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Rambling Ricki

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Hello From Kitty Heaven....

May 27th 2006 3:23 pm
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Hi to all my friends on Earth,
First of all, thank you to each and everyone of you who sent me a ROSETTE....I was covered with them and still am...they last a long time, thank goodness! Second, thank you to everyone who wrote to me....mommie told me she would answer each and everyone when her eyes stop leaking so much.
Friends, it is not bad up here at all...Angel introduced me to Big Boss and he sort of liked me....guess because Angel is so special to him. Anyhow, I am learning the ropes and soon, I was told, will have enough points to attend sister McKenna's wedding to Handsome Mel on June 10th.!!!!
They are still working on what type of job I will be assigned...Big Boss said it would be one of the 'harder ones' but he is doing that because he knows I can handle it...he said I was a strong little boy.
Hey, guess what friends??? I am whole again and have fluffy fur and it is shiny once more...I also can run, jump and roll all around in the amazing sweet smelling grass. Oh, you will be so happy when you join me!!!!
I knew several Kitty Angels when I first got here besides my sisters, Angel and Mookie, so I was not afraid...I told them I missed my fursiblings, Buddie and McKenna...and my sister in law, The Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame...and my lovely new bride, Pretty Midnight...but, I have been sneaking kisses to her at night...Angel showed me how to fly down and deposit sweet kisses on her soft face while she dreams....but, when I get enough points, we can be together again for short periods of Angel and George do.
Anyhow, the only sad part is looking down on mommie and daddy as they
talk about me....they go over and over my life with them and what a special BRAVE little boy I was...but, instead of being happy they are very very sad..they keep saying they want me back. If they only knew how wonderful I felt right now they would not wish that...well, that will come in time for them. Right now, I will just keep giving them Angel Kisses at night too and whisper to them how much I love and miss them too and that someday we will be together again.
Well, my friends...thank you for being so kind to my mommie and daddy....I will close for now because it is time to find my way to the big buffet table they put out for us 24/, it is a sight to behold!!! hehe
I will write soon!
Your friend in Kitty Heaven,


A Quick Hello and Thank You....

May 31st 2006 5:45 pm
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My friends,
Big Boss let me look at my Catster page today and see the MANY MANY
Rosettes left in my behalf....oh, I am overwhelmed...I don't know what
t0 say except, from the bottom of my little heart, THANK YOU...I also
got to read all my Catster mail...oh my...again, what to say? Everyone has
been so kind and nice about my going to Kitty Heaven in such a quick manner.
I will tell you that I will watch over each and every one of you while I am here
and for you not to worry....Kitty Heaven really is Heaven!!! It is true!!! I will
be there for all of you when you have to come..but, I hope none of you will
come for a long long time....also, I will see all my friends at my sister's wedding June 10th. to the Handsome Mel of New Orleans!!! Big Boss has said I could attend and escort my Pretty furwife, Midnight!! Oh joy beyond words!!!
EVERYONE IS INVITED!! We won't be sad that night....Earthbound George and my Angel
Sister, Angel, will be together that night well as brother Buddie and his Beautiful Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame!!
Well, my good friends, thank you again for being so kind to me. I fought long
and hard and am thankful for the time I had on earth with my mommie and daddy and furfamily....I love all of you!
Your Friend,


The Flight In.......

June 14th 2006 5:07 pm
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Hello Friends,
Mookie and Angel picked my pretty Midnight up this afternoon at
5:00 KST (Kitty Standard Time) and flew her to Mommie's house.
She thought she was going to visit with Mommie for the afternoon.
SURPRISE!! I was standing under our weeping willow tree with flowers
in one paw and cat nip candy in the other....and a BIG smile!! Midnight could
not believe her beautiful eyes....yes, Big Boss came through and gave
me a pass to see my beloved!! He is a true romantic at heart as much as he
tries to hide it. Anyhow, as I type this, we are sitting snuggled together under
the weeping willow tree after having a delicious meal and soon I will play my guitar for my
golden throat babydoll...she will sing to the top of her lungs for the whole
neighborhood to hear....ah, such a sweet voice. Anyway, tonight is OUR
night together...I am fluffy again and feeling good...Heaven is just too
much for human words!! We are going to rub whiskers right now and then
I will go get my guitar and the fun will began!!
Bye for now, my friends...remember, I watch over ALL of you!!
Your happy pal,


Sister's Wedding.......

June 14th 2006 7:58 pm
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Hello My Earthbound Friends!!
I guess you were surprised to see me show up at Sister McKenna's wedding to the Handsome Mel of New Orleans!! Oh, I was so happy to be able to see my friends again since I left so fast and didn't have time to say a proper goodbye!! I got to talk
to my furbuddy's and dance with all the beautiful fur and human women!! I escorted my pretty sweet wonderful awesome furwife, Midnight, to the wedding and she looked spectacular!! We had such fun and I could not ask for a better was good to see all my Catster friends and tell them that I am fine now and not to be sad anymore over me! I come and visit everyone at night when they are asleep and make sure everything is right in their lives!!! And I give furry kisses when needed!! I also
visit a very select few HUMAN'S too!! They need my furry kisses and to be watched over just as much as my little furfriends do!!
Well, I will close for now...I will see you while you sleep and also see you in Kitty Heaven when you get here!!!
Oh! I am also working on points so I will be able to visit Midnight...Bless my sister, Angel's, heart for introducing me to Big Boss and getting me into the program!!!
Work is nothing when you have Midnght to look forward to!! ahhhhh....
Until later,
Your Pal,



August 9th 2006 4:56 am
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Howdy Partners!
I just got a good piece of news up here in Kitty Heaven on my Kitty Computer!
My bestest friend and twin, BOOBOO, is getting married!! He is going to marry
the most lovely Queenie!!!!! Oh, I am so excited.....this is the best news ever other
than he is doing well with his cancer treatments!! Way to go, my strong man and
This makes us really family since my tiny little sister, Angel, is in love with
Queenies brother, George!!!!
Oh, happy days have come again!!
Must tell my brother Buddie and his love, The Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame, my sister Mookie, my other sister, Angel, who will attend with Queenie's brother, George, and my newly married sister, McKenna, who will attend with her
handsome Southern Gentleman husband, Mel!!!!
Now you know I will be attending with my Pretty Velvet Feline WOW-WEE Wife,
Midnight......sweetie, start shopping for a new dress!! We are going to PARTY!!!
Well, let me get to work up here in Kitty Heaven so I will have enough points
to spend a very long time at the wedding and with my furwife, my Midnight!!
So long for now,
Your Rambling Ricki



September 20th 2006 5:16 pm
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Bro Buddie just posted his information about the party
here at our house for this Friday!! Took him long enough,
huh? hehe
Please go and give it a gander and you will find out how
you will get and sound, of course!!!
Bye for now,
Your Partner in Fun,



October 8th 2006 6:46 pm
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Howdy Partners!!
This weekend I was at my mother in laws, Mommie Linda, and my
Velvet Queen, Midnight.....oh what fun we had...her home was full
of happy laughing running meowing was me with
my furwife, Midnight, her daughter, Sam and her new boyfriend,
Shadow, her other daughter Poppy and her new boyfriend, Tanner, my
Brother Buddie and his wife, The Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy
of Catster Fame, My newly married sister, McKenna and her
Gentlefurman husband, Mel and Sweet Sister Angel and her Hunk
of Burning Love, George!!!! Mookie was there to oversee everything and help everyone as much as she was needed....her love is her human daddy so there
was no furface for her! hehhe
Mommie Linda out did herself with pot roast, veggies, bread, but most
of all---the Red Velvet cake she sort of baked especially for Brother Buddie
so he could gain some weight...none of us minded that since he needs it!
She popped pop corn all weekend for us and gave us treats everytime we
turned around not to mention ALL the delicious meals she cooked for us!!
She waited on us paw and whisker and we love her for it!!
Everyone was flown back home safe and sound with a big smile on their
chubby little face! hehehheh
Till later, partners!
Rambling Ricki



October 10th 2006 6:02 am
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With a sad heart I write this, my friends.
My soul mate and bestest friend always, BOOBOO, has
come to live with me in Kitty Heaven.
He fought a brave and good fight but decided it was
best to come to Kitty Heaven where he could be whole
and well again and wait for his mommie and daddy to
be with him.
He was a sharp dressed man with loads of personality
and a quick wit.
He was a loving 'to be' husband to his Queenie and loved her
so very much!
He was the best friend a furguy could ever have or ever
hope to have.
I am lucky now because he gets to be my Kitty Heaven
pal forever and ever.
He is well, whole, healthy and back to the BOOBOO kitten
he use to be.
He will be with his mommie and daddy one day soon as
I will be with mine.....
But, until then, we will romp, play, laugh, talk, share
secrets and visit our humans and our furwives all the
time!! I will show him the ropes and always watch
over him!!
I love my BOOBOO (in a manly way, of course..hehehe)..
Here's to you, Mr. SYLVESTER BOOBOO...the most
handsome Tux ever born!



January 24th 2007 5:50 pm
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Howdy Friends,
It has been a long time!
As you know, I was a 'throw away kitty', then found
the PURR-FECT home for ME (well, and my throw
away friend, Angel, too), I was loved so very very much
by my mommie and daddy, then I found my Velvet
Queen, a beauty named Midnight and became
an instant step-daddy, then I had to go to Kitty Heaven
where I have a wonderful job and can fly back to
Earth and visit my family anytime I
want...which is often...well, now I have GOOD little Sammie girl will be getting
MARRIED to a sweetheart named Shadow
on Valentine's Day...he
is so good to her and this VIRTUAL wedding
will be so much fun!! Please come and enjoy
seeing these two kids get hitched!!!! Go to
Sammie's page and read all about it!!
Till to go rustle up some grub...
Your Pal,
Happy Trails,



February 14th 2007 9:41 am
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Howdy Partners!
This afternoon my little step daughter gets hitched! Oh my!! It seems like
just yesterday that I was holding her in my she will be
a married furwoman!! Oh my!!
Samantha & Shadow's Wedding Page

Well, it is a time to rejoice....she is marrying a wonderful little
dude named Shadow....he promised me he would take good care
of her and love her all of their nine lives
together and that is all that matters!
I must say I am a little sad because I will have one less little
girl to fuss over but I still have one more to go..then My Velvet
Queen and I will be like newlyweds again...alone in the
house to kick up our
heels whenever we want! hehe
Please come, Partners!!
I want to dance with everybody!!
Your Pal,

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