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Taggy Wag!

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Taggy Wag!

October 21st 2007 2:20 am
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Humphey's Purr's

Tag...You're It!

October 20th 2007 10:06 pm [link to this entry]

OK....I was tagged by my furriend Summer, who ish a furry purrdy orange tiger striped princess who lives in New York City with her sishter Misha Sabrina and their kewl Meowmy Nancy!

If you were tagged, here is what you have to do...

Make a diary entry like this & say something about me...MOL

You then need to tag 10 kitties & write something you
like or admire about them & email them letting them
know they've been tagged.

Ok, here I go...

In no particular order:

Princess Cassiecat: Mew are a true fairy princess, and remind me and Meowmy of Glinda, the Good Witch in The Wizard Of Oz movie - mew always try to make all your furriends feel loved and special, and mew are always sho fun to meow with. Mew are beautiful inside and out!

Tessa: Mew will always look like a young and beautiful kitten - Meowmy wants to know your beauty secrets please? MOL! And mew always reach out to try to cheer sad kitties up and say or do something to make them feel better!

Snowshoes: Not only do mew have the most pawshome paws ever (they look like mew are wearing mittens), mew always look out fur efurrypawdy and are sho kind!

Princess Twixie: My big sissy who I love to meow with because she tells me the besht stories! And not only that, she is sho purrdy and kind both!

Nelson: I love that thing mew do in the mini blinds to get your Meowmy's attention - and drinking from the tub rocks - I am so into tubs too! Alsho mew are a great big boy like me, and sho when my brother picks on me fur it, I remind him of how handsome mew are and then he shuts up about it. And mew have such rockin' fur!

Buddy Lee: Although mew are in Heaven now, mew probably don't even realize how much we love mew still - and mew were and are the personification of Tuxedo Cat Coolness - not only do we both have goatees, I am a Taurus like mew and I am so proud to have taken your lasht name ash my middle one when you went to the Rainbow bridge - I love mew furever.

Nas The Kat: I'm so glad we are getting to know each other better and becoming such pawsome furriends - mew have so much style and taste and I'm so glad I could be supportive to mew when mew had that wierdo stalker kitty on catspace - mew are a furry positive kitty and so much fun!

Roger Bleu: Okay so you're my brother and efurrything, and mew irritate me some times but I honestly look up to mew bc after all, I was only 4 months old when I came to live here, so I couldn't help following mew around and trying to imitate mew and shtuff - mew were my only role model growing up into cathood. We're really different but mew don't neeed to worry and gaurd Meowmy from me so much - she really does love both of ush and mew will always be the furst born - I think mew really need to learn how to relax more bc mew are furry hyper - I love mew tho.

Bayou Molly: Mew seem like a furry sweet kitty gurl, and mew have such a great brother - I'm so glad mew two have each other now. Mew are also furry purrdy and a smoke tuxedo - and mew look furry nice in pink ballet skirts!

Blueberry: I always loved mew from furry early on - even when mew were not coming online Meowmy and I would go and look at your pictures and think how cute mew were! I am so glad we are good furrriends now and your brothers too - mew are furry special to me and I've always felt a furry special connection to mew!

OK...If I didn't tag you, rest assured
that I will be tagged again some time
soon & will include you next...MOL


Humphrey Lee Haunted - The Tuxedo Prince MOL!


I'm Growing Up! My Progress Reportie, Yesh!

October 23rd 2007 9:59 pm
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When I furst came to live w Meoemy and Roger I wash 4 months old and shtill purrdy much feral, or at leasht partly feral. Sho my foster Mommy delivered me to Meowmy with my cagie wage - which wash furry large and roomy, and I felt furry secure in it - and shome instructions on how to continure to tame me. I had fun Mardi Gras beads hanging down from the top of the cage, and my food and water bowls, and a litter pan were in it with me. Sheveral times a day, Meowmy would lift me out and hold me and pet me - I would trill and make happy cries when she did thish, and alsho she would hand feed me tuna - YUM! Then I would want to go back in my cagie wage. Roger would come over to my cage and we would *hisssss* at each other, but he never really scared me.

After the 3rd day, I got bored with it and started meowing furry loudly, fur me bc I dun meow much ever, and kept Meowmy awake, sho she put me in the shleeping room with Roger - and later in the morning I shtarted exploring - it wash furry fun, and I would go back in the cage whenever I wanted to, bc the door wash open all the time. I never hid under furniture or inshide of closests or anything like that!

Sho little by little over the months, I jusht became friendlier and friendlier with her - and now? Well, it wash furry exciting fur her apparently, (from her reaction), I shtarted getting up on the couch wif her at night when she ish reading or on the 'puter. All on my own - and I do it efurry nite now - I love it! It'sh sho cuddly and nice and I decided to all on my own.

Roger ish jealous of that tho, and often tries to drive me away from Meowmy - eesh - I dunno why he ish sho insecure?! He can sit on the other side of her and shometimes I try to sit on hish side with him too, but he won't allow it. Grrrrrrr.

I love Meowmy and him shoooo much - It jusht took me awhile to be confident enough to show it - I like to do headbutts w Meowmy too - it'sh fun! She kisses me a bit too much, but mew know how girls are!

I'm glad I wash tamed - I can't imagine spending Halloween in the cemetery mew know? I shleep on really wonderful fuzzy cat beds and I never go outdoors - ooh scary coyotes and other bad things - and I love my wonderful life - I'm sho glad I wash trapped now - I hated it then, but I love it now. And I shtill get hand fed tuna!


The Beshtesht Thing About Catster, Yesh!

October 29th 2007 5:05 am
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I loved Buddy Lee on catspace sho, sho much and after he went to the Rainbow Bridge, even tho we never met in Real Life, I wash sho sad because I looked up to him sho much and we had sho many things in common. He wash a Tuxedo with a goatee like I am, a Taurus (ditto), and a furry big boy too like I am. Hish page wash hacked and deleted on myspazz, and that wash sho uphetting, but now on here? I can shee his page and his photos and it'sh like we are shtill together. I love him sho much! I am alsho learning sho many things about my catspace furriends who came over here too bc it's a lot calmer here and I get to meow with them on IM and shtuff. And I've met shome new nice kitties here too.

But being with Buddy Lee again ish the mosht wonderful thing of all.


My Mew Year's Resolutions, Yesh!

January 2nd 2008 5:52 am
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I only really have one, and that'sh I will try to be more cuddly with Meowmy, and let her carry me around the house and shtuff - humans love that, mew know? I already shtarted today, as the furst day of the Mew Year. It'sh taken me months to feel shafe and secure enough to show affection and today insthead of wriggling away, I let her carry me around a bit off and on all day. It'sh fun! I jusht hope my brother doeshn't get too jealoush and chase me away - he'sh such a control freak!
Noone would ever know I used to be feral - I'm sho glad I wash rescued!


Step Two In The "Becoming More Cuddly With Meowmy In 2008- Plan"

January 4th 2008 5:02 am
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She made ush one of her fancy foofy cat beds out of black and white shpotty fake fur, and that wash our main KitMus prezzie, but we both ignored it and neither of ush got on it at all. MOL. So lasht night I did, and it'sh fabuloush - I jusht had to make her wait, and worry that I didn't like it, because mew musht keep your humans off gaurd much of the time - it keeps them glued to your efurry need, and trains them to wait on mew and sho on. I got up with Meowmy on the couch too, and right next to her, and I just love being cuddly now.


My Brother Is A Bully!

January 10th 2008 7:12 pm
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He'sh been shoooo impossble to live with, ever since lasht Shunday yesh, when I pinned him in wrestling fur the furst time ever. I didn't hurt him at all, and Meowmy wash sho proud of me, but wash he nice or gracious about it? NO!!!!
Ever since then, he'sh been HORRIBLE to be in the shame house with. I jusht started on my "More Cuddling With Meowmy In 2008 Plan" and he'sh totally undermining me! I've been showing Meowmy how much I love the bed she made ush by shleeping on it lots and lots in the evenings, and he washn't interested in that bed at all, but now? He drives me off it all the time and even drives me out of my cat trees, and wherever I go, he ish lurking lurking lurking lurking jusht waiting til I get shleepy or nod off, sho he can attack me. My nerves are shot , I'm developing a nervous tic and I am jusht at my wit's end! He guards Meowmy now like a hawk, and I guess the message from him ish "Never pin me again, or else!"
EEESH! That'sh all nice and good he hash a lot of online furriends here, but they don't have to live with him like I do!


Taggy Waggers, Yesh!

February 4th 2008 1:48 am
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My friend LBK has tagged me!
I am to write 7 facts about myself in my Diary and tag 7 other cats. Cats who are tagged post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to purr them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been tagged.

1. I am a furry pigeon toed boy!
2. I crinkle and wrinkle my nose when I eats
3. I have a tiny kitteny voice even tho I am a furry big big boy
4. I love to play fetch, and will carry balls back to Meowmy over and over and drop them in front of her so she can throw them again fur me to bring back
5. I will meow whenever Meowmy says "I love you" to me
6. After I was trapped at the cemetery I lived in a big cage that a possum used to live in (in my foster home)
7. I can't jump up on things - I prefer being on the ground - it'sh furry nice!

I taggy way

- Lancelot
- Tessa
- Bonnie D
- Mittens
- Felix
- Slingshot
- Pee Wee


Super Star Taggy Wag!

February 19th 2008 12:27 am
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I've been Tagged by Kinsey! She thinks I am a SUPERSTAR and Invited me to PLANET HOLLYWOOD Home of Neon Lights and Shining Stars!

Each player starts with Saying: "__(Name of the Person who Tagged You Here)__ Thinks I am a SUPERSTAR". Dogs who are tagged can check out PLANET HOLLYWOOD, see if they would like to join and if they do , need to post in their Diary the rules and choose 10 dogs/cats to tag and list their names. Next Invite them to Dogster/Catster group PLANET HOLLYWOOD

Don't forget to bark them a p-mail that they have been tagged,
Why You Think They Are a SUPERSTAR and to read your Diary or send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

I Think These Dogster/Catster Members are SUPERSTARS!

1. Phoenix, Her Exalted Highness
2. Mick Jagger
3. Lancelot
4. Bentley
5. Sylvia Escobar
6. Angel Missy
7. Slappy
8. Nas The Cat
9. Hermann
10. Sassy


Meowmy Finks I Am A Cow!

February 23rd 2008 4:21 pm
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I dun undershtand her, because lasht night she put a collar on me with a bell, and I know I am spotted black and white and I am furry large, but still, what was she thinking, eeesh??!

Sho thish ish how mew get those off - and I did it twice last night, and it'sh furry easy and I highly recommend this manuever! I got the bell part in my mouth, though that took a lot of twisting and turning, plus I had to stand up on my back feet and use my front paws as well, to push and pull on the collar, then you pull furry hard on the bell part, and if it ish a breakaway collar, like mine wash, it will snap right off! Hooray!

Then? Mew can use it as I did, for a cat toy - lots of fun to bat around and carry in your mouth! Twice she tried to put it back on me, but now? She has conceded to my wishes, and it's a toy now!

Never let the humans impose their silly ideas on mew, assert yourshelf, and get the upper paw. Bells are fur cows, not moi!


I Love Saint Francis

March 21st 2008 11:43 pm
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He looked after all the animals on Earth, and tried to teach humans to always be kind to ush, and all the animals loved and adored him.

This Easter I feel so blessed and lucky to be living in a wonderful home, where I am deeply loved and protected from all danger - where I only know love and kindness and trust. I have wonderful windows to perch in and watch birds from, and bathe in sunlight. I am never hungry, for I have wonderful food to eat, and always fresh water to drink. Meowmy pets me all the time, plays with me, and makes sure our litter box is full of nice fresh litter. I was born in a cemetery, feral and wild, but now I am tame and love living inside and I wish that all the cats in the world could have a life like I do now.

Some day, I hope and pray that all humans on Earth will be like Saint Francis.

We need to firmly take a stand and proclaim that animal cruelty will not be tolerated or disregarded. Ignoring it only invites more violence. We need to make a difference for all animals in the world.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress
can be judged by the way its animals are treated." - Gandhi

"How you behave toward cats here below determines your status in Heaven." - Robert Heinlein

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