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Won-Ton Reflects

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My first week

November 30th 2007 9:43 pm
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I've been here a week. I'm not scared anymore. These people are nice. They understand. They give me good snacks and lots of hugs and kisses.

I was so lonely before. I never got hugs and kisses. They're nice things to get.

It was so cold before. Now I'm warm and cozy. I was so hungry before. Now I have good snacks.

This is all good.

I didn't want the litterbox at first. I was living outside all the time and could sneak off into the bushes, but they won't let me outside now. I waited till my tummy really hurt and I couldn't hold it anymore, and used the box. But my mom cleaned it right away. Now I know it will be okay to use it because it is always clean for me.

I didn't like the trip to the vet. I didn't like the medicine in my eye.

But I like the snacks and the little toys, especially the feather on a string, and the cat tree to snooze on and all the nice things my mom and dad say to me. I can crawl in their laps and snooze.

I haven't had a lap to snooze on in a long, long time.

I very grateful to my mom and dad for taking me in. I wish to stay with them forever.


This is a good place

December 1st 2007 8:19 pm
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I'd forgotten how good it feels to be able to relax in a warm, safe place.

This is a good place.


Fine dining

December 2nd 2007 11:08 pm
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My status in this household becomes more permanent day by day. Today my mom took away the newspaper under my food dish and put a little fabric placemat down there instead. Fine dining! Tomorrow I'll expect candles.


Helping my mom

December 3rd 2007 10:05 pm
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I like to help my mom. She is so nice to me and helped me a lot by adopting me, so I like to return the favor.

For example, last night I helped her type stuff on her computer. It was right in her lap, so I climbed up there and pushed stuff on the keyboard with my feet to help her. She gave me pets and kisses.

This morning my mom got up to feed me but lay down again on the bed. I went over to her and lay down on her tummy so that my purrs would be going to the exact spot where they would do the most good. I adjusted the pitch of my purr to make it special for her. I know she felt the vibrations because I felt her energy change in response. Her energy relaxed and got warmer. Her chi flowed better. I could see it.

I like helping my mom.


I think I saw a ghost today

December 4th 2007 11:16 pm
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Late this afternoon I thought I saw a ghost going through the house. My dad was in the kitchen and my mom just got home from the store. The ghost went through the kitchen and right through the door to the garage. I told them I needed to get into the garage right away, but they didn't let me in soon enough because I just barely saw the ghost go right through the door to the back yard.

I told my mom and dad I needed to go outside right away, but my mom just looked at me and said, "Noooo, Won-Ton, you can't go outside." My dad said, "What's the matter, Won-Ton? Is something wrong?" I kept telling them I needed to go outside but they wouldn't open the door. So I lost the ghost.

That annoyed me, and I was in a snit for a while. I went in and out of the garage, pacing around, unhappy. I really wanted to get to that ghost. My mom took out a cat charmer toy, and I spent some time chasing it and killing it a few times. Then I saw the ghost come back inside the house! My dad went to turn on the music in the living room, and the ghost followed him and made a picture fall off the bookcase, almost hitting him on the head.

He told my mom he thought there was a ghost in the house, because I was acting strange and the picture fell down. Duh! That's what I'd been trying to tell them for the past 15 minutes.

Anyway, the ghost ran away right after it made the picture fall. Hmph. Chicken.

If I ever see that ghost again I don't know if I'll even bother letting my mom and dad know. It was very frustrating being misunderstood.


Rainy day

December 6th 2007 10:19 pm
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It's my first rainy day indoors in a long, long time. It is good to be indoors.

I explore the garage, all the strange-smelling boxes and containers. I climb the jungle-gym of the sink and the washing machine and the toolbox. I sniff under the garage door at the cold, wet smells coming in from outside.

I become a statue on the arm of the couch, prim and snug, lost in thought for long moments with long memories of rain.

I sleep on the cat tree, listening to the rain. I think about listening to it without having to feel it on me.

I lay in my mom's lap, sharing it with her laptop, within the embrace of her arms on either side, the keyboard going clickety-clack, clickety-clack.

I rest my paw on her arm. She pets my head and strokes my nose gently. I purr and snuggle closer.

I reach up and knead on her arm. She says, "You are a beautiful girl. You are a beautiful cat. You are a beautiful soul. I hope you know that."

I do. And so is she.



December 8th 2007 9:00 pm
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Yesterday was not a good day. My head hurt all day long. I hid under the chair for a while. Then I hid under the bed. Eventually I came out to snooze on top of the bed. My mom and dad were worried. My mom brought me my food dish so I could have a snack without having to climb off the bed. She is so nice. I felt a little better after I had a snack, and I climbed in her lap to snooze some more.

After more snoozing I still didn't feel so hot. My dad finally decided I needed my eye medicine again, so he put some in my eye. And you know, after a little while I began to feel better. My headache went almost completely away. Later on he gave me some more medicine, and then I lay in his lap and purred, waiting for the rest of the headache to go away.

My dad is nice too. Why, just the day before I went for a ride on his tummy as he giggled over a joke my mom made. It's a good thing I didn't have a headache that day, because I think it would have made me seasick to ride on his giggling tummy.

I like my dad. And my mom. They care for me more than any other person has. I want to stay with them forever.


The vet visit

December 10th 2007 11:14 pm
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Today I was taken to the vet.

My dad put me in the cat carrier, and mom told me I was going to make some new friends, but I was skeptical. I was so skeptical I kept on grabbing at her hand and her sleeve through the door of my cat carrier all the way over there. My mom kept on saying, "Hey, leggo my eggo" every time I grabbed onto her, and every time I stuck my paw out she took it in her fingers and said, "How do you do? Pleased to meet you." My dad drove really carefully and told me I was a good cat, but I was still freaked out. I don't like what usually happens after I'm put in a cat carrier.

Once inside the office, I meowed some piteous meows. I don't like all the strange smells and strange sounds and strange energies in vet offices: they are the smells, sounds and energies of animals in distress. Although I saw a peculiar thing there, a tiny little dog, even smaller than me, and I am quite petite. She was a grown-up dog, too. She wore a collar of jingle bells that jingled every time she shook herself. It must have been quite annoying. She did not seem in distress, though. Those jingle bells alone would have been enough to distress me.

A nice woman helped examine me, and she held me quite comfortably in her arms for a long time while she wrote down a lot of things about me. I didn't mind that so much. Then a man came in and looked a lot in my eye, but I couldn't see anything. There was a lot of poking and prodding and discussion. I grew very tired of all the talking and prodding and poking. I wanted to go home and eat snacks and have a snooze. It took forever to finish with the talking and talking and prodding and talking and poking and talking. It was extremely tiresome. I don't know why they couldn't have brought me home right away and continued their discussion without me. Come to think of it, I don't know why they couldn't have just left me home in the first place and just met by themselves. It would have been easier for everyone involved (especially me). I was so tired from it all I only meowed piteously a little bit on the way home.

So finally we came home and at last I had snacks and some pets from mom and dad and a snooze. Then I found all kinds of catmails and rosettes and stars and group invitations and friend requests from Catster. Wow! I will be busy until late tonight reading it all. That's good, I need something to do when mom and dad are asleep. They are nice but they are quite boring sometimes, such as at 3 AM, and they toss and turn and snore too loudly for me to snooze on the bed with them.


A conundrum solved

December 11th 2007 4:20 pm
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I helped my mom solve a conundrum today. She was lying on the couch with a lot of things in her lap: cards, envelopes, pens, stamps. I jumped onto the couch and stepped into her lap. My mom looked at me and at all the things on her lap and said, "Hm, I have a conundrum here. What to do, what to do?" She looked at me again and took all the stuff off her lap so I could climb in and settle down for a snooze. Conundrum solved.

I like helping my mom.


My surgery

December 12th 2007 11:32 pm
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I knew there was going to be a problem when there was no food dish this morning. I desperately told my mom and dad they had to feed me, but they wouldn't. Instead of feeding me they put me in my carrier and took me to the vet! And left me there!

I got a needle in my arm! I got poked and prodded! They gave me drugs! Oh, it was awful! I tried to make them stop but there were too many of them! Oh, it was horrible, absolutely horrible, I tell you!

Something happened and I fell asleep. Eventually I woke up without an eye and without that nasty tooth that had been bothering me. For some reason I wound up on a multi-colored roller coaster that went into outer space and came back every two minutes. It went around and around and up and down in big loops and circles and dippity-doos. Funny music kept on ringing in my head, like bells and gongs and whistles. Somehow I wound up in my cat carrier but it kept on undulating like the waves on the sea. It never did that before; it was most strange.

Some people who were a lot like my mom and dad came and took me to a place that was a lot like the bathroom of my house except it was all goofy-looking. The walls wouldn't stop rippling and the floor kept on flipping over to whack me on my side. I was pretty sure I wanted to get into the bedroom and get under the bed but something kept on getting in my way; it took me a while to figure out it was the door.

The people who were a lot like my mom and dad gave me some food but for some reason I couldn't seem to reach my food dish. A strange plastic cone seemed to be attached to my neck, preventing me from accessing it. The man a lot like my dad gave me some medicine and after a few minutes the room wasn't spinning quite as fast and my head stopped throbbing. The people moved me into a larger room that was almost identical to the kitchen in my house, with towels on the floor and some food and water for me. The food was ooey-gooey wet food that smelled really, really delicious, but the man had to make the plastic cone go away for me to eat. Oh, it was heavenly! It was so delicious! I began to recall dimly what it felt like to be a normal cat again, instead of some weird freaky zombie clown.

My mom and dad sat on the kitchen floor quietly talking and looking at me now and then. I decided I was going to sit and look at the walls until they stopped wobbling. Maybe my stare would make them keep still. I gave the kitchen door a good perusal for a while. Then I examined the wall in the hall for several minutes, keeping very still because I thought the snack I'd just finished might come right back up again. But it was a false alarm.

Then I decided it would be a good thing to rest atop my cat tree, so I followed my dad into the bedroom and jumped onto the little table. But that treacherous table wobbled right out of my way at the last second and I fell onto the carpet. My mom and dad rushed over, but they didn't know the carpet didn't feel anything because I got up again and it didn't try to follow me. I think I floated up to the top perch, pulling my dad's hands with me. The window was filled with lots and lots of colored lights. Some of them blinked on and off. I thought this was the grandest thing I'd seen in a long time. I stared out the window at the dark night filled with little lights, some white, some different colors, all the way up the street. Some steady, some blinking, just like my eye, the only one I have left, and my dad and mom gave me kisses and I knew I'd sleep and be sailing around the pink and yellow daybreak clouds in a little boat with my name on it. I think I just saw Patrick, and he was singing me a lovely cat song. Wow, am I tired! Sleep.

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