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November 27th 2007 5:24 pm
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Thanksgiving is not the only time to be grateful and I've been tagged by Hufflepuff to share Five things that I'm grateful for and now I'm tagging you.

All you have to do is make a diary entry, naming the five things and then pick five cats to tag and send them an email asking them to participate.


I sent my TAG YOU'RE IT to these cats:
Punkin Pooh

I am thankful for:
*Mommy, Daddy, and Boy
*My stroller Mommy bought me and that she takes me out for walks most every day
*The screened-in porch so I can sit "outside" and watch birds and squirrels
*Being rescued
*Toys, Toys, and More Toys that are strung throughout the house---sorry to Daddy who trips over them all the time........



January 31st 2008 3:17 pm
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I've been "tagged" by a few friends so here are my random facts.......

1. I was called "Tailor" before my new mommy rescued me.
2. I still eat Kitten Chow even though I am almost 2.......guess 'cause I eat ANYTHING that is in my bowl! MOL!
3. My daddy calls me "poophead."
4. I leave my mommy and daddy presents (my favorite toys) on their bed at night and when they are gone to work.
5. I like to ride in my stroller.
6. I cannot open doors even if they are not shut all the way. I find it easier to roll around with my belly up looking helpless than to use my paws to pick the door open.
7. When I run through my "crinkle tent" my belly catches in the portholes and I drag the whole tent with me.


I've been TAGGED!

April 16th 2008 6:23 pm
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I've been tagged by my furfriend Hector

4 jobs I've had:
*Personal alarm clock to mommy during her spring break from school (hey! If daddy has to get up early, mommy should too, right?)
*Sniff inspector for dirty laundry on the floor outside the laundry room
*Shoe and purse inspector for everyone who enters my house
*Mommy's fuzzy crying blankie when she gets sad for her Spock (RIP)

4 places I've lived:
*Someplace with some mean people who didn't want me (sniff!) and they dumped me!
*With a nice boat captain who took me in and took care of me for awhile
*With my new family: mommy, daddy, and Boy. I needed a mommy and mommy needed a kitty---purrfect!

4 places I've been:
*Pet Supermarket on mommy's head when she first got me and I was REALLY excited!
*The V-E-T
*The Tangerine post office in my stroller
*Around town in my stroller

4 places I'd rather be:
*IN any room when the door is shut and I'm on the outside---especially bathrooms. Pleeeeease don't leave me out when you go into the bathroom!
*In my crinkle tent
*In my stroller cruising through town (gotta get mommy's feet better, though)
*On the table if mommy has flowers, helping her rearrange (I just think the flowers would look better if I removed all the baby's breath!)


Thursday, April 17

April 17th 2008 7:11 pm
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Another lovely day in paradise! It was cooler here in Florida this week and I have enjoyed the weather. It is fun to race around the house with "coolness" from the back porch giving me energy.

Mommy and Boy are still trying to teach me "bedtime." I guess their previous kitty, Spock (RIP) knew that word and went to bed with Boy under his covers. I HATE covers so I run and run when I see anything that might cover me up. I try to go in for kissie from Boy but then I take off! Of course, I will tip toe in later to check on him, but that's on MY own time. :)

Mommy is thinking today about April 19th. It is coming up in two days. It is the birthday of her childhood kitty, Fudge. Fudgesicle was his full name. He was born on Easter in her Mommy's closet. His mommy was Greyfoot (except for that one time with the yellow paint on her feet for a month....). Sadly, she was not a good mommykitty to Fudge, Pudge, Sputters and Buttons. She hit her kitties and was not a nice kitty. She moved to a farm where she could be wild. Poor Pudge died at the vet on his first visit. He didn't take the vaccines well. He had been given away to a nice family, but never got to know their love. Sputters, poor girl, couldn't meow right (kind of like me), but she sppppuuuuutttteered when she meowed. She and Buttons found nice homes. Fudge was kept because he was the runt, although he grew up to be a big kitty who lived about 16years. He used up all 8 of his lives before giving up his last one.

MY birthday is April 22. I will be two years old. This is my second birthday with my new family. I came here when I was about 9 months old.

Time to get mommy to bed. She has school tomorrow (she's a librarian), but it's Friday and "get pizza delivered day" so she can make it!!


Prayer to St. Francis

April 22nd 2008 5:52 pm
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"St. Francis, watch over all the kitties who are lost & help them find their way home, & for all the kitties who are sick, please intercede for them to God to be healthy again."


It takes a thief AND Ratting out the boy

April 24th 2008 5:12 pm
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I love my mommy! I like to bring her presents, even if they belong to other people. On Wednesday when mommy got home, she found a nice lanyard in her bedroom. She'd never seen it before! She asked Boy what it was from and it was his from something to do with his guitar. I saw it in Boy's room and thought it would be nice to take to mommy so I took it from Boy's room, thru the family room, thru the kitchen, thru the dining room and into Mommy's room....just for her!

Every night mommy and daddy go in and tell Boy goodnight, even though he's going to be 17 in a couple of weeks. Sometimes Boy hides in his closet or in the bathroom behind the door and jumps out on mommy. So the other night, I saw him tiptoe into the bathroom and hide behind the door to wait for mommy. I was sitting on the back of the sofa watching with BIG EYES! Mommy came in thru the family room and saw me watching. She knew that Boy had to be hiding so she said "Philip! Get out of the bathroom." He had no idea how she knew! Mommy thought it was very very funny how I ratted Boy out and told on him! Boy ruffled my fur and laughed at me, too.


I love my Mommy!

April 30th 2008 1:18 pm
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I love my mommy very much! I bring her presents of my toys in the night and while she's gone to work. Today when she came home, I had brought her my new, favorite birthday toy and put it on her pillow. It's a long plastic stick with a three feet long fuzzy material attached to it. I knew mommy would like it! I also brought her another smaller stuffed catnip toy and put it on her bed. My mommy gives me snuzzling kisses and nose rubs.


Snuzzling Mommy

July 14th 2008 1:06 pm
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This morning I laid in bed with mommy and snuzzled her face for a long time! I like to rub my nose and face on her face because I love my mommy oh-so-much!


Cat's Prayer (thanks Buddy Baxter Button Face!)

July 18th 2008 7:17 pm
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Now I lay me down to sleep. The king-size bed is soft and deep. I sleep right in the center groove. My human-being can hardly move. I've trapped her legs, she's tucked in tight. And here is where I pass the night. No one disturbs me or dares intrude, Till morning comes and I want food! I sneak up slowly and it begins, My nudging's on my human's chin. She wakes up slowly and smiles and shouts, "You precious pest....5 more minutes, now cut it out!" But morning's here and it's time to play. I always seem to get my way. So thank you, Lord, for giving me this human person that I see. The one who hugs and holds me tight And shares her bed with me at night. ~ author unknown ~


New Fursister

August 6th 2008 6:50 pm
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Well it's been a week since mommy brought home the new fursister for me. What a nuisance she is! Hogs the toys! Eats my food! Runs and plays with everything! And HEY my tail is NOT a toy!!!!!! But we are getting along just fine. I don't growl at her and I don't hiss at her. Mommy leaves us alone during the day and I still get my favorite nap spots. I guess it's not so bad to have someone else in the house during the day and at night, even it is a small cute wild furthing!

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