I would pee in it! We finally made the decision to let me go home.

Mommy missed me and I missed her. I was UTD on my shots, I weighed 8lbs, FIV neg, Feline Aids Negative, just runny poop and I hated the litter pan (I liked to use the tub) - Mommy figured, well the tub is better than the floor.

Well I got home, was fine for a few days, then I started lifting my tail to poop where I was laying. I would go anywhere. Yes, still in the tub, sometimes, the pile would be as big as a dinner plate! Mommy called the vet and got me on meds and more deworming. (mommy and the vet are pretty tight from all the rescuing she's done) My poop went a bit solid for a few days but I kept going where I was laying. I even started going by the food, I was laying by mommy's head sleeping and I went in my sleep.

Then I heard them start talking about the rainbow bridge. Mommy starting crying. She picked me up, even tho I was covered in dried poop. Saying she didn't want to, Daddy said if she loved me, she would do the best thing. They weighed me. I weighed 4lbs. Then they realized, I was also peeing where I was sleeping too and just laying in it. I coudln't even jump anymore! I used to clear 10 feet easy! I couldn't even jump from the desk to mommy's arms

Daddy had to make the call to the vet. Mommy couldn't. She didn't sleep for 3 days. She tried to let me sleep with her on my last night, but when I layed by her head I pooped in her hair.

Saturday the 14th, I knew something was up. Daddy was sad, a black cat was there - not Zeus, but one who had died before was there, telling me my kittens were waiting for me. Mommy was a mess. She took me outside and showed me a pink and white rose. She told me this is where you will be. The black cat stood on the yellow rose next to it and says, -"Hey I'm in here, we'll be flower buddies"

We got to the vet, and mommy burst into tears, the whole vet office looked at her and moved her into a room. A woman, who I remember from a long time ago. She gave mommy a hug and said "oh not Baybee" - By then, I couldn't get from mommy's arms to daddy's without help.

Mommy held me as I got a shot and it put me to sleep a deep sleep , all I remember was hearing mommy's heart beat and purring. The black cat was there, telling me it was almost over my pain would be gone. I knew I was out of mommy's arms by then but I felt her hand on my head and her nose against mine and I felt one more shot.

Then I saw it! A beautiful rainbow!! I saw my wonderful babies! I saw Milo - a kitten mommy tried to save (hand fed) he ran to me and gave me kisses. Oh he was my buddy. The black cat, Stormy, told me to visit mommy cause she was gonna be sad, but I would see her again. One day.

Until then Mommy......................


I miss you, Baybee

July 18th 2012 11:27 pm
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I keep looking on top of the cat tree, or the pantry but you're not there. Daddy's says we can't get a new kitty until we get a bigger place. (We do have a small place) I keep looking for hurt ones on craigslist, ones no one wants. Just like you. I know I gave you 5 wonderful years. I know if you went to the SPCA you would have been put down because of your leg and how sick you were in the beginning. I gave you a chance.

I wish I knew what was 100% wrong. I wish I could have fixed you. In a way, I hope you do not have your leg back, you were so cute with your leg. You could jump higher, run faster, I hope you are jumping high again.

I heard you purring against my head the other night, til Mr Zeus decided to jump on my head. I keep thinking I'm hearing you around here, I keep turning around thinking I'll see you, but I know you're not here.

Oh Baybee, I love you



August 3rd 2012 1:52 am
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I felt you on my hospital bed. Some times I actually looked to see if there was a cat there. The nurses saw me pet air in my sleep or morphine state but I knew I was petting you. Ty for being with me at the hospital. Miss ya demon.


A new kitten

August 9th 2012 4:42 pm
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Baybee, saw a kitten on craigslist today - she's calling me. She's a Bengal/Calico mix. I am waiting for the owner to call me back. Would it be ok? I'm not sure what I could name her, but I would love a cat like that. She's pretty. but not as pretty as you. But a wildcat mix is what I'm looking for.

If she is meant for me, please have her owner call me. If not, you'll met me know. I'll be getting her brother too for James and because they are close.

Love you Demon, and I miss you. And please, your roses need help. Please help them grow.


It's been almost a month

August 14th 2012 6:18 pm
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I don't cry anymore - but I still miss you. We had to replant your rose as it wasn't doing good in the pot b/c of all the rain. I'm sorry we disturbed your spot. Please let the rose grow. It's as beautiful as you.

I still miss you very much. I always will. You were a very special kitty to me. James didn't like the fact you pooped everywhere -granted, I did get annoyed with it but I delt with it because I loved you. But when you got sicker, I knew you had a problem.

I am so greatful for the 5 years I had with you. Most people wouldn't have given you a chance. If you had been given to animal control you would have been put down b/c of your leg and how ill you were. I gave you a happy 5 years. You were my Happy Cat. You always made me laugh. You proved to people that cats KNOW their name. I would be anywhere in the house and I would call "BAYBEE" and no matter where you were, what you were doing you would come running to me. When we had a two story house you would jump from the 1st floor to the 2nd easily - my little wild cat.

I remember when the vet told me you were part ocelot. I thought that was so cool! You were famous in the vet office. Everyone who worked there knew you by name.

Zeus and Pouncer have started kissing me like you did. What did you do, tell me to so I would feel better? If you did, thank you. But no kitty, no kitty will EVER hug me like you did.

I hope you are having fun will Milo, Stormy, and all the wild cats I took care of when I was with my dad as a child. Tell them hi for me. And if you can, tell my miracle baby I would love for her to show up!

Love and Purrs, Mommy


Hey Baybee your rose didn't make it

August 23rd 2012 9:36 pm
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probably because of all the rain an we had you in a pot didn't drain well.

Help me. Guide me to the rose you want and I'll pick it ok! Make sure it's beautiful!

thatyttttttttttt (from Zeus)


You would have been 5

August 29th 2012 5:18 pm
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Sorry I missed posting on your birthday Baybee, but I'm sure you can see I'm sick. But I did stand next to where you are buried and say happy birthday. I hope you heard me. And I rubbed my tattoo I got for you.

I miss you so much girl. I know you've been with me at the hospital all the times I've been there.I've heard your purr and felt you jump on the hospital bed. Esp when I had to have the Picc line put in, I heard your purr so loud in my ear it made me feel better. It also calmed me down. (cause it didn't feel that well) Lets hope the disease is gone and I don't have to have it put in the other arm for another 8 days of treatment.

You have fun up there Baybee. You will always be in my heart.



Baybee, an idea to help other kitties like you

September 4th 2012 12:12 am
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Oh Baybee - *crying* I miss you so much. I can't go back to the vets office. I threw away the shirt I wore that day. Daddy goes to the vet now. I don't think I can fill that void you left. I know Stormy left a huge hole too - and Zeusie helped.

But you - you were very special. So special in fact if we ever have money I think I want to do a Charity for hurt kittens. Instead of just "killing" give them a chance - find foster homes - find funding and name it after you


You sent me a new friend, Baybee

September 14th 2012 8:23 pm
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Four little kittens were found under our mobile home today. Wecan't keep all four, you know that. But you do know we can keep one or two. One looks similar to you. I've named her Isis. I'm keeping her. James likes the Orange one. He named Him Fanta - we might keep him, it depends on how he treats him. The others, one solid black and one solid black with white socks are also adorable, I'd love to keep but we can't!

I'll find good homed for them, and I know you know that!

I'll have Isis's page up soon. Thank you, Babyee I


the new babies are so cute

September 16th 2012 1:27 am
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Thank you again for bringing them to me. I want to keep all 4 but the last think I need is 8 cats with a Boxer/Great Dane dog in this tiny mobile home! People would be calling be the crazy cat lady! lol I'll find great homes for the two black ones. and I'll make sure they are 100% safe as we are coming into Halloween season.

If I were to keep them I know what I'd name the all back one. I'd name him Samhain after the Holiday. He likes laying with Zeusie. Sometimes it's hard to tell where he is lol

I may be sick Baybee - and confined to a walker/wheelchair but I sill go by your flowers and talk you. If it's not raining tomorrow I plan on taking some up close photos of your flowers. REALLY up close. I plan on using my extension tubes. That should be really pretty. Maybe a butterfly will show up!

Love you, Demon

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