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My little sister didn't make it

January 3rd 2010 11:20 am
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Although we all pulled together and purred and prayed our hearts out, my little blind soon-to-be sisfur Eve made her journey to the Bridge this morning. We are devastated. However as a tribute to little Eve's short life, short but VERY loved at the end, mommy is making her a Catster page. We will always believe, little Eve. You are more loved now than you ever realized. We love you. Evie is looking forward to being on Catster and making some new friends.
Lily & family



March 4th 2010 8:08 am
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MOM: "LILY. Play the game NICELY"

LILY: *glares at mom, muttering something about always having to follow her dumb rules*

Okay. I'll start over! This isn't Halloween Q-Tip Tag. (sticks tongue out at mom) This is St. Patrick's Day Tag!

I just got Tagged by my dear friend Eddy! Thank you for thinking of cutest ME!

Q.-Are you Irish?
A.-I am actually Halloweenish. I never leave my pumpkin. *glances sideways at mom*

Q.-Do you and /or your family celebrate St. Patrick's Day
A.- Oh yes!

Q.- How?
A. - Mom cooks yummy food and I sneak around on the counters and try to sneak bites when she isn’t looking! When she catches me I look at her sweetly with my hypnotic blue eyes. If that doesn’t charm her over, I back talk and scamper off.
*bats beautiful blue eyes at mom and winks*

MOM: " are impossible, my child"

Q.-Will you wear Green?
A.No, Halloween Orange is my color. Plus, I’m stubborn. *grins*

Q.- What will you wear?
A.- *ssssshhhh…..* I’m naked. Hee hee hee! But you can’t tell, because all you can see is my face peeking out of my pumpkin! *mysterious giggles*

Q.-Do you like Corned Beef and Cabbage?
A.-I actually prefer romaine lettuce. Really! It is good fiber!

Q.-Do you believe in leprechauns?
A. Yes!

Q.-Why/Why not?
A.-I'm LUCKY to be alive and to be living in the home that I’m in now

Q.-What would you like to find at the end of the rainbow?
A home for every animal, love everywhere, peace, harmony, happiness, sunshine and LOADS OF Q-TIPS!!!

I am off to tag some furiends...


A day in the life of cutest ME!

March 10th 2010 11:50 am
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Yippieeeeee!!! I got tagged by my sweet friend TASHA! Thank you sweetie; here is a sparkly red and blue Q-tip bouquet to go with your Kitty Cube!

In the morning mom’s alarm goes off at 4:45. Hoomans say that is insane, but for us kitties, it is the BEST time! My siblings and I usually all sleep with her, so she stays very warm. I can even anticipate the alarm going off because that means one thing to me: BREAKFAST!

Mom heads downstairs with a herd of cats, all playing the tune of Jingle Bells with our jingle collars on. She has to shuffle down the stairs so that she doesn’t step on anyone, as SOME of us have a tendency to STOP mid stair (Chance!) or flop over and roll around in her path (Odie!) I get my morning breakfast with my 6 siblings and we take over the whole kitchen floor. While she is dishing our brekkies up, I always wrestle with my brofur Poo. He’s my favorite brofur. Mom cleans our kitty boxes every morning and every evening, and I make it a point to pee and poop while she’s cleaning.

*bats big blue eyes at mom and smiles sweetly*

Then it’s cat nip time! We get catnip sprinkled all over our kitty condo! After breakfast I lounge in my Morgan’s bed that mom has on the bathroom counter, and I “help” her get ready for work. Sometimes I get to play Q-Tip fetch with her and help make her late for work.

*covers mouth with paw and giggles*

When she’s ready to come downstairs and gather her things, I wind myself around her legs and look up at her, giving her my CUTEST LILY face, because I know it’s treat time! I put my 2 front paws up on the stove and stretch and say miaaaaaooooowwwwmooooom and bat my hypnotic blue eyes at her.

*mom rolls her eyes*

I get treats and send her off to work from the comfort of my cushy window seat. Now this is when the fun begins, because she’s gone for the entire day. This is peak mischief time! She has no idea what I do all day, but you can bet it involves Q-Tip hunts, playing Q-Tip fetch, napping, playing with my siblings and doing everything possible that I’m not supposed to do, such as climb to the top of the kitchen cabinets.

*covers mom’s ears and whistles innocently*

Mom gets home from work at 5:30 and never know what to find… one day we destroyed the paper towels and left a huge mess in the kitchen… on many an occasion she’ll find all of the kitchen drawers pulled open and cabinet doors opened. We are very talented!

*beams with pride*

Ohhhhhh YIPPIEEE! It’s THAT time again! DINNER! We all race over to her when she walks in the door and shower her with love, for we LOVE her!!!!

*mom mutters, you’re HUNGRY. You are CATS, I know better hahaha!*

So I wrestle with Poo again, waiting for nummy dinner, and we all chow down. Now that dinner is done, it is time to ignore mom, but she is wise to us and brings out the laser toy, the Undercover Mouse, Cat Dancer and various other toys to keep us busy and occupied. I have to lovingly remind her that it is “always” treat time, as I chatter with her. I like to help her make dinner, but she doesn’t think it’s as cute as I do when I’m up on the counter. I especially love salad! When she makes a big salad, she always gives me my own, and I chew and shred that lettuce to pieces. When she isn’t looking, I taste-test, to be sure her cooking is fit for hooman consumption. She doesn’t seem very appreciative of my diligent efforts.

*sticks tongue out at mom, knowing better*

Night time is when I help dad with his construction thingies in the basement. I am his little helper! I am also his secretary, receptionist and office manager. Dad has a home office, and I am his best employee! After the hoomans turn off all of the lights, I play with my rattle mice and race about, for I am the queen of the house! One never knows when one may find an errant Q-Tip too! Midnight is the best time to hunt Q-Tips. I get sleepy at this time and drift off in my little bed at night, dreaming sweet Q-Tip dreams and anticipate breakfast in the morning…..

I’ve got to run now. It is very important that I have my Q-Tip gift bouquets ready for my friends that I tag!


Concatulations to my wonderful hubby

May 19th 2010 11:48 am
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I am so happy for my pawtastic husband, CURLY, for having been honored as this week’s Cat of the Week! Thank you HQ for bestowing this top honor on a wonderful purr! What can I say? YES! I am VERY biased! MOL! Curly has made my life what it is; happy, exciting, playful, loved, humorous, adventurous. I look back and wonder, how did I get by, without this handsome purr in my life? We are about to celebrate 2 years of wedded bliss next month.. meWOW! Two years! And many more to follow.

I have a week’s worth of pampering and love for you during your reign, darling hubby. To start, follow the Q-Tip trail leading into the kitchen…. *giggles* I raise my champagne glass in toast to you, my supurrstar
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

I love you so much :)
My tail of devotion and forever love to you, Curly
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


I'm turning FIVE!!!

May 19th 2010 5:00 pm
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Cutest me, the Q-Tip Queen, turns F-I-V-E whole years old tomorrow!!! Thank you Dino and P*I*F for reminding my LAME typist!!! MOL MOL!!! Mom, you'd better make up for your lack of memory here! *shoots mom a VERY dirty look*

I'm going to be FIVE! Come celepurrrate with me!
*happy dances with a basket of Q-Tips on her head* MOL MOL MOL!!

Hopefully we can all celepurrrate!
(cutest me) :)
I get away with everything for being soooooo cute :)


I would forego my birthday celebration, if it would make my- friends well again

May 20th 2010 8:49 am
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Although I am having a very, very happy birthday today, I am taking time to purr and pray for all of my sick friends. In particular, my brother in law HOOCH, and my goodest friends who are brother and sister, ADAM DYLAN and EVE LAYLA.

HOOCH has been in the hospital for 2 days now and his meowmy is very worried about him; for which I am too. Please purr for sweet HOOCH; even in times of distress, he and his family always take time to remember others. *wipes a tear away*

ADAM DYLAN has had bad diarrhea episodes and EVE LAYLA has not been eating well for several weeks now, and their meowmy is very scared for them, not knowing why this is happening, and doing all that she can. Much like Hooch’s meowmy, Adam & Eve’s meowmy never fails to support all of our friends in time of celebration and in time of need as well. Please purr for Adam and Eve too…

If you could take a moment to read all of their diaries, I know their families would be extremely grateful. Although Adam Dylan's latest diary entry is on a happy note, his meomy sent my meowmy an unhappy update late last night. It is scary going through these situations alone. I know there are many others out there who are sick and/or injured and I wish to include all in a purr chain.

Soft purrs for my friends, who mean so much to me


Mom put us in jail yesterday!

June 20th 2010 7:37 am
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.....well.... not jail EXACTLY, but it sure felt like it. Yesterday morning mom was acting abnormal (SHE is abnormal MOL) We pick up on anything that is different; something new in the house, a feeling, something changed. Well, mom was putting all of our things in her bedroom (?!) Food, water, toys, Rescue Remedy, catnip, even a... a litter box!? In her bedroom?

So being naturally curious kitties, all 7 of us followed her to inspect everything, as kitties do. Next thing we know, she slips out and has locked us all in her bedroom!!! OMC! What is going on?? She put us in JAIL for the day!

Mom tried to explain to us (but we don't listen very well) that "visitruders" were going to be at the house all day long, putting in our new carpet. She didn't want to risk the Visitruders inadvertently leaving a door open for one of us to slip out, so she claims she put us in jail for our own safety.

*glares at mom*

Of course what is on the other side of the door is ALWAYS better, right? So we all had our noses to the bedroom door, wanting to be on the other side, and we spent the whole day here in jail.

Well.... I suppose it is a good thing. The visitruders were scary, we don't know them so we would've hidden anyways... plus they made a lot of noise banging around and doing whatever it is that hoomans do.

So finally at 11:30 p.m. (we'd been in JAIL for practically 18 hours!).... she set us free! Bail was made MOL MOL MOL! She opened the door and we all RAN downstairs.... and FROZE!! What on Earth?? Wait... there is new funny fuzzy brown stuff on our floors, where it used to be bare concrete? WHAT is this stuff? So we all cautiously did the Kitty Creep.... walking in slow motion, butts low to the ground, checking out every single inch of this newness. (Mom was MOL MOL MOL'ing at us)

*glares at mom again*

Mom, you should know we were making the territory safe for YOU. Hmmmpphhh. When we'd determined that all was safe and well and that the new fuzzy brown stuff wouldn't hurt us, OMC it was pawty time. We all rolled around on this new soft stuff in utter bliss! Combined with the fact that the visitruders were gone and that we'd been sprung from jail! This is GREAT! It always pays to be safe.

So if any visitruders invade your homes, take precaution. It is worth it to go to jail and be SAFE!

Happy purrssss!!


Does anybody else do this?

July 14th 2010 4:56 am
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I deliberately wait for mom to start cleaning my kitty box before I decide it's time to do my business in there. As soon as she starts to scoop, I jump in, give her my "look" and insinuate that she must stop what she's doing immediately. She must realize who the boss is around here. (whispers... and it is not her)


It is much fun, you should try it. It totally throws the human's schedule off kilter... and I take my sweet time doing my business. Mom just stops what she's doing... looks away to be polite and just waits for me to finish. I do this every single morning, and none of my other siblings do it.

Well, she does call me a little t.u.r.d., so I'm just living up to my namesake.


*flings a pawful of Q-Tips at mom, inviting her to play*

*sigh* Humans just don't get life and how to really live, do they?

purrs and Q-Tips to my kitty and doggy friends!


5 very important facts about me!

July 24th 2010 10:34 am
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I was tagged by my goodest friend REX!! Come play the tag game with me; it is fun to learn about my friends!

1. Did you ever wake up your parents in the middle of the night?

Never. I am a princess.

2. Do you ever tear things up?

Ssshhhh…. Yes. I help Poo shred and destroy toilet paper and paper towels. I also LOVE to destroy paper bags.

3. What is my favorite treat?

Romaine lettuce. It keeps my svelte figure lean and healthy. (ohhhhh Curly…. *wink wink*)

4. Can you fetch something when asked to?

Well, yes actually! I LOVE to fetch! Especially Q-Tips and pom pom’s. Mom and I play Q-Tip and pom pom fetch for hours on end! It is especially fun to do the “Kramer” and skid across the linoleum in pursuit of my favorite toys!

5. Have you ever lived any place other than where you live now?

Yes, I was born in the house down the street, and mom carried me in her palm home while riding a bicycle! I’ve lived in my furever home for 5 years now, and I’ll be moving soon again, across the country to California! YIPPIEEESSSS!!

I'm going to make this an open tag and tag ALL of my friends who read my diary! LOVES!


MeWOW!!! I am a DDP today!

August 2nd 2010 4:39 am
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MeeeeWOW!!! Thank you for the DDP honor today, HQ!! This has truly made my day, especially in light of the bad news we received over the weekend of our fried A/C unit! MOL!

And, what makes this even more special is that I share this honor with my GREAT friends! Concats to Francis, Morgan the Pirate Gato, Lucy and special concats to Lucie Kitten! All of you lucky kitties share the spotlight with CUTEST me! MOL MOL MOL!!! kidding of course...

*hands each winner a special sparkly Q-Tip bouquet and flings celebratory glow-in-the-dark Q-Tips to HQ*

YIIPPIEEEEESSS!!! Have a great day everykitty!

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