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My Fry-Roid is much better!!!

October 6th 2010 9:31 am
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Wenn I wentid to da Vettie last week (oh deer!) and had my blud testid (ugh) it wuz to see if da Holistic (herbal) preparayshun dat Meowmie wuz using had helped my Fry-roid levels. If it had not worked, then I woulda gone on Tapazole for my Hyper-Fry-Roid.

WELL, my deers... A few dayz later da Vettie called Meowmie to tell her that my T4 levels had gone down, from 4.5 to 3.2 !! Wheee!!

Da Vet sed "What DID you use?! EVERYONE here at the hospital wants to know what you used!"

Meowmie told her "I used "Resthyro" -- yoo can Googul it.

Meowmie puts it on top of my foodies (she takes a liddle Wysong anergen wet and SKWISHES my BELOVED Fansee Feest wet atop that, so I think I yam eeting only Fansee Feest -- and then she drips the drops of formula atop it all -- I slurp up everything happily.

Even my hairfurz look LUVERLY and GLOSSY.

My luff to all,

Yore sweet frenn, Sweet Cee Cee


How's my Fryroid? Doing kwite well, my dears.

December 7th 2012 6:40 am
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Cee Cee wiggul wigguls over to da puter and types daintily: "Hello my furrendz. I hope you are all well and waiting for da Jolly Fat Guy to bring yo pawrezzints. Meowmie gabe me a NICE purr pad and I like to hunker down on it like a KWEEN receiving her subjects. She gibs me my tapazole ebbry day disguised inside a soft pownss and before she feeds me my wet foodies (into which she has put some supplements) she gibs me dis Pownnss and sez "APPETIZER!!" and I purr and eet it and then I get my Foodies.

I still get my pee pad every day but I hab not used it for a while (instedd, I use da litter bokks) so Meowmie is glad da Tapazole iz helping me. Then again, hee hee-- I sometimes use two pee pads a day but I yam a kat and dat's dat.

It is cold and rainy and I ALWAYS purray for da critters living outside in dis bad weather wif no food or shelter -- I was one of them wunnss. Then I got reskewed and spayed and so did my baybees and furriends. THAT is a good thing - it is ALWAYS a good thing. May more critters know da joys of a good home.

* * curls up into little ball of fluff and goes back to sleep * *


Happy Smoochy Valentine's Day!!

February 15th 2013 8:48 am
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Yestirday I got lots of kissiz from Meowmie. So did that mean evil THING, BBBT. And we were wisht a HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY!! I wish EVERY day was Valentine's Day!!! Hee Hee!! (giggullz, tilts frowzy heddie and smiiiles)

BUT -- even though Meowmie had gone to ga Gross-rry store that morning, she forgotted to get us some CHEEKUN HEARTS Kat Fud!!

BBBT was so shokkt to heer that -- she droppt a WHOLE PAWFUL of her (othir, wet) foodies!!! And -- oh my deers it was such a SHOKK to my Murmurin' Hartie!!!

But we forgave Meowmie wenn we saw dat she had puttid Heart-shaped Whiska Lickins on top of our foodies! Umm! Nom Nom Nom -- We LUBB yoo Meowmie!!!


Yaaawn!! Streeetch! Lick Lick Lick...Droooool....

November 12th 2013 11:25 am
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Sweet Cee Cee holds court in da MIDDLE of Meowmie's soft beddie. She smiles sweetly and sez "Mrrr...! It is so NICE to sleep wif Meowmie! She warms up da beddie and I sleep in da middle UNTIL it is time for Meowmie to go sleep.

THEN, UNLIKE dat DESPOTIK Rapscallion BBBT -- I am NISSE and I let Meowmie get under da covers wifout getting into a snit and stomping out da dore of da rume like Her Soopreeem Lardness usta do!!

We sleep sweeetly and I no longer runnn to Meowmie every time she looks at me. Now I let her sleep in peece.

Giggul Giggul!!" (Wiggul-Wigguls off da bed to daintily eat her foodies.)


Oh KVETCH!! HOO iz Audrey?

January 9th 2014 12:31 pm
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I fink Meowmie haz gone nuts!! I komplained last nite and then I wented and HIDED!! Meowmie found me and we slept together and she comfortid me.
HOO IZ dis Audrey???
I fink I heer BBBT laffing. Da Nurv., my dears......

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