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Im's Kirby!

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My first day

February 18th 2008 5:22 pm
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Hi-ow! Dis my first time on Catster. Pixie-mom put me here for us to do somesing while we wait for Pixie to be back home. Me misses her so much but I try to be happy for Pixie-mom. She nice to me all the time and gives me Pixie's treats. Pixie ran away I think when a big mean kitty came to our town and scared her so bad she ran and ran and didn't stop. He beat me up too and make a scratch on my nose but I made him go now! Pixie-mom say I very brave and petted my head for dis but is still hoping for that bad kitty to be OK too and hopes for hims to find hims home too. Pisssh! Pixie-mom cries all the time and looks and looks and looks for her all the lots of days. I cross my paws and hopes and hopes and never stops. When Pixie comes home she will have so much adventures to write in her diary too! I kant wait to show her mine and she can know how much I love her-very many! Bye-ow for dis time!



February 19th 2008 11:23 am
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MOL!!!! Two feller's from Dogster asked I'ms Kirby to be in thems group! Ohhh mew-mew-mew- I kant stop from laughing! Very much of folksy of you boys but kant you see from my's very handsome pickser that Im's a Kirby-CAT! I gueess everykitty and everydoggy loves me Kirby! Bye-ow for dis time!



February 20th 2008 1:25 pm
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Hi-ow! I gots to help Pixie-mom cleans out hers car today! I jumpst right in and checked all the jobs so closley! She was happy for helps and say to me, "Oh Kurbs, get your fluffy-rump out of here".
After all Im's Kirby's inspections, she opens the trunk so to clean that too. I has to see it for checking, so me's jumps on the roof and then on the open trunk top. What a surprize funnest ride! It went down and BONK on Pixie-moms head! soundeds so funny. BONK! Pixie-mom say "Oh Kirby, you crazy!"
We makes a good team and haves so many funs! When Pixie comes home I'm's Kirby kan teach her all me's good tricks! Bye-ow for dis time!


Rains and rains

February 22nd 2008 8:36 am
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Hi-ow! Whats the wrong heres? We has rains and rains ands more rains. I has to jumpts around all the "poodles" (mew-mew-mew!) Silly me's! I means PUDDLES! just to get Im's Kirby treats at Pixie-moms.
And how you think of dis? That big gray mean kitty was already there eating Ims Kirbys treats!!! I hates to say hims was nice to me's so I has to be nice to hims and lets him have some treats but I guess hims have no manners cause him not sharing. Im's was sad so Pixie-mom gave me manys more than hims later! But I thinks I will stay on the inside today Im's very tired for trying to chase these water away from here all the last days. Bye-ow for dis time!


Nicess Day Today!

February 26th 2008 5:05 pm
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Hi-ow! Today is a nicess day! Is a happy, lazie, komfy, kozey, sunshinny day and no mores rains! Ye-ow-ie! This is the kinds Im's Kirby loves the best to has! I hopes all my kittyfriends are safes and glads alot too like me. Next week my's very good kitties from Arzzona are visit soon to see me! Ye-ow Roscoe and Tink! I kants wait for seeing yor very cute furfasces! Bye-ow for dis time!


Tink & Roscoes are here!

February 29th 2008 2:57 pm
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Hi-ow! Guees what kittyfrends?! Tink and Roscoes are here from Arzonna!! Thems resting for now but Ims hopes they can play with me's later! Tinks was looking at me's thru the window. YES YOU WERE TINKS!!!! (I's saw her) I kno Tinks thinks Im's a very Hantsome Kirby. She's sure is right about it! Her's is sooo pretty too. I'ms hope Roscoe wants to play hide-n-go-meow verys much! What a very funnest weekend we kan have now! Bye-ow for dis time!


What a Funs Time!

March 6th 2008 9:18 am
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Hi-ow! Mys very good friends are gone home, them tells me gots to go back to Arzonna! I hopes them had lots of fun. Tink was so scardy at first. The dogs barks so loud hers ran under the big thing and Pixie-mom say "Oh Tink are you OK?" and looks for her and POW! Hers very sharp claws scratcheded hers face from under there! It was bleeding for some but everysings better now SANK GOODNESS! Alls the big people went to a big place they says is Disneyland and plays on big funnest rides! I hopes Kirby can go too someday and sees Nemo and many fishes. Im's Kirby will catches them all!!!! Bye-ow for dis time!


I a brave boy...sometimes

March 11th 2008 8:06 pm
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Oh no.....the big gray kitty keeps scareding me away sometimes. Pixie-mom is helping me to come inside hers house little by littles. Hers liitle dogs yaps so high and screetchy! I gives Momo my meanest eye for that! Pixie-mom wants for Kirby to has a safe place to stay when hims outside too many times.
I likes it too cause I cans get on the big thing and eats more treats and I says MEEE-YOUUU down to the very very sqeeaky dogs! They being sure jealous of me!!! By-ow for dis time!


Pixie-mom is home!

March 16th 2008 3:44 pm
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What in the world! Pixie-mom was missing for 2 days! It scarded me a little bit. DON'T DO THAT AGAIN PIXIE-MOM! I'ms Kirby was so happy to hears her car coming round the corner-I chases her car!!!! Hers was SO happy to see me I gots treats and she patts my head too and says Hi Kirby-Baby-doll! WHAT!!?? I'ms not baby and NoT doll too! Hmmmp. And you know what? Big Gray Kitty cames running to see mys Pixie-mom at the same time! He got some treats too but on the other side so we cant fights. I try nots to fight but hims makes me so mads I spits and hisses! Doesnt him know I ams the favorite dollbaby kitkat round here? Hims better not gets a catster page too.
I will swat hims face!
.....well, maybe I really will!
=^.".^= bye-ow for dis time!


l vbn,mkkkkkkkkkkkkk

March 20th 2008 4:56 pm
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Im made this title all by myselfs just by walking on Pixie-mom'is clicky thing. Pixie-mom is bringing me in more cause she is so worrys for me! The last nights Im was outside all the time and she thinks my real house is neglect for me. Sometimes there is coyote arounds here and hers is SO SO SO scaredy of that. Pixie-mom told my mom about it but Ims still out even in the darks. I had alots of car grease on my head and she say to me, "Oh Kirby are you sleeping under the cars? Poor baby." Today she gaves me wet foods! And treats like always and evn a toy that smellded so crazy I was throwing it and flipping around with it! Oh Im likes it very much! The dogs are still noying me though. Whine, whine, whine. Tonights Pixie-mom is going to keeps me in hers house to see if I can like that! I hopes so. I will have a comfy-cozy bed and everything! Bye-ow for this time!

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