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I get a REAL home....

My new home and family...

October 30th 2007 8:28 am
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I had been living on the streets for a few months, don't remember how I got there. A couple of nice ladies would feed me twice a day, but I did not have a house to live in. Then one day the niece of one of the ladies came to visit, and she liked me. She said she would take me home with her and fine me a furrever home. Well, we got to her house and she took me inside!!! That was great, as we had been having some pretty cold nights. There was a food dish, water dish, and litter box, just for ME. I had been having to sleep where I could, and run from mean dogs and other cats. This was the life.....then on Saturday I me my new meowmy. I was sitting on the ironing board in the sewing room, and she walked up to me and said "Hello Pete".....I reached up and kissed her on the cheek. She laughed, and said "guess he approves of me". Then I took ANOTHER ride until we got to my new home. There are three other cats there, Emma and Louis (sister and brother) and Benny Grunch. We have been sort of geting used to each other. Yesterday meowmy brought home some Feliway difuser to help us deal with the stress, and everypurr slept much better, and so did meowmy. I am such a lucky cat, and so happy!!!

Thanks to all the great cats who have sent me stars and rosettes, I know I will enjoy it here.


In our new house and loving it!!!!

January 8th 2008 11:26 am
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On November 10, 2007 we moved from the VERY small FEMA trailer (meowmy lost her house in Hurricane Katrina) to our new REAL house.

Early that morning meowmy and her friend Aunt Cindy packed each of us into a cat carrier and took us to the new house. It is only five miles from where we lived before. They brought us to the upstairs bedroom which already had some furniture in it. Then they shut the door and opened our carriers. Our food and water dishes and litterbox were set up and ready for us. Meowmy had even gone the night before and put a Feliway diffuser in the room to help us relax. Well we all got a snack, and then decided to rest.

Then we heard noises from downstairs and wondered where our meowmy was? When was she coming back? Well, finally it got quiet and then the door opened and it was our meowmy!!!! We all ran up to her, and she said, "Well, come on and see your new home". First we ran to explore the stairs - we had never seen stairs before. In no time we were running up and down the stairs, looking all around. Our bedroom is downstairs but we sure enjoy all the room, the french doors to the patio (great for bird watching). I am one happy and lucky cat.

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