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Adventures #1

September 19th 2007 12:01 pm
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Happy Tails to YOU!

My latest adventure is practicing sitting in mommy's lap. Late at night when she gets into bed I sit next to her and get a pet and cuddle. This is just so delicious that I started putting my front paws on her and staring into her face. Then I lay down next to her and get some more pets. When she reads I get right on the book. Rightfully it is my spot that book is taking up! So when the book got on her lap I followed along. And before I knew it I was right on her lap with no book. What an adventure! I even settled down and got some more pets and snuggles. Maybe in a few weeks or months I'll even take a nap there. I've noticed Meep does this when mom watches tv on the sofa. Hmm. He's very brave sometimes, but then again I hear he's known her since kittenhood. This will take some practice.


Learning to Read

September 25th 2007 12:29 pm
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Bibi Beautiful I am I am!
and what a smart girl too!
I am learning to read. Each night before Mommy goes to sleep she reads in bed. I step in and rub my cheeks along the book and get petted. That distracts Mom long enough so I can step on the book and take a seat. How delicious! To be in the lap of Mom and on the intellectual absorbatorium of bookdom. Yes, you too can learn to read through osmosis. Simply apply yourself quite literally to literary matter, give winsome looks and purr away!!!


Mouseketear (heehee!)

October 17th 2007 11:47 am
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You can take the girl out of the cat colony but you can't the street out of my beat!
Oh love them little mousies, what a delicious treat!
You get beheaded when you enter my personal retreat!
What a tasty morsel you are to my teeth!

I spent three days stalking next to the radiator.
Even Russell Crowe would have to admire my tactics a la gladiator!
Mouses: don't you know when you smell a cat its see you later?
Your boldness only earns death by the kittie terminator!



February 15th 2008 12:22 pm
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Now that I have mastered the art and science of reading, I am becoming a major snuggle-up-a-kiss. I snuggle up to meowmie and get a kiss! now how cool is that!
My brofur Meep and me are also teaching meowmie the proper way to sleep. She thinks lying the long way on a bed is the correct position and lies down this way every night. Now, every cats know that is strategically incorrect. You must lie down across any surface you are on to block all intruders. So Meep and I inch by inch get on meowmie's legs which forces her to move them out of the way. The only place she has to go is across the bed.
Last night we succeeded in turning her completely 180 degrees! She was ticked off that she was half hanging out of bed, but we know that she will learn to curl up with her legs under her like we do. It is hard work teaching meowmie to behave properly, like a cat. However, defensive sleeping is for her own good and we will not give up!


Oh Spring!

April 21st 2008 8:57 am
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Yes it is finally and truly spring! time to smell all theflowers (and eat all the grass!) (er, houseplants . . .)
Well, cat friends and furry visitors, when last I wrote we were teaching Meowmie how to sleep properly and sad to say she just is not learning. We have moved to more seasonal activities, like eating houseplants, which she simply does not like, and promises to get us some tasty cat grass. I like to eat cat grass as much as cat food, only cat grass makes me puke my hairballs and that is like totally grand!!!!
I must admit that meowmie has been very conscientious about brushing me. I shed like crazy and meowmie is always amazed I have any fur left. That is because I am part cat princess and cat princesses always have beeutiful shiny silky fur.
Yawn, stretch. Time to retire to the afternoon sleeping zone.


The V-E-T

September 6th 2008 11:48 am
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Today meomie took me to the v-e-t for my annual check-up, rabies shot and 3-yr distemper. The v-e-t said I am really healthy except I have one bad tooth and loosie goosie poops. Mom brought my poop to the v-e-t for testing--how embarassing, I mean meomie had to bag it and tote it and then everyone looks at it and does things to it. PU!
In the meantime I take a quarter of a pill twice a day starting tonight. Meomie is getting a pill cutter so she can give me that little bit. I heard from other cats that if you spit it out then they have to give it to you in a treat! Maybe I will be bad . . .


Post-V-e-t Visit

September 14th 2008 2:54 pm
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I have to take pills! can you imagine that! The v-e-t said I had bacteria that were making my poops loose. Meowmie doesn't know it but I know she is chopping them up into little bits and "hiding" them in my crunchies. I don't really like them but I have given in and eat them to keep the peace. She really freaked out when I pooped on the bath mat. and eating them dry is better than wet. She thought I would fall for pill pockets. Only my brofur Meep who is crazy about food eats them.



December 14th 2008 5:24 am
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Okay Meep. I read all about what you said about me inWoozle's game. And even though I live with you and put up with you, you didn't tag me. But that doesn't mean I can't answer (hehehehee) so here goes:

Fruit: Grapefruit? no way. I am a sweet little peach, all soft and fuzzy, pettable and incredible. You are a banana, all mush under that smooth outside.

Vegetable: Ugh avocado! You are a green bean with envy because I am such a sweet potatoe.

Flower: I'm a red red rose, so pretty. Petunias are nice too.

I tag:
1. Cammi
2. Hazel Lucy
3. Gabriel
4. Tocca Dolce
5. Miss Tiger Lily


I was DDP!!!

December 24th 2008 8:45 am
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Dear Top Catster Cat,

thank you so much for picking me as the Dec. 19, 2008 DDP!!! This was such an honor and so unexpected. Meowmie almost missed it but a sharp-eyed kitty pawmailed me and the rest is history.

I am sooo happy to have new friends and everything.

Happy Holiday & Happy New Year to all.



Endings & Beginnings

January 2nd 2009 7:42 am
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So happy so sad.

So sad for kitties families who have crossed the bridge in 2008/9 or who are very sick.

So happy for kitties who have been adopted, found love, have new friends.

One door closes, one door opens. One year ends, another begins.

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