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The Writings of the Divine Miss P.

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My Debut

August 11th 2007 3:30 pm
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*pushes Sullivan off the stack of phone books he uses to reach the computer and grabs the keyboard*

Oh, I'm so giddy with excitement! Mother has allowed me to keep a diary! She even let me choose the title for it. Now everykitty will know the truth about me.

I shall begin by cautioning that you must never, ever believe a thing that Sullivan writes about me in his diary. He's far too lovestruck with his Smudgelet to think or record events accurately.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I'm very beautiful, well mannered, gentle and modest. I never hiss or screech. I respect my brother's toys and food and would never dream of touching them without his permission. I'm a joy to be with at all times.

There has been some nasty meowing that I'm overweight. NOT! I have that on good authority. My dear friend *Bob* told me just today that I have a purrrrfect figure. So there! Bob is a very mature and worldly kitty (and very handsome, too *giggles*) who obviously knows perfection when he sees it.

I could just go on and on about myself but I'm getting sleepy. More about me later! Time for a snooze.



August 12th 2007 3:44 pm
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I'm so overwhelmed by the thousands of messages I've received affirming that I am NOT overweight! Well, perhaps I've only actually received two but I'm sure the rest will come pouring in real soon. *giggles*

Another of my dashing and oh so handsome friends, *Diego*, sent me a rosette that was filled with so much TRUTH that I almost wept from the beauty of it. He said:
"You're not fat. You're fluffy."
You are so right, Diego. Mother and the vet are so not able to grasp this reality.

Speaking of Diego, have you seen him in his matador costume? Ooo la la! Turn up the air conditioner, mother, it's getting very warm in here! Oh my, oh my, oh my!

I'm sure you all are waiting to hear about my adventures today. Where to begin?
I had my breakfast this morning, got my brother to groom me afterwards and then slept most of the day. Soooo much excitement!

Later kitties! Time for a snooze.


Such a Charmer

August 15th 2007 4:14 pm
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Oh, I'm all a-tingle!

My sweet friend, *Bob*, gave me a star today! He's so handsome and charming and has the most delightful English accent when he meows. Do you know what he said to me? He said I was pretty. Oh my, it's getting warm in here again!

Thank you, Bob. You're so sweet to me.
*blush* *giggles*

Later kitties! I have to go and gaze upon a star.


Tickled Pink !!

August 18th 2007 1:20 pm
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OMC!!! I was a Diary Pick today! I just started keeping a diary this week, too. What an honour! Thanks Catster! I'm tickled pink. *giggles*

You should see my brother, Sullivan. I can tell you that more than just his eyes are green today. Be patient little bro. You're still very young. Perhaps when you become more mature in your literary skills you MIGHT be honoured in a similar way. (But don't hold your breath.) *giggles*

Mother was very proud of me. She patted me on the head and said, "Congrats, Pansy". She muttered something else, too, but I couldn't quite make it out. It sounded like: "What were they thinking?" but I can't be certain. Whatever. I have no idea what that means anyway.

I want to thank all the kitties who sent me messages, pawmails and rosettes of concatulations. You are all so kind and thoughtful. Love ya!

Oh, I'm feeling so giddy and kittenish right now! I want to have some fun. Hmmm, I think I'll go play with Sullivan's bear. *giggles*

Later kitties!



August 19th 2007 2:22 pm
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My bro, Sullivan, is so immature. He thinks he's so clever. He went out of his way to find the most unflattering picture of me he could find to put on his page. Mind you, it took him weeks to discover one. I'm so beautiful that it's almost impossible to take a bad shot when I'm the subject of a photo.

Take a look at the pic on his page, the one he calls 'chewing on my sis'. Such a juvenile title! Do you see what I see kitties? I see my bro sporting a PAUNCH!!!

He'll try to tell you it's just the way he was lying on the floor, that it's just a bad camera angle. I think not, Sullivan. We know what it is, don't we kitties? Uh huh.

Sullivan has a paunch! Sullivan has a paunch! Sullivan has a paunch!

Later kitties!


A Mystery !

August 20th 2007 5:52 pm
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Goodness me! I have received a mysterious rosette. It contains a little winking Hello Kitty and nothing more. It's so cute! Who could have sent it???????

I'll have to get my bro, Sullivan, to investigate. He's the detective in the family. He's not meowing to me right now do to an incident on the weekend but I know he'll come around eventually.

Thank you cheeky and mysterious rosette giver!
Winking right back at ya!
And thanks so much for the cherry drink, too. Mmmmm.
*glug glug glug gulp*

Later kitties!


It Has Arrived !!

August 23rd 2007 2:26 pm
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Mee-OW!! My Shutterfly photo book came today. I insisted mother make one for me as she had already done one for Sullivan. Oh, you should see it! It's full of pictures of me - close ups, action shots, pictures of me sleeping! Such a lovely and permanent testament to my beauty! I've been going through it over and over again. I could never tire of looking at myself.

Even Sullivan was excited by my book's arrival but that was only because mother allowed him to chew on the cardboard box it came in. I know she means well but I really wish she wouldn't encourage his juvenile behaviour. Don't expect me to help you clean up the mess he made, mother.

My bro and I are now working on a marvelous new project. Shutterfly is offering a free photo book again so mother has allowed us to make up another one. It will be full of wonderful pictures including a very, very, very special one. Oh, I'm getting giddy and faint just thinking about it!

I better go grab my bro by the ear so we can get back to working on our book.

Later kitties!


Another Mystery !!

August 30th 2007 7:09 pm
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Oh my, oh my, oh my! Another mysterious visitor to my page!

He (I assume it must be a he) calls himself 'Guess Who'. He's a poet. He says I'm cute. He says he loves me!
Loves me like a friend? Loves me like catnip?? Loves me romantically???
Oh, I think my little heart just skipped a beat!

Tell me more Guess Who. Reveal yourself! I must know if your intentions are honourable!

Later kitties! I have a mystery to solve.


Again !!

August 31st 2007 7:18 pm
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The mysterious 'Guess Who' was back! He left another message on my shoutbox. He told me I have a beautiful tummy and he has butterflies in his eyes!!! What??? Wait, I'm so flustered by my poetic admirer that I got that backwards.

Whoever could this be??? I know he's handsome 'cause there isn't a male kitty on Catster that isn't except my bro, of course.

Reveal yourself Guess Who!!!

Ooooohh, I'm getting all tingly again. I must retire to my bed to ponder this.

Later kitties!


We Got It

September 5th 2007 2:36 pm
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I'm just shivering with excitement! Our special Shutterfly book came today. It's so cute. It looks just like a story book should. And inside, my oh my oh my. So many pictures of our wonderful, handsome and beautiful friends.

I'm quite put out with mother right now. There's a certain picture, I won't tell you which one, that gives me goosebumps. Oh, I feel faint just thinking of it. Well, mother caught me staring at said photo and she yanked the book right out from under my paws! Can you believe it? She said I was drooling on the page and was going to ruin the album!

I do not drool, mother. I'm a refined, mature kitty who is always in control of her emotions. If there was drool on the book I'm sure it was something Sullivan did. He was pawing through it earlier. And there are pictures of his Smudgelet in there.

Later kitties! Have to figure out a way to sneak another peek at our photo book.

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