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My friend Worm

January 29th 2009 10:10 am
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*zooms in, VERY excited!!*

Everykitty, everydoggy! My sweet furiend WORM IS COTD today! I am VERY proud of her, and I wanted to help spread the word because her page looks lonely without many pressies on it. :(

Let's cheer for Worm! Being COTD is such a special honor!
*flings celebratory Q-Tips everywhere and hugs all of her furiends*


MeoWOW!! SIX tags! Lucky, cute me got tagged SIX times!

February 26th 2009 1:45 pm
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*happy dances and scatters celebratory Q-Tips everywhere!*

My furriends
(*whew*!!!!) AND
have tagged cutest ME for a game! I love to play, so here's my diary entry!
I am SO blessed to have SO many wonderpurrrrrr friends! THANK YOU for picking cutest me, the Queen of Q-Tips!

(Note to those that I tag...Just copy the questions and delete my answers. Then tag four furriends to play along!)

Have fun!!!!

1)-What color is your collar? I don’t wear one. I chewed through 3 collars in one week with the help of my Great Dane sisfur. *covers mouth with paw and giggles*

2)-What kind of food do you eat? Now that Odie has been sick, mom is revamping our entire diet. She’s experimenting with Wellness, Before Grain, Natural Balance, Evo and Innova. So far we’ve liked everything we’ve tried. I also love lettuce; It’s my favorite human food snackie.

3)-What are your favorite treats? Oddly, I don’t eat ANY!! All I want is my IAMS dry kitten food.

4)-Do you have a Valentine or significant other? I sure DO!! I’m married to the very handsome Curly!

5)-Do you get table scraps? Yes… all I have to do is gaze adoringly at mom with my big baby blue eyes… and I get chicken, turkey and tuna bites!

6)-What is your favorite toy? If you know me, then you know it is Q-TIPS!!!

7)-When is your birthday? May 20, 2005. I’m almost four!

8)-How many times a day do you get to eat? Twice. Once in the morning and once in the evening. We each have our own bowls of wet food, and our own bowls of dry food.

9)-Do you have a favorite color? I'd have to say my favorite color is pink. I looked in the pink collar that lasted about 4 hours….

10)-Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary? Oh, I hope so.

My turn to tag!!! I will invite these kitties to play:


Have fun, everycat!


An unbelievable triple play

March 13th 2009 11:23 am
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Meowza WOWza!!!
WHAT a week! Furrrrst of all, my sisfur Odie has come home with a clean bill of health, after having been diagnosed as being STONE FREE on Thursday!! WooHoo Odie! We are ALL so very relieved!

I am simply floored at the honors bestowed upon the girls in my family, all within this week: Odie, Oreo, and cutest Q-Tip ME!!

My sisfur Oreo was named MEMBER OF THE MONTH in Cobblestone Square just last Monday; concats sweetie!

My sisfur Odie was named QUEEN FOR A MONTH in the Royal Feline Group today; concats sweetie!

And last but certainly NOT least (MOL) CUTEST me won too! I am the MARCH PAGE WINNER in the Royal Feline Group today as well!

The three of us are STUNNED! Thank you everyfur on Catster for thinking of us! We have SO much fun here and are hopelessly addicted to fun and friendship that we just want to spread the joy and happiness!

Isn't it funny how girls are so pawsome? ALL of us girls have won honors; however none of my brofurs have... must be a "boy" thing...
*blows a raspberry at her brothers, inviting chase*

*zoooooommsss off in her Souped Up Pumpkin, flinging Q-Tips to all of her friends* Well... who does NOT like a good Q-Tip?


Helping our friends in need

April 24th 2009 8:05 am
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Spring is here and the spirit of sharing and caring is in the air!

We are working hard at and having fun with helping our friends in need! Please check out the auction to raise funds to help Teal’C and his family!

http://www.auctionfortealctennesseecrew.blogspot. com/

This auction is a fund raiser to rehome about 15 cats in Tennessee who are victims of the economic crisis and some tragic personal events. We wish the best for these kitties… please check it out. The auction is great fun and there are many great items available!

We’re also helping out the Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary raise funds to enable them to build beautiful kitty shelters for the blind kitties! dex.html

Another source for some beautiful items! In addition, you can help by sponsoring a blind kitty! I sponsor sweet CORA … I’ve really fallen in love with her!

If you’re in need of a beautiful handcrafted gift for your kitty or a friend’s kitty, please check out Hazel Lucy’s website. Odie received her first tranquility blanket and we ALL love it!

If there are any kitties in the Minneapolis area, a wonderful local shelter, Caring For Cats, is having a garage sale to benefit the kitties in the shelter. They are accepting donations of household items this weekend. Mom is doing major housecleaning and will be delivering donations this weekend. Plus, it’s an excuse to visit with the kitties! teehee

Please purr for those in need too; we have many friends that are sick or injured. The Power of the Paw works in wondrous ways.

Spring is in the air! Take a moment to get out and enjoy, say hi to friends and help a friend out!


Spider Man, Spider Man….. Does Whatever a Spider can

May 1st 2009 6:36 am
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*hums the theme song from Spider Man*

I’m giggling wildly and very proud of my latest accomplishment! I literally became Spider Woman, climbing the walls and defying gravity! I deftly climbed to the top of the kitchen cabinets, which I love to do on occasion, especially since I’m not supposed to. Whenever mom comes down to the kitchen I freeze and don’t breathe a word. She usually doesn’t see me, or pretends not to, knowing that it’s hopeless trying to get me to stop doing this. *sticks tongue out at mom* After reaching my kitchen-top plateau, I actually managed to open the cupboard above the microwave. This wonderful cupboard contains ALL of the dry catfood and treats, and I KNEW it! I actually did this from above; quite the tricky feat for your average kitty. So I pawed the door open and proceeded to dump dry catfood kibbles ALL over the kitchen. It was a MESS! Kibbles in the stove, inside the microwave vent, all over the floor, all over the counters, into the drawers.... We had a party that day! My siblings were overjoyed! Except for Oreo… she got locked in the bedroom and was just ***SHRIEKING**** in frustration to be let out! Tsk, tsk…

So mom came home from work that day and walked into the kitchen. I defiantly stared her down from my countertop perch, challenging her to get mad at me. Not only for having done what I did, but for sitting there right on the counter staring her down. Mom just looked at me (I KNEW she was whipped), smiled, and said "good job girlfriend"... *snicker* She was muttering something about continually having kibbles appearing out of nowhere when she thought everything was clean.

She even took pictures! I may be famous someday.


Four years ago today….

May 19th 2009 12:29 pm
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Four years ago today, history was in the making. I was BORN! Look out world, here comes Lily, CUTEST future Q-Tip queen and wife of handsome CURLY! It has been one wild ride, quite literally. I was but a tiny 7 week old kitten when mom spied me in the neighbors garage. Their Momkitty had had a litter of 4 beautiful babies, and mom was captivated not only by my stunning blue eyes, but with my attitude and spunk. I waddled about on my stumpy little kitten legs, holding my stumpy little kitten tail high (almost as if in defiance, which I do so well so often as of today) *beams proudly* Well, mom scooped me right up and took me for my first and only bike ride ½ block down the street to my future forever home, clutching me close to her heart. *blissful sigh…*

We were only a family of 4 kitties at the time; my grand Q-Tip laden appearance made us a family of 5 kitties! Little did mom know what she was getting into when she picked cutest ME! I grew from charm and innocence to downright naughtiness, defiance and breaking of all rules; as it should be, for I am the Queen of Q-Tips!

I’ve taught my humans in those 4 years that it is hopeless trying to get me to “follow the rules” so they have submissively given in to my not listening. HA HA! I now have full run of the kitchen counters and “back talk” whenever mom tries to warn me not to do something. *sticks tongue out at mom* Nyah! Not only am I Lily, it’s my birthday!

I must admit that my life has been nothing but fun and happiness since being here. That comes mainly from being an INSIDE kitty; safe and protected from the dangers of the outside world. I have 6 beautiful brothers and sisters (I’m still a little hissy at Chance; he needs to go through his “training” routine MOL) and I love my dog brother and sister. Life is good, life is very happy, and I love my family very much. Happy birthday to me!

*flings celebratory Q-Tips everywhere and invites everyone to share some birthday cake*




May 20th 2009 10:32 am
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OMC! I am overwhelmed at all of the birthday LOVES I've been receiving today from all of my beautiful friends! Thank you EVERYBODY for joining in my celebration and making my day simply FURTASTIC!

I will be thanking each and every one of you individually for your thoughtfulness and making my day so very bright! Although she's a pushover, mom won't let me get away without proper thank you's. Even I, cutest defiant ME, can't wriggle out of doing that MOL MOL!

So for now, I'm sending a rousing THANK YOU out to all via my diary!



Check out this PAWSOME birthday poem!

May 20th 2009 1:44 pm
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A wonderful birthday poem from my sweet friend ROWDY!

U don't look a day over 2 you cute little thing U

A birthday wish for Lily
Who simply is quite silly
She drives a classic pumpkin
No telling where she's bin
Throwing Q-tips as she speeds along
Giving rides and singing songs
Oh the things she's done & the things she's seen
She truly is the Q-tip Queen
We wuvs U Lily girl
To us U mean the world
May your pumpkin always zoom and zip
with lots and lots of CLEAN Q-tips!!

THANK YOU! This is so beautiful and SO thoughtful! As are ALL of the gifts, pmails, celebrations and cheer! LOVES to all!


I'm a DDP today! THANK YOU HQ!!!

May 21st 2009 5:31 am
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Thank you SO much HQ for this wonderful honor! I'm still flying high from my furtastic birthday celebration yesterday! Mom and I are so appreciative for my having been chosen as one of today's honors! What a stellar week it has been for cutest ME!

*hands the HQ Diary Gal a beautiful Q-Tip bouquet* Have a supurrrr day!



I can still fit into my wedding dress!!!

June 25th 2009 5:20 pm
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I just put my wedding dress back on as a remembrance of my gorgeous wedding exactly one year ago on 6-26-08! The HAPPIEST day of my life! I married my superstar hubby Curly one year ago today and it only gets BETTER and better!!! LOVES!!!! Many many loves to Curly and all of my beautiful friends on this joyous annifursary!!

May I offer the heartiest concats efur to my DEAR DEAR friend Pie for having won Catster's TOP honor; Cat of the Week!!!! It is exactly one year ago this week that I won this prestigious Catster honor and I'm basking in the warmth of the Catster spotlight and success of Pie's fantastic win and passing the brightly lit torch on to her!!! CHEERS girlfriend!!

COME! Come one, come all; let's celebrate, enjoy and LOVE in celebrating my annifursary, Pie's win, and ALL of our friends loves, lives, successes, triumphs and overall happiness!


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