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Chelsea speaks

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I'm sorry Mommy!!!!!

July 18th 2009 5:30 am
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I am so sad. I lost my "outside" priviledges last night. Mommy lets me go on the deck with her as long as I don't try to go down the stairs. I am the only kitty who wants to go out and sometimes I cry at the door so she takes me out for a visit. I like to wander around and sniff things. But last night Max (my doggy) ran by on the grass and I got so excited that I ran after him. Auntie Barbara bolted out of her chair to grab me and because of her slippery sandals, she fell down the stairs. It made a loud BOOM and scared me so I ran even further. Mommy couldn't get to me because Auntie was blocking the stairs but Max came out from behind the shed and "herded" me back toward Mommy. Phew! Saved my life because I was so scared that I didn't know which way to run. So then Mommy grabbed me and put me back in the house telling me that I was all done with outside for good. I am sorry. I didn't mean to cause trouble. I just got excited. I bet Auntie's butt is a bit sore today but I didn't mean for that to happen. Maybe if I am really good, Mommy will take me out when we don't have company.......


Not my fault this time

July 28th 2009 12:27 pm
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So now Mom fell down the deck steps too. I was not even there so it is totally NOT my fault. Nobody knows for sure what happened but she hit the stone pavers at the bottom and ripped her toe up really, really bad. (Just like when I had to go to the vet because I tore my claw out by accident) But there were some bad words and a pair of flip flops ended up in the trashcan. Mom came in the house bleeding and cried like crazy. We all tried to comfort her. Blaze even tried to head bonk the sore foot and roll on it. Then when Mommy was soaking her foot to clean it up, Blaze decided to taste the water so Mommy pushed her away, so she put her front paws in it instead. (Something's not quite right with that Blaze.....I think maybe Mom dropped her on her head when she was little or something.) But I really think Mom should let me go outside again now there is proof that these clumsy people fall down those steps even without my help.


Lost Chelsea?

January 18th 2010 3:46 pm
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We had quite a scare today. Well, Mommy & Daddy had quite a scare. They were busy making homemade clam chowder when suddenly Mom realized I was missing. Daddy had been in and out of the door a couple times so when I didn't come running when she called my name, she was sure I had somehow gotten out. One, two, three, four, five.....there are supposed to be SIX. OMG!! Where is Chelsea??? They looked everywhere inside and then ran around outside looking for me. Daddy even ran up and down the street calling my name while Mommy searched the backyard shaking the treat can. By now Mommy was crying. Daddy came back inside to try looking again and for some reason Mommy got desparate and started opening all of the cabinets. POOF!! There I was calmly sitting inside the spot where the big pot belongs. Mommy held me and sobbed while Daddy got mad because all of their food was ruined. (shhhh...he was really just totally freaked out because he had thought it was his fault I got out and he knew Mommy would never forgive him) Daddy had to go to the store to buy new stuff to make the chowder but they didn't even give me any.



January 23rd 2010 7:38 am
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Well, it looks like the scare of almost losing me last Sunday was just a taste of things to come. I saw the vet on Wednesday for my annual exam and because Mommy was concerned that I was losing weight. The doctor had all sort of scary thoughts so as bad as this is turning out to be Mommy was actually relieved to get the diagnosis of Hyperthyroid because that can be treated and then I can live a long and healthy life. The other possibilities were too awful to mention so we are trying to convince ourselves that this is actually good news. We are waiting for the results of a second blood test to confirm before I can begin treatment next week. Mommy is positive that she will request a referral to have radioactive iodine treatment if the doctor agrees that it is right for me. You see, I am not particularly cooperative when it comes to being handled unless it is my idea. Giving me a pill every day would be stressful for both of us and frequent blood tests would also be just too scary for me. I yowled so much and cried out for help when they did it just one time. I wiggled so much that I got a hematoma and had to wear a big purple bandage. But for right now, Mommy is feeding me kitten food to try to increase my calories and offering me anything she thinks I might be willing to eat. The treats seem to have increased too. Yay for treats!!!!


Hyperthyroid update

January 23rd 2010 12:04 pm
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This is Chelsea's Mom with an update. While I was out earlier today a message was left on my answering machine confirming the diagnosis "however we are out of that medication right now so we will call when we are able to get it some time next week" This person has NO IDEA how lucky she is that I was out and she got my answering maching. EXCUSE ME?!?!? I will not wait to begin treatment until they get around to paying their bills so they can re-stock their medicine supply. Every day that Chelsea waits for this medicine it wreaks havoc on her organs as she loses more weight and they think I am going to wait for the medicine until they call me?? Ummmmm....NOOO....on Monday they will be getting one very ticked off phone call and somebody better get on the phone to Roadrunner Pharmacy and arrange overnight delivery of some freaking medicine. And that is only if I decide not to stay home from work and go there in person to knock some heads together. I am pretty sure I have never heard the name Amanda before so I am sure she had no idea who she was dealing with. Either that or she drew the short straw when she got stuck making that phone call because most of them know I am insane when it comes to my babies. Depending on the outcome of Monday's conversation, this may have been the straw that broke the camel's back. If they give me the wrong answer, my entire very large family of kitties will be going to a new vet.


Daily Diary Pick and my Hyperthyroid

January 25th 2010 6:54 am
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Thanks to all of the wonderful kitties who have sent me gifts and written to both congratulate me on DDP and to offer support and advice for my illness. The support makes my Mommy soooo happy and we feel so much better about my future. Hearing about the kitties who have been cured by Radiocat and those who are doing fine with just the medicine is really good news. We called the vet today and it turns out they do have my medicine but just in a different size. Instead of one pill that we split for twice a day, they have a smaller pill that we give whole twice a day. Probably costs a bit more since it's more pills but that really does not concern my Mommy. My health comes FIRST!! And it also sounds like it will be easier to swallow a round pill than one that was cut in half. DUH!! So while we are wondering why the girl on Saturday could not figure that out, we are also pretty sure she was too stupid to be trusted with my medicine anyway. Thank goodness Mommy started out politely to the very nice and much brighter young lady who answered the phone today. We have also called the Radiocat facility to start getting the tests I will need and get on their schedule to arrange my radiocative iodine cure so I will not have to gag down pills and freak out getting my blood drawn for very long. Mommy just can't wait to fatten me back up once the medicine starts to work. I was the "big girl" in the family photos until this happened so when she picks me up and feels my ribs, Mommy wants to cry. Mommy likes a good healthy chubby belly on her girls.


Mommy is worried sick

January 27th 2010 2:51 pm
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Thank goodness that Mommy scheduled me for Radiocat radioactive iodine treatment right away because they had my records sent to them and saw something Dr. Kimm didn't. I have elevated calcium levels. This can be very bad. Because I am so young and hyperthyroid is rare at age 2 to begin with, the elevated calcium might be a sign of Cancer. Dr. Hulse was scared to even use that word with Mommy when she called today but she had to tell her the truth. So now I have to go next Wednesday to get all of my testing for Radiocat done early so they have more time to have their experts have a look at the xrays. We are hoping it is all a false alarm and then I will be able to have the radioactive iodine on 2/16 and be all better and cured for good. Right now, I have to take the pills for hyperthyroid and I have been very good. Mommy is very surprised because she just puts them in the back of my mouth and they go down. I have not given her a bit of trouble! But Hazel Lucy put me on the Get Well Purr List and now it looks like I need those extra purrs even more. Please purr for Mommy to get good news from the new tests. Hyperthyroid we can deal with and I will be fine but Mommy just can't bear the thought of losing me so it just can't be anything worse.


It's just Hyperthyroid

February 4th 2010 4:42 am
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I had my big scary visit to the vet yesterday and Mommy, Daddy and Dr. Hulse were all very relieved that there was nothing at all on my xrays. I laid there like a really good girl and let them do the xray so I didn't even need medicine to keep me calm. We were all done before Mom even knew that they started. She had that silly kitten Lucy with us to get her shots so everybody was coming over to see the fuzzball and time just flew. And I have not lost any more weight since I started taking my pills. I take those like a really good girl too but Mom says she is too stupid to have to remember when to give me pills twice a day so it's a good thing we can go to Radiocat and get rid of those pills. She can barely remember if she took her own pills every day. Twice in the first week she could not remember if I had mine and I would not tell her so we had to skip it. MOL So now I just need to get my Radiocat treatment 2/16-19 and I will feel good as new.


One more week until my Hyperthyroid treatment

February 16th 2010 7:51 am
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I have to stop taking my pills today so they will be all out of my system before I go to Radiocat next week. Mommy is really happy that they called last week and postponed my treatment until 2/23 because it's snowing here today and she didn't have to drive in the snow. But she would have done it if I was still supposed to go. (Kira went in for surgery during an ice storm last year. Mommy does whatever she has to do for us to get well) At first I didn't seem to have any symptoms except the weight loss and I seemed a bit restless but now my fur is getting messy. I had sparkly white long hair tipped in lilac cream in some places. Just beautiful. But I have been scratching and grooming at myself until I have bald spots and the rest of my hair is getting dull. Mommy was scared at first but then Auntie Karen said her cat Meeze did this too before she got her treatment. The Radiocat lady should be calling soon to set up my arrival time so Mommy can ask her about it too. We just thought that the pills would help that until the treatment but maybe since I have only been on them 3 weeks I haven't gotten used to them yet. Mommy just can't wait until after my treatment when I can be fat and healthy and my fur can be beautiful again.


Now I have to wait longer to feel better

February 17th 2010 6:48 pm
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My second blood test for calcium came back still a little high so now the Radiocat people want Mommy to send my xrays to their experts and we have to wait until March 2nd to start my treatment. I have to take the yucky pills for another week now. My own vet did not think it was high enough to worry about so Mommy is sure they are just being overly cautious and we are keeping a positive outlook that I will be just fine. (10.8 is the high end of normal and mine is just 11) If Dr. Hulse did not see anything wrong on my xrays then how could there be anything for someone else to see? But we will do whatever they ask just to be sure I am getting the best care possible. Mommy asked the Radiocat lady about my hair loss and she agreed that it is very common with HyperT. However, usually when cats overgroom to baldness it's on their chest and belly. Mine is on my neck and sides. The lady was very sympathetic thinking this must look especially sad on a long haired Persian kitty. I like it when Mommy scratches near my bald spots for me. My skin is itchy there.

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