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Lil' Whipper Snapper in da house!

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Coming Home November 24, 2007!

November 17th 2007 2:15 pm
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Hey everyone! I'm new to catster! My twin Mittens and I are coming home November 24, 2007! I can't wait to play and learn new things from my big brothers Boogers, Hondo and Fido! We also have another brother on catster, but he's going to be living with a different family. I will miss him greatly but I'll be able to check up on him on Catster :) I can't wait to make new friends!

As Mittens meowed earlier, we're going to the V-E-T Novermber 20th to get "fixed" and I too wonder what's wrong with us. I didn't realize we were broken!

While it's hard to tell us appart, there are some subtle differences. My ears are shorter, I'm fluffier (for now), and I don't have a spot on my back leg like Mittens. Anyway, I anxiously await coming home! See you soon!


My Tail of Devotion for Tiskers

November 17th 2007 9:48 pm
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To Tiskers,

Hello fluffy one! Both your father and I are anxiously waiting for you to come home and meet your 3 new brothers! You and your twin Mittens will be oh so spoiled!

Your story is quite remarkable. We were only going to adopt 1 kitten as the other two were spoken for. We had no idea who would come home with us. About a month ago, we learned the other family backed out which allowed us to get first pick of the two Seal Mitted Ragdolls. When I told your father that you both were available, he convinced me to adopt you both and not separate you from one another :) It worked out as I would not have been able to pick one of you over the other; it would have been impossible.

So we are less than a week from bringing you both home and I cannot wait! We named you Tiskers as your father had a cat while growing up named Whiskers. They gave him the nick name "Tiskers" and we both agreed that it was a cute name. Also, so far, you're the only cat on Catster with that name :)

See you very soon!
Love your parents and brothers.

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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Going to get fixed...

November 19th 2007 7:03 pm
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I'm very nervous about tomorrow as we're getting fixed. I know that I'll be ok as I have Mittens and Biscotti by my side. I would love for you all to purrrr furrr us until we get the phone call that we are A OK!!

In the mean time, mom has been finishing baby proofing the doors, especially in the bathrooms and kitchen. Still to this day, Fido somehow manages to open up the treat door. If you ask me, I think my big brothers work as a team. One is the lookout, one opens the door, and the other steals the treats. Quite ingenious!

Anymeow, please keep us in your thoughts tomorrow!!


All home and ready to go to our forever home!

November 20th 2007 6:19 pm
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Well, we went to the evil V-E-T where he "fixed" us. Me and Mittens are very tired, but doing well. We're couch potatoes! While Biscotti was running around like a crazy kitty! MOL! So that's good that we're all doing great! Mom was a bit worried but all is well :)

I weigh a few oz shy of 4 pounds! Can you believe it?? WOW!!! My brothers both weighed in at 3 pounds. What can I say, I like to eat!!! :)

Again, thank you everyone for befriending us! I can't wait to formally meet you all! See you all soon!!


Food! I like Food!!!

November 24th 2007 5:54 pm
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We're home! OMC! What a fun filled weekend! If you read Mittens' diary, you can read what our pawrents and us dudes thought of Aunt Barbi's cats :) They were just so sweet! Mom fell in love with them all!!! She tried to take Snowmitts home! MOL!

So on the way home, poor Mittens cried and cried... Mom cried too! She was just so tired and stressed and all she wanted was for us to get home. Traffic wasn't bad as it took 2.5 hours to get up there, and 3+ to get home. Some crazy drivers! We have already been in VA, MD, DE, NJ, and PA! We are well traveled!

I tell you what... I LOVE my food! Proplan moist and dry is da bomb! We also have Nutro, Purina One and Royal Canin, but for now, we're on Proplan as that's what mom has a lot of, and she wants our tummies to settle down.

As soon as we got home, we received a flower delivery from *CALI AND LEO* ! OMC!! Mom cried (mixture of being tired and surprised). And then we got a call from Aunti Barbi within minutes saying she too received flowers! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

We also had a very nice welcome home card waiting for us from *COLLEEN*! How very nice of her! She likes HK like us :)

Tomorrow we plan to take pics of our gifts from Auntie Barbi, the breeder, Barbi's friend Dennis, and we have a couple from our Catster friends that we knead to pose with :) We apologize for not getting back to emails and gifites yet, but we'll do that soon!

Time to eat!!!!


1st night in VA went well!

November 25th 2007 6:48 am
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MEOW!! For those who know us, we're up EARLY! MOL!!! Mom went to bed at 2am, and got up at 8am. She had so much fun with us last night. Dad slept in the spare room as he didn't want to squish us :) Mom said we kept purrring in our sleep and LOUDLY! She has NEVER heard a cat purrr so loud! We get touched, we purrr. We eat, we purrr. We poo and we purrr! MOL!!!!!

Mom can EASILY tell who's who now. Even though I'm fluffier (for now), my front paws look different. They're pretty symmetrical, where as Mittens' left white front paw goes up a bit further. PHEW! I'm glad she knows who's who!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE Tiki Cat! Mom is like "Did Boogie tell you what to eat and what not to eat?" We like ProPlan too but Tiki is Da Bomb!

Anyway, we also wanted to share what Auntie Barbi gave our pawrents when we came home :) She gave mom a cuteeeeeee seal point wooden cat sitting on books as she knew mom loves to read. Also she got a yummy candle and some Greenies for us! The breeder Lisa sent us home with some Royal Canin, catnip, Fancy Feast moist, and a nice scratching post!


NOW we're playing like kittens!!! MUWHAHAHAHAHAHA

November 26th 2007 5:21 am
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*Zooooooooooooooooms back in* Today we are much more comfortable in our home. We figured out what that pink thing was in our bedroom. It's called a HK tent! And boy oh boy do me and Mittens like to play peak a boo with the vinyl like tent :) We made sure mom got no more than 4 hours of sleep, and when she was up, we of course went to sleep :)

We also figured out what that white tub thing is! Mittens ALMOST fell in the toilet!! Mom keeps the lid shut always, but as she was opening the lid, Mittens flew in and landed ON the open seat! Thank cats he didn't fall in! Mom freaked and called Auntie Barbi! MOL!!!!

We are seriously in love with Tiki Cat. Mom is making sure we like the food she bought (moist) before she returns it (if any). She is sticking to her guns with Pro Plan and later will go to Nutro Dry when the Pro Plan is gone. Mom is still freaked about the recall and Pro Plan was never on the list...

Ok, time to play!


My 1st party!

November 26th 2007 4:25 pm
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WOW! Today me and Mittens got to attend our first party!!! Fellow HK Fan Club members *DIEGO AND LULU* were so kind to throw a Welcome Home Kitty Shower party for me and Mittens in the *HK Fan Club* !! Our family is so touched!!! We are huge Charmmy Kitty fans here as she's cute and fluffy like us! The following cats attended and we would like to say THANK YOU!

Diego, LuLu, Rocky Ann, Boogers, Hondo, Ele', Polka Dot, Furman Dexter Baggins, Calvin, Sugar, Eve, Pixel and Cali!

We would have gone to TWO parties today as my brother Fido's girlfriend Allie turns 2 today! We haven't been on catster long enough so we can't party... Hmph! HISSSSSSSSSSSS zzzzzzzzzzzzzz *passes out from too much excitement today*


Nose kissies and love nips!

November 27th 2007 7:38 am
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Oh how I love being by mom's side when she sleeps :) When she puts us down for a nap, I can always be found on her pillows :)

My mom has accepted that she will not have a normal 8 hours of sleep but rather up 24 hours with 3 hour naps throughout the day. Anyway, we just woke up and I walked up to her and gave her nose kissies! Mom was all excited as Biscotti does that with his mom! And then I give her lil' love nips on the arm :)




November 28th 2007 11:05 am
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Hmmmmmm I don't mind these clothes, but Mittens sorta doesn't like them... He is a bit squirmy compared to me :) I had a good nights sleep on mom's pillow. Her body sorta aches as she doesn't want to disturb me, so she sleeps in a most uncomfortable position.

A funny thing mom noticed is that when I'm getting lovies, Mittens gets sorta jealous and will muscle his way to get lovies, thus robbing me of them!! The nerve!!! He even stepped ON me! MOL!!!!

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