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My Name is Binx

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April 20, 2008

April 20th 2008 9:43 am
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My life is gong so fast that my human friends can't believe that I have been with them for the past 3 1/2 years!
I was only about 6 months old give or take when I walked into theri home around a week before Thanksgiving in 2004. I knew that there were other cats in the house as I have been watching from afar. But these humans, "G" bless them, have a heart of gold from what I saw. They let me come into their home. Made me feel welcome and gave me food. I just stayed with them forever. Never left their home and became their pet. I just love my humans. They have taken me in and love me and have fun with me.

I am a very rare cat as I have no tail. I am known as a Manx cat. My meowmy has taken me to a vet to have me checked out and the vet said that he sees no surgery on my tail so indeed I am a Manx cat. I also like to jump on the back of my meowmy's back and any one else's back when they bend over for any reason and just lay on their back. They all get a kick out of it.

Well, that is all that I can just tell you about the beginning of my life with my humans and how I came into their home to be loved.


April 27, 2008

April 27th 2008 9:46 am
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The weekends. How they affect my meowmy. She never has time for herself. I feel bad. She loves each and everyone of us kids. She devotes her life just about to me and all of my furry siblings. This morning, she gave me a good old back rub. Boy was that something. And then after that, well what more could I have asked for!!! cat treats! Yum, yum. Then she gave my brofur Zeus a back treatment also. Then gave him treats too.
Just a few moments ago.....meowmy got her finger bitten by that nasty rodent name peanut. As much as she loves him too, he does nothing but "BITE" HER! He is no good. Oh, I talking about a guineau pig that belongs to her son. I like to take a big bite out of him myself. FOR LUNCH, DINNER AND SO FORTH! MOL, MOL. Poor my meowmy..... I'll give her licks and cuddle up to her later on when she has the time for me.



May 6, 2008

May 6th 2008 10:14 am
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For the past week, there has been a birds nest that my brofur and I have been looking at. Of course we can't get to it. Meowmy said that is good as she doesn't want us to come in with any more gifts to her. Brofur and I only want to make meowmy happy that we can catch birds, rabbits, mice and whatever so that she doesn't have to worry about feeding us kids! MOL! Meowmy loves looking at the bird sitting in the nest from the kitchen window while I like looking at the bird and doing my "crackling" sound wishing I could get to it from the kitchen window! MOL! Meowmy said "Binx, you are to leave that mommy bird alone. She is resting there and will have little birdies there to feed soon". Of course I'm thinking, sure meowmy, I'll be good. (in your dreams)! Oh well one of these days..........


May 11, 2008

May 14th 2008 7:18 am
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Mom's Day.......and oh what a stinky little boy have i been! As you know, there has been a bird nest that i have been watching and quite honestly want to catch this bird. I jump up on the kitchen counter to look out the window. I make my cracklin sound to indicate my desire to have the bird. What I don't know is that there are eggs in the nest! Meowmy has been very frustrated with me to keep me off of the counter and to stop me from looking out of the window. She is scared that I will kill the mommy bird. But I don't know any better. It is my natural instinct to go after birds.



May 14, 2008

May 14th 2008 7:25 am
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Well, I have been bad........Mommy had to pick up 2 birds that I have killed. Mommy knows that it is me. She is not blaming my brofur Zeus. Even though he could have killed one of the Robin birds. One bird was found on the front steps on Mom's Day and meowmy was so scared that it could have been the mommy bird. but it wasn't. Then there was a treasure we left this morning on the back step and lordy......meowmy had a hissy fit on that one too. She wouldn't leave for work until she saw the mommy bird go into the nest. Which to me was another game of "catch me if you can". MOL!
So every day until this mommy bird and her eggs hatch. I am going to be having fun and giving meowmy a fitful time. MOL, MOL, MOL.



I've Been TAGGED!!!

July 22nd 2008 7:26 pm
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Well, now that I've been tagged by my good friend Norman, I get the chance to tell what I like!

1. Love mommy so much
2. Glad that I live with this family
3. Enjoy jumping on mommy's back when she bends over to get into the cabinets where the wet food is.
4. Playing with all of my other siblings
5. Being a rare cat with no tail

Now to tag a few of my furriends:
1. Bobbie Bo
2. Twister
3. Pip
4. Mooch
5. Sundance


I'VE GOTTEN TAGGED BY.............

August 22nd 2008 7:49 pm
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A good friend, Norman. Has done it to me to make me spill my guts. Now I am not, repeat not a guy of many words, so I am going to take these questions and answer them as best as I can. Here goes!

Hmmm, well since there is jumping over some kind of fence and running, that would be mine as I am forever doing that outside.

Well naturally, summer! Chase a squirrel, catch a bunny or two or three. Lay in the grass that is high so that my victims don't see me MOL!

Oh that is easy to answer! Jump on my meowmies back when she bends over to pick out a can of wet food. I just happend to be on top of the washing machine when she forgets that I am behind her. (snickering)

Now if you are talking about some good-looking girls, yeah, but if I mentioned them on here then they would be all over on me. I'll chase them down one day.

This is a "girlie" question! But to satisfy this question, I'll go for a star. It tells me that when I get one, I am a star in my own way. My second choice would be a heart, because IF a girl kitty sends it, it tell me how much she loves me! MOL!

O. K. now that I have answer them, I shall pass this onto a few of my terrific friends so that they can answer these CRAZY questions.
Humphrey Lee Haunted
Mooch (and does he mooch)!
Precious (ahhh the apple of my eye)


I WON !!!!

March 12th 2009 7:32 pm
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Meowmy and I were just checking out my site. Low and behold meowmy tells me that I won the Dogster Pot o Gold guessing game! How lucky is that!. I like to wish everyone who guess concatulations too for trying to guess how many was in that pot. Me being a very smart cat knows that it couldn't have been filled up with all that gold. Like I said, those little leprechauns are sure smart. MOL!
Again, thank you for the Lucky Leprechaun's Hat for winning the guessing game.


Cat Of The Week!

August 6th 2009 6:34 pm
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This has been an exciting week for me. Especially being a Manx Cat!
I got an p-mail from Catsters telling me concatulations on being pick as The Cat of The Week. Well, I was just in a daze. Ya know what I mean??? I was pacing back and forth at home waiting for meowmy to get home from work. (you see dad left the computer on and I got on it and started reading all of the p-mails from the group I belong in) When I saw the p-mail from Catster and re-read it again, I nearly fell off of the chair. I was racing back and forth in the house and I even let the two little mutts; Kimmy and Mollie play tag with me. It was so hard to stay still for meowmy. Well of course I had to.When meowmy came home from work, she saw that the computer was on and read the p-mail. Meowmy was in total shock too. She picked me up and looked right into my cat eyes and said "Binx I don't know what took them so long to notice you, but dang boy, you are one handsome dude and I'm glad that you came into our life here. You are indeed a special cat". She gives me knuckle taps on my head and then let me ride onto her shoulders. I'm still strung out by this. Thank you so much Catsters for choosing me as the Cat of The Week.

Binx, The Manx Cat


So Many Things.......

November 18th 2009 6:02 pm
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Have happened in my life. First I entered in a photo contest of a group that I am a proud cat to be in. It is called Orange & White & We Look Alike! My pals in this group are just awesome. So they had a Fall Photo Contest and naturally, Mom entered me in it.

Secondly, my Dad has been in and out of one hospital and a week later, he was put back in again! You see, Dad has a bad heart. Some times the heart would beat fast and slow back to normal. Well for the past 3 weeks, the heart would not beat normal. Mom said something like his heart was beating like he ran a marathon and it wouldn't slow down at all. So Dad had to go into the hospital again to get the heart to beat normal. The doctor's had to do 2 types of procedures. One was to check for any blockages by going down into his throat with a scope to look for any blockage in the valves. Then the second procedure was to catheter him going into his high part of the leg (groin area) and slide it up into his chest and to his heart to "shock" the heart back to normal beating. With all that was said and done, Dad is now back home today and is very, very, tired. Mom will stay home from work to take care of Dad for a while.

Now getting back to the contest. I WON! Meow you all. I couldn't believe it. And the best part of winning this contest was the prize of $50.00 is going to a shelter that we know very well. I am so excited about the money going to the shelter. Baltimore City Animal Shelter in Balto. Md. in the area of Hampden is a great place and my mom grew up around in Hampden. So it was a good choice to send the money to.

I would like to thank my group for the contest and zealies. The money will be sent to a great place. Again, thank you all in the group. All the pictures were fantastic and everyone was a winner.

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