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February 24th 2008 8:04 am
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HI.It has just been an awful week! My poor momma human has been sick all week with asthma even on her birthday! Poor mom I know how she feels with asthma and all. I am really worried about my mom. Its been windy and cold and now its raining. I had a little asthma this week too so stayed in bed with mom and we rested together. It was so nice to be with my mom cause I love her so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My silly human sister wants to give me a bath-she says its a spa treatment- yeah right I know a bath when I see it. Mol it is not going to happen!! Well got go and look for a spot to hide so I don't have to a "spa treatment". Peace to you Lucy


February 29 2008 Friday Leap year day

February 29th 2008 8:15 pm
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Hi. well this week is alot better than last week. My momma is not as sick as she was last week. Last week my poor momma was really sick - like a dog-and you know that is bad. I am still worried about my momma because I love her so much I don't want anything to happen to her.I got a new red Blankie to sleep with. It is real pretty and soft- Sophie got a blue blankie but she wants the red one- she always wants the things I have.Yep Sophie and I are hissing around at each other- just little cat issues. Today was grocery shopping day- I love Fridays that is when I get my treats- Thank goodness momma was well enough to go- my human sister does not get me the right amount of treats like momma does- she does not hink I need that many treats. Well cats lets keep our paws crossed that Barak Obama wins in Ohio and Texas this Tuesday. I am still worried about my momma- I have to sit with her to make sure she gets better- I just love my momma so much-more than Turkey treats themselves. well gotta go. Peace to you Lucy


March 6 2008 Thursday Lucys Thoughts on the world

March 6th 2008 10:00 am
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Hi, Its Lucy here to write a few words. Well I am still worried about my Momma. She is still sick- she went to the human Vet and was told she has a bad cold that starts with a B-(Lucy can't spell it or say it) It is very nasty cold!!! Poor momma has been sick for over 3 weeks! I am also worried about Obama- he just has to win the elections and be president. well the weather has been good so I have not had any asthma. I have been watching the birds and squirrells. I caught a few bugs, but I did not think they tasted good so I just left them for my human to take of. Well some bugs just don't taste good. I played with Sophie last night then she got mad at me and started hissing at me- I do not know what I did to upset her- she is very tempermental- it is either her way or her way. She always chooses the games we play at night, I think I am still a little upset with her. On Friday March 7th it will be myAnniverary, it will be 9 years that i have lived with my family. they a nice family- especailly momma I just love my momma so much-I do not think a cat could love their mom as much as I love mine!!! I used to be a ferral cat and now just strictly an indoor kitty-I don't mind it seems dangerous outside. Crazy drivers going way to fast, I think Sophie is right you should only drive 1 mile an hour. well gotta go and Listen to Ed Shultz show- momma and I really like him . Peace to you Lucy


March 10 2008 Monday

March 10th 2008 8:39 am
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Hi. well it has been a good week. I celebrated my 9 year anniversary with my family this past friday. I got alot of well wishes and gift from friends and family. Thanks to all the nice cats and dogs friends who sent them. It is very nice to have so many nice friends- I guess it is because I am such a nice cat. My momma human is still sick- she coughs alot. I am still worried about my momma. I LOVE my Momma so much!!! I would not eat for weeks if something happened to my momma- my human sister would take care of me- that is a very scarry thought- she does not take as good care of me as my momma- Sophie is her cat and then the dog. I had peace ful sunday- The dog was gone for a few hours- very nice with out her. She is a humpty dumpty dog. I just can't stand her. I am very worried about Obama winning the democratic nomination I think the Hilster and her followers the Clintonistas will do dirty tricks and she will win- that really worries me! Atleast Obama won wyoming this sat. He still ahead in delegates. Sophie and I played last night we had fun! Sophie is kinda hard to get along with- she is very bossy- and she claims I have a bad temper. I don't! just ask my momma!! Oh have I said how much I love my Momma- my love for her goes around 100 universes, she is the center of my world!!(next to food) Well gotta go Peace to you Lucy


Thursday March 13 2008

March 13th 2008 8:50 am
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Hi . well today is a pretty good day. Thank-you catster for picking my diary for diary of the day. It was awfully nice of you. I am very happy about that. Thank-you Rocky Ann for the nice gift- it awfully nice of you. We are both very good democrat Cats and support Obama for president. I just cannot stand Hillary or the Clintonistas her supporters. it is a good day for mediating as it is cold and cloudy- suppose to rain. On March 30 2008 sunday-I have to start a stupid diet! my dumb human sister is putting me on weight watchers and taking over feeding- or should I say straving me- and playing chase you around the house for exercise- that is thedumest game I have ever played!!My human sister thinks I am fat and need a diet- well as humans go- in my view she is not the brightest light around thinking I am fat! So if you don't see me around or here from me- you might call the humane society because she is straving me! My humans are no so thin- yeah just because she is a vegitarian and runs and rides a two wheeled bike- she thinks every one should be healthy. Well in my mind- humans who are vegitarians are just bad hunters and those who run are just plain nuts! Cats can't be vegitarians we need meat.
My poor momma human is still sick- 3 weeks now. Tommorow she has to go to doctor and have some tests done. I am worried sick about my momma, I just love my momma so much- she is the best human in the world- you could not ask for a better momma, I am so lucky that I have her for a momma human.My momma human does not think I am fat- she will intervene for me on this diet thing and give me snacks. My momma human and I sit together under the blankie and watch t.v together. Well all you cats out there keep your paws crossed that my momma's tests come back good- she needs all the help she can get- she is unlucky like Sophie. Peace to you Lucy.


Easter Sunday March 23 2008

March 23rd 2008 6:45 pm
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Hi. I hope all you had a very peaceful Easter. I got alot of nice things for Easter. Two new stuffed Rabbits for my posse, Peaches and Lemon. I have been busy kitty taking care of my poor sick mommy who has been sick for over a month and now my fur sister Sophie has a kitty cold and not feeling good. I had two days of Asthma this week. I also have been busy worring about Barak Obama and all his political problems. He sure has alot of mean people spitting and hissing garbage at him. I watched birds this week and a squirell , that my sister named Hazel in my back yard. My neighbors got another stupid dog to have to worry about- a black lab puppy named shawdow- he is always peeking through the fense and watching me looking out my window. I know I am cute but he does not have to stare at me. I am not a fan of dogs. Well not much to say. Hope your day was a peaceful day and a nice Easter .
Peace to you


Tuesday April 1 2008 APRIL FOOL"S DAY

April 1st 2008 8:21 am
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Hi. Well it has been a pretty good week. I wrote a letter to the Stephanie Miller show and she read it on the air- I really like Stephanie Miller. Now I am FAMOUS! Sophie and Abbey are so jelous. It has also been a very sad day to Progressive radio went off the air here, now we only have Conservative right wing crap! Poor little Sophie was very very sick last week I had to help take care of the little kitty- Thank the little kitty Angels she is so much better and back to her old self. Baseball season opened to day. I like the Tigers and Chicago white Socks(Obama is from Chicago) It has really been good bird watching weather, too bad I can not get out side to hunt, there is a big blue bird that would make a good snack- but no there is no hunting allowed in my home- such Nerds that I live with!! My poor momma is still sick has that bad cough. I worry terribly about my momma- I LOVE MY MOMMA so much- ITs momma or nobody! No body loves youlike your momma and I don't love anyone like I LOVE my momma. Well gotta go mediate about the troubles of the world


April 5th

April 5th 2008 4:55 pm
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Well, today is a beautiful day. My fur sister Sophie and I watched birds today. It was fun. We have a lot of birds in the backyard. Momma is doing better, but has a doctors appointment Tuesday amd I will find out how momma is doing. I am a little worried, as momma and I are best friends. I love momma so much, and I worry I will be in the care of my humans sisters.
They are nice, but they are no momma.
I am still sad that we lost progressive radio in Sacramento. The station went to a gossipal music station. They had a lot of listeners, but not much advertisers. I do not know what I am going to do without my progressive radio. I wish some smart human would get others together a fight to get progressive radio back is Sac. I would do it, but I am just a cat. No one cares what a cat thinks or wants.
My human sisters put me on an diet and excersice program. It is not fun. I am not fat. Ok maybe a could stand to lose a pound or two. Gotta go excercise.
Peace to you


April 7

April 7th 2008 2:48 pm
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Well, today is another nice day. The wind is up and the air is crisp. Unfortuately, the pollens are quite high. This has caused my asthma to act up. My human sister gave me my much hated medicine and it has helped me a lot. One thing about my asthma acting up is I do not have to do my excersice program. My momma still has a cough tomorrow she goes to the doctor hope he can cure her, I throw my paws up all my remedies do not work for momma. I sure hope she gets better soon.
On the political front Sacramento is still without a progressive radio station which makes me sad. I have decided that Obama should pick Bob Barker to be Vice President. Mr. Barker is a voice for us animals and he seems so nice.
I can just see the bumper stickers vote Obama/Barker 08. I think Iwill write to Mr. Obama and ask him to pick Bob Barker. Gotta go write my letter
Peace to you


Wednesday April 9 2008

April 9th 2008 8:34 am
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Hi my asthma is gone finally- for a few days hopefully forever. I hate having asthma. My momma is sick- she has high gloucose levels and has to give up eating so much sweets, and my human sister says I have to give up treats. Well I see her eating snacks that are sweets so why does she get mad when she sees momma eating sweeets and giving me treats- don't understand, only logic I can come up she wants them all forherself and Sophie. I am busy watching that stupid bird who built her nest in my tree, I hope she does not have babies- well maybe I do! I could have a good little snack- baby bird. Well gotta go mediate about political issues. Maybe if Obama wins in November I will purr-remember I said maybe I will purr
PEACE to the World

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