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~ Cassie's thoughts ~

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Went to the doc doc...

February 15th 2008 7:49 am
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Well, today meowmy surprised me by taking me to the doc doc for my yearly physical. She had the nerve to put me in the dreaded carrier and to put us in the car and off we went. Well, I showed her just how loud I could meow. She said thank goodness the doc doc is only five minutes from our house. Then, when we got there, meowmy proceeded to ask me to come out of the carrier. Has she lost it? NO WAY! Then, to my horror, she turned my carrier over where I practically fell out. How dare she!! I did show her AGAIN. I plastered myself on the cold silver examining table so that the doc doc would need a scraper to get me up. But to my dismay, the doc doc brought in her reinforcement to help. The "other" one grabbed me by the scruff of the neck (like my birth mom) and raised me so the doc doc could listen to my heart. I hope that it deafened her... pfffttt. Then the doc doc invaded all my "open" spaces and then squirted some gosh awful stuff in my nose. She said it was my three year distemper and yearly bordetella... yeah, right... she probably secretly poisoned me... at least, I acted like she had. Then because of my spacial problems, my meowmy put me on the floor so the doc doc could see me walk. They probably wanted to snicker at my unsteady ways. Finally, meowmy took pity on me and scooped me up and hugged me and put me back in the carrier to bring me home. I did not scream all the way home because I was glad to be heading back to safety. However, meowmy had better watch her back the rest of the day.


~ I hope Meowmy is happy ~

February 21st 2008 5:29 am
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I can't stop sneezing. Remember when meowmy took me for a suprising (to me) visit to the doc doc last week? As if that wasn't bad enough by itself, I now am sneezing a lot. The doc doc said that could be a side effect from nasal vaccine I got. Does the doc doc and meowmy not KNOW that I stumble enough under normal conditions? Let me tell you, when I have my sneezing fits, I now stumble or fall over. I hope that my meowmy is very happy with herself. I hope this ends soon as I am tired of sneezing.


~ I turn 9 years old today ~

March 18th 2008 6:25 am
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I turn 9 years old today. I am furry excited. I know I will get some special treats and extra loving today! Yesterday our house was all about dumb ol' doggie Hunter cuz he had to get something called an operation. You would have thought that none of us existed! Pffffttt! BUT today IS my "special" day. I can't wait to see what my pawrents have gotten me. And, you know what, today is my meowmy's birthday, too. Hey, maybe us girls can go out together? No, I would be terrified and my meowmy loves me too much to do that unless it is needed... BUT I know I will get something special. Wonder what it will be?


~ A first for me ~

April 7th 2008 12:01 pm
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Last night, I climbed into my dad's pants while he was on, well, er... you know! He called Meowmy to bring the camera. I am such a shy girl most of the time. Well, it just looked so comfy in there and I have heard Patchez chat about climbing in there in the past. So, I just decided to test it out for myself. You know, it was furry comfy and I got lots of head rubs. I may just try that again one day soon!

I was tired out from all the celebrating that Clawdette was doing. It was her 4th birthday! You know, a kitty can only have so much celebrating and then we need to rest and catch some zzzzz's. Unfortunately, dad wasn't sitting there long enough for me to go to sleep.


I am a Pisces Cat!

May 22nd 2008 11:44 am
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Does Your Cat Fit His or Her *Sign*?

The Pisces Cat 19 February - 20 March

The Pisces Cat is a kind and loving cat, even around water. They are caring and giving cats, willing to share a toy, a lap or a bird brought in from the yard. Because of their selfless nature they come when they are called, hoping for a treat, but happy with some strokes along the back. Change never upsets them and they adapt to whatever their owner wants. They also enjoy quiet time, comfortable with themselves and content with their lives. The Pisces cat is willing to take anything that comes along, especially is it tastes like salmon.

While I am the most timid cat in the furmily, my meowmy tells me that I am the sweetest and easiest to get along with effuryone and effurything. I do like my quiet and private times, too.


I got rosettes I am belated in mentioning!

June 12th 2008 12:17 pm
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I am furry late in mentioning the beautiful rosettes I have received recently and have not publically acknowledged them. I have appreciated them so furry much, however.

On June 2, I got a heart of furiendship from my dear furiends wanda, Norman, Tess, Rupert, Mitchell, Beckie, Fay, Princess, Harvey, Bess, Lewis, Einstein, Mama Kitty, Lilly, Blackie, Patti, Nikki, Frankie, Marie, Sunni, Roxanne, Rosie, Bob, Jesse, Freddie and Babes from Texas. We have not been in touch as often lately and they were touching base. How furry sweet of them.

On June 3, I got a furry nice flag from my furiend Tigger. Tigger was wishing me a Happy Flag Day early. Flag Day is the 14th of June. That was furry sweet of Tigger.


Some purr pinch me!

June 17th 2008 1:58 pm
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I can't believe my eyes. I got a beautipurr beachball rosette from a birthday boy named Rushy! And the BEST part is that he asked me if I would consider being his girlfriend. Have you seen him? He is gorgeous! I do hope this is not a dream because I don't want to wake up from it. *gazes off into the sky*


What a week!

June 20th 2008 7:30 pm
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I suppose most of you are aware that I found the most wonderpurr fellow named Rushy and he has asked me if I will be his girl. Well, who wouldn't want to be girlfriend of the handsome Rushy? How lucky am I? Our dear furiends Biscotti, Picasso, Snowmitts, Aspin, Jaspurr, Cocoa and Kashmere sent a sweet heart telling us what a good looking couple we make and how happy they are for us. They told us that they love us both. And we definitely love them!

And my special and thoughtful Rushy sent me a bluebird and a butterfly. He is so thoughtful. He sent the bluebird because he was thinking of me. The second gift of the butterfly was of a more serious nature. Rushy was telling me that he was praying for my great cat nephew Boots and that his Mawmee had posted about Boots in PAWS. It means so much to have such wonderpurr and caring cats and humans in our lives. Lots of love to you Rushy.

I also got a rose from Rushy and he has created a picture of us together. I have it on my page now and it is purrfect! What a sweet boyfuriend I have found in Rushy.

For any who haven't heard, my great cat nephew Boots was playing at his home on Sunday. Sometime between 10:30 am and 8:30 pm, he found a little colorful ball that he found on the floor and he decided to play with it. What he did not know is that it was a gel Advil capsule full of what is poison to us cats. He bit into the capsule during his playful attempts with the little ball. After his pawrents got in that night, they found where some cat had thrown up in the kitchen and also upstairs in the bedroom. Since they have two cats (Boots and Fluff) they had no idea of which cat had thrown up. But his pawrents did find the partially deflated Advil gel capsule, however, so they knew what had probably caused the sickness.

His pawrents called the vet the next day. The doctor said that he was probably okay if he kept his breakfast and dinner down which he did. Now, remember that his pawrents still did not know which cat had gotten sick at this point. The vet told his pawrents to keep Boots and Fluff in different rooms for 48 hours so they both went to their appointed bathrooms. During the next 48 hours, both Boots and Fluff acted alright.

On Wednesday morning, it was discovered that it was Boots who was the sick one. He was not feeling well and was not interested in his food and had thrown up fluid. So, now they knew which cat had gotten into the Advil. His pawrents called the vet and she told them to bring him right in, which they did. After doing his blood panels, the vet found Boots was in severe kidney failure and they were given no guarantee as to whether he would pull through this illness. They started an IV and put a collar on poor Boots and were about to put the catheter and pump on him when my meowmy rushed over to see him because my pawrents had a trip they had to take. The vet let my meowmy hold Boots for a while until his pawrents could come back. While Meowmy was holding Boots, the vet said they needed to give him a shot for nausea. Boy, did he scream according to Meowmy. The vet told her it burned and was not pleasant for him. His pawrents arrived and held him for a while and then they put him in his cube so urgent treatment could begin.

When his pawrents took him in on Wednesday, his levels were my levels were at 98 but were supposed to be between 16 and 32. This was not good. Sometime during his first night at the hospital, Boots somehow managed to get his IV out... that big plastic collar did not stop him.

On Thursday morning, despite Boots efforts to get the tubes out, his levels dropped almost twenty points to 74. The vet said that was furry encouraging but would not committ as to whether he would or could make it or not. She said it would depend on his next levels which would be taken on Friday morning. They had to put the tubes back in but because his veins kept blowing out, they had to use his rear leg. So, now Boots has three shaved legs and a shaved neck.

We did not know what to expect this morning (Friday) but we knew it was critical. Imagine our surprise that Boots' levels had come down from 74 the day before to 18 (normal is between 16 and 32). His pawrents were furry nervous because the little rascal had again pulled out his IV. He IS a determined little fellow. When the vet came out and told them to "Take him home!" they could not believe their ears.

His pawrents had to go to work so they called my meowmy to see if she could pick him up and take him to his home. She did and she said he was so happy to be at his home. He and Fluff played and played and Boots was begging for food. We are all so happy he is doing well.

He will always have damaged kidneys and will be on K/D food for the rest of his life but the vet expects it to be a normal life. Boots has to go back in several weeks for another blood panel to see where his levels are then... IF he has not problems before that time. We all feel furry blessed to have Boots back with us.


My Rushy is the best boyfuriend effur!

June 23rd 2008 5:43 pm
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My furry special and wonderpurr boyfuriend Rushy sent me a beautipurr rose today. It smells so good and it made me so happy. Rushy is the best boyfuriend effur.


How sweet is Rushy...

June 24th 2008 4:21 pm
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I sent Rushy a cool Canadian flag and he sent me an American flag back. He is such a sweet and thoughtful boyfuriend. How did I effur get so lucky?

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