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A Tabby's tale

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June 12th 2005 3:20 pm
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My person is on vacation and it is so great! I am getting snuggles and treats all the time . In fact I am on her lap now and every now and then I tap her with my paw to get a pet or kiss.
This new house is pretty nice. Today is so hot but we can go down in the basement and stay cool. The only thing I don't like about it here is the skinny black cat that comes to the window begging. She is loud and obnoxious! I hiss at her and tell her GO AWAY!!We didn't have that problem at the condo because we were on the 3rd floor.Anyway, my person feeds her in the morning so she keeps coming here. Molly and Macy tell me to get over it that she is just a hungry cat. I don't know. "M"



October 5th 2007 6:50 pm
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I now have diabetes. A big strong cat like me-I couldn't believe it. My mum noticed I had to pee all the time and took a sample to the vet. He put me on insulin injections. I was a good kitty with the shots but I didn't get better. Mum took me to a different vet. He put me on special wet food that is mostly liver and it is pretty good too. She crushes a pill in my food to help stimulate my pancreas. My sugar is normal now. I have to lose weight too. All the kitties are mad because mum can't leave food out anymore!! We are all on diets.


kitty t.v.

February 13th 2008 5:14 pm
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Today was such a fun day! Mum put up a squirrel feeder. First birds were eating from it but then the squirrels came. They were running up and down the tree and hanging upside down on the feeder. They were so close I could just about taste them. Macy was making funny noises. I watched until I fell asleep in front of the "t.v." Mum said "misha you are just like papa ."


Tag I'm it!

November 11th 2008 5:54 am
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I was tagged by my Bud Bo who wants to know 7 furbulous things about me.
1. I am a tabby. Yep that starts me out ahead of the game.
2. I have handsome green eyes.
3.I make my Mum feel good.
4.I am a great snuggler.
5.I always use the litter box ( mum made me add this one)
6.I get along with everybody
7. I have an awesome voice, singing, purring,meowing-you name it.
Any other furbulus kitties want to play tag? You're it!


Thanks to my friends

April 30th 2009 7:22 am
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I am such a lucky boy. Look how lovely my page is today! I had to go to the vet on Tuesday to get my teeth cleaned and a lump removed from my tail. Me and my Mum were worried because I am an Olde furt. Well my friends sent me rosettes and candles and p-mails to wish me good luck. And I had lots of good luck! Everything went well except for missing breakfast. My friends all like my bright smile and even my blue stitches too. Thanks friends-you are the best!



May 28th 2009 7:28 am
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I just returned from a camping trip with my pals from Olde Furts. I had never gone camping before and it was meowvolous!! First off, I have the best friends.Some, like Riley are adventurous. Riley found us a cave and dug little cubbyholes in it,did a lot of hunting and got engaged to lovely Sally Maria. All during one camping trip.Then I have pals that I chill with. I went fishing with Simon who bought me a special hat with a light on it! I went for a walk with Flowie and Whisper and had chow and drinks with many other kitty pals. Kit and Rascal made jambalaya and Rascal made lizard on a stick. Two things I never had before! Then Rascal shot off lots and lots of quiet fireworks!! And for the grand finale he let Baci,Molly and Simon and ME blow off the final rockets! That's a a super pal! I can't wait to go camping again.


one spoonful at a time

October 18th 2009 6:10 am
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Since I have started the antibiotics I am feeling better. Mum didn't have to go looking for me-I woke her up for breakfast. But I only ate one spoonful. I kept looking at my bowl but i just couldn't fit another bite in. Lucky for my mum, I asked for another spoonful about an hour later. Hehe, I am going to keep her busy today.
I got my blood results. Everything is ok except my white blood count which was 35,900. Yup, that's high. It should be under 16,000. So good thing I am taking the antibiotics. I also have a growth in my abdomen. I know it is scary yikes! My vet thinks it is a spleen tumor. He wants to take it out when I feel better. My mum is going to have a specialist look at the x-rays for a second opinion. Maybe i just have a biggie size spleen hehe. So I hope everyone who reads this sends me a get better soon purr. Thanks furriends!


Mum -Give Me the check book!

October 20th 2009 4:37 pm
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Today I spent the whole afternoon at the vet. Mum took me and the x-rays and blood tests to the specialist. I ended up seeing an oncologist. He talked mum into handing me over for more tests! I got my tummy shaved and had an ultrasound. Then they stuck a needle in me and pulled some tumor cells out. Ouch-I growled at them. The vet said I have lymphosarcoma but he is sending my sample to the lab to make sure. He said surgery is not really an option but chemo might help. We will know more tomorrow when the lab results come back.
I told mum-give me the check book! Geesh, for what she spent on these two vet visits I could have gone to Cozumel with 4 friends for a few days. Laying in the sun,toes in the sand, fresh fish, drinks, watching a certain girl kitty happy dance. That's the life for me.


Happy Day

October 22nd 2009 4:43 pm
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Today was a good day for me. I had a nice breakfast then after visiting the furts I curled up on the top of the couch on the blanket and took a nap. Mum was running around doing mum things. Around 12 she decided to take a short nap before work. She got the fuzzy blanket out and laid on the couch and called me quietly so the other cats couldn't hear. I slid down and curled up right next to her. With her arm around me we took a little nap. Mum woke up in about 15 min and was going to get up. I looked at her with my dark green eyes, staring. I was purring you are getting sleepier and sleepier-I was hypnotizing her! I mean what is a 15 min nap? Ha, I got her to lay back down and cuddle me close for 45 min more. Yup, that's right I got a full hour cuddle with my mum in the middle of the day.


Not so happy day

October 23rd 2009 1:14 pm
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I got an invitation to join a catster group! We clicked and looked and it was a group for kitties with cancer. My mum yelped and started crying. A group for cancer kitties is just so sad and that I should be a member? Oh, mum didn't want me to join but there were faces we recognized and threads to help us get educated and cope too. So trying to be brave we joined. It's hard but we are learning about cancer fighting drugs. This is important cuz mum is picking a plan of action for me with the oncologist and we are getting started on Tuesday mum's day off. I might write about my treatments and stuff in my diary a little bit but not too much. I don't like to talk about it and it gets Everybody down. So, I can talk about it in the cancer group if I need to. That way I can just visit at Pie's and talk here about the so many other things in life besides cancer. Like naps or movie nights with mum!

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