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What's Kila doing today?

I'm strolling with the Super Strollers to support BEST- FRIENDS!!

August 24th 2006 11:44 pm
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I'm so excited to be going to the first Super Strollers Group Stroll!! I'll be in my beautiful blue stroller and I'll be carrying a big banner supporting Best Friends -

We're strolling to raise awareness for this wonderful organization and thanks to our beloved leader, Rocky Ann, the Super Strollers group is sponsoring one of the Best Friends cats, Bobb. Yeah Bobb!!!!! Wish he could be here for the stroll. He's very handsome and I may just have the teeniest, tiniest crush on him. Of course, we've never met but I'm sure if he saw my picture....well, a girl can dream can't she?



I've been tagged by the very handsome, Maxwell

July 26th 2007 10:30 am
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I am supposed to state 7 random facts about myself and then Tag 7 others who then create a diary entry of their own with 7 random facts about themselves and then they go tag 7 others as well.

Here's the dirt about me:
1) I drool alot but it's just because I'm happy.
2) I can carry very large toys in my mouth and meow at the same time.
3) I am allowed to go outside in the backyard because I stay right with my mom the whole time.
4) I hate the 'new' cat in the house - Oliver!!!!
5) I have a collar with real pearls on it. (I think they're real...?)
6) I would sit on my mom's lap 24/7 if she'd just stay seated.
7) I'm a girly girl but I love a good catnip cigar.

I'm not going to tag anyone else since most have already been tagged. But I'm happy to share these few factoids about moi.

Purrrs, Kila


It's APRIL 19, 2008 & I AM CAT OF THE DAY!!!

April 19th 2008 1:26 pm
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I can't believe it - CAT OF THE DAY!! - ME. What an honor. My message to all you kitties out there is to dream big...first, Cat of the Day and then, Cat of the Week, and then the Academy Award. I would like to thank my mom who made me a Catster page. I would like to thank my brother, Jackson, for being there 24/7. I would NOT like to thank the "new" cat in the house, Oliver, because he is a brat and spoiled and he leaves his hair everywhere. But most of all, I'd like to thank Catster HQ for making this such a special day for me. Purrrs, Kila


Reporting Live from the Rainbow Bridge...8/10/08

August 10th 2008 11:50 am
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Well, it was quite a week for me. After being very sick and not being able to breathe well at all - I couldn't even talk to my mom when I really had alot to tell her - I made the trip to the Rainbow Bridge. My kind doctor made it possible for me to travel first class, which is the ONLY way to travel. I was cuddled in my mom's arm for the trip so I felt, safe, happy, and loved. It took no time at all to arrive at the most beautiful destination I could imagine.

When I opened my eyes I was surrounded by so many angel cats and kittens...all purring and saying hello. I felt comfortable right away. Although my breathing was now back to normal, it took my breath away to see this band of angels. First to come forward to see me was Kassie - I'd heard she was beautiful but really, you can't begin to understand the light that shines around this girl. I feel very lucky to have her as my friend. Next came Buddie, husband of the famous Hazel Lucy. Buddie had been helping me through my illness with kind words and rosettes. Girls, I would just like to say right now that the Tennessee accented purr is irrisistible and what a fine gentlecat he is. He took me to the Rainbow Ice Cream Shoppe for hot fudge sundaes - what a welcome that was!!! Thank you Buddie.

Now, here's a story you won't I stepped out of the Ice Cream Shoppe I heard a whoooooooshing sound and from out of nowhere there appeared a beautiful flying carpet being piloted by an extremely handsome tabby boy - it could only be the daredevil pilot, TARGET. I have heard so much about him from Oliver and now, here he was, landing that carpet right next to me - be still my heart. He extended his paw and helped me onboard - again, I could hardly breathe, but just for a moment...I sat down next to him and then next thing you know - we're off into the wild blue. My fur was flying in the wind, my whiskers were laid flat against my face - you can't imagine how fast this carpet goes - and we were dipping and turning and I could see all of the beautiful Bridge lands and all the happy cats down below and I thought to myself - wow, this is heavenly. I have decided that I want to learn to fly one of these things - be the first kitty girl pilot. I'm going to ask Targe to teach me - I think he will.

So, I'll end my first report here - but I did want to let my friend, Teri, know that yes, here all the chairs really are shaped just like mom's lap. It's all good.

Purrrrs to everyone,

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