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Who's the boss in this house? You be the judge!

I'm bored. Lets PLAY!

October 25th 2004 3:21 pm
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My sister just wrote an entry into her diary. Not to be outdone by a mere girl, I decided to write one of my own.

I have this game I play with my Dad--the male-human and easy touch in the family.

I push one of my straws under our heavy lounge chair and see how many times I can get him to get off the couch to lift the chair up and get the straw out for me. This is so much fun. I LOVE this game. Usually I push it under and then just stare at him until he gets up. But if he happens to be laying down on the couch, he can’t see me stare when I do my trick, so I have to give a small meow to get his attention.

You see, my Dad has trouble sleeping through the whole night and usually comes out to the living room around 2:00 or 3:00 am. That is a great time for us to play. Sometimes I play that game for half an hour or so, then I kind of lose interest. So now I have a new game. Mom just happened to be awake last night and caught me in the act.

When I get tired of pushing the straw, I pick it up in my mouth and take it to another room. Then the game is to drop it and sit there and wail the most mournful sound you ever heard. If you didn’t know better, you would think I was in real pain. Last night, Mom happened to hear me and got out of bed to see if I was hurt. Actually, I was just telling my Dad to come find into which room I dropped the straw, and to return it to the living room for me.

“How long will he play?” you ask. He is a very well trained human. He will play the game just as long as I am willing to sit there and pull the puppet strings. :0)


I keep telling you I'm the boss. Isn't anybody listening!

November 12th 2004 3:29 pm
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That little pest of a roommate of mine thinks she is the smart one of the family. I keep telling her I am the boss and she pretends to listen. But then she goes and does just as she wants. She is so annoying.

I have told her that she has two spots where she can sleep in the house. I made this perfectly clear right from the beginning. She has the refrigerator. I don't like it up there. Sometimes I get up there just to show her I can take her bed if I want, and to let her know how kind I am that I let her sleep up there, but why anyone would want to sleep in such a noisy spot is beyond me. The second spot that I let her sleep is in a small cat bed on a chair that is pushed in under our dining room table. Actually it is a pretty neat spot, but I can't squeeze in the bed at all any more, so I let her have my hand-me-down. See what a nice guy I am?

For about the first six months after she invaded my home, she recognized my superiority and slept where I let her. But as she has gotten older, she forgets herself and I find her sleeping in one of the many spots I consider my own.

Actually she manages to sleep right in the very spot where I was thinking of going...all the time. Whether it be on top of the condo in the living room, one of my two favorite beds, or stuck somewhere under a blanket, nice and warm. It's a warm spot and I WANT IT.

If I don't think anyone is watching, I will just nip her foot to make her get up. But often she is sleeping somewhere close to where my humans are and I have to be a little tricky. So I casually go up and start to clean her face. She falls for this every time. She is SO DUMB! She closes her eyes and lifts her head as I give her a lick or two, all the while I'm looking to see if my humans are watching. As soon as I see their attention is elsewhere, I give her a nip and send her packing.

How nice of her to warm the spot for me. :0)



February 15th 2005 1:23 pm
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Yep, that’s what it is all about....POWER! If you are lucky enough to be a cat, and have a couple of humans who dote on you, you are in complete control. Sometimes I lay awake thinking of new ways to prove my dominance.

I always like to wait until my mom goes in the kitchen to make breakfast before deciding I am hungry. Usually she has already given me a helping of my favorite canned fish, but it never tastes as good as when she is trying to make breakfast. I'm good at getting right in her way when she is attempting to take a step. Tripping her is not above my game plan if she isn't paying attention to me.

The last few days I found the ultimate ploy. When she is standing at the stove, I let her know I am there and that my intentions are to jump on her shoulder. I don't care what she is doing. Stirring oatmeal, making coffee, buttering toast.....makes no difference to me. I can jump from the floor clear up to her shoulder. She has no choice but to catch me. Then I snuggle. Oh how I purr and rub my head under her chin. Since she has her arms under me anyway, I slip down, turn upside down and lay cradled in her arms, looking up at her with the softest golden eyes you ever did see. Dad tells her she can't just put me down. He thinks it is sooo cute. Like I have said before, I have him trained well. In his eyes, I can do no wrong.

So there stands mom, cradling me in the middle of the kitchen, while the oatmeal bubbles, the toast still needs buttering, and the coffee is getting cold.

Now I ask you to be the judge......which is more important?



New Game

August 6th 2005 10:09 pm
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I'm so proud of myself. I found the neatest game to play today. The first time was an accident and it took my Dad a little time to find me, but then he caught on to the game really fast after that.

We have a small bathroom off the kitchen. I found that if I get behind the door I can close it from the inside. Then I can jump up on the sink by the door and when my Dad or Mom opens the door, I can jump right up on their shoulder. I liked the game so much that I did it FIVE times while my Mom was making breakfast.

I heard her tell Dad that she hoped I didn't do it when they weren't in the kitchen as they might not find me for hours. Fat chance. If I am not around, they always come looking for me. A cat really has to think hard to figure out new games to keep the humans busy around THIS house.


Roomba, the Robot Vacuum Cleaner

November 5th 2005 11:06 am
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We have a new member of our family. His official name is Roomba, the Robot Vacuum cleaner, but we call him Robbie. Cassie and I are fascinated with him. We follow him everywhere and watch him work. Of course we let him know if he misses a spot and he always comes back eventually and makes sure the spot is clean. When he is through, he finds his charging station in the living room and hooks himself back up so he is charged and ready for the next time Mom needs him.

This morning about 4:00 am, Dad was sleeping on the couch as he often does if he wakes up during the night and can't get back to sleep. I decided to play my straw game, and of course Dad is the easiest target to play with. I was trying to wake him up with my yowl, and tossing my straw in the air, when I accidentally stepped on Robbie's "ON" switch and woke "HIM" up.

Robbie thought it was time to vacuum, so he moved off his stand and started running around the living room. Of course that woke Dad up. That was all right with me. I was trying to wake him up anyway. I hate playing by myself.

Now Dad goes in and wakes Mom up to tell her that "HER" vacuum cleaner is cleaning the living room. I have noticed that we are ALL "hers" when we do something wrong. When mom came in the living room, I was sitting there watching Robbie do his work.

After Mom sent him back to his stand, I spent a few minutes trying to remember what I did to turn him on in the first place.

Now, if I could just remember how I did it, what a great game it would be to play EVERY night! :0)

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