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Squirrel's Adventures

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May 23, 2007

May 23rd 2007 10:32 am
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Squirrel finds a bird...
It was time for Squirrel’s leash walk. She just gets out the door then she rolls around, in the ants, on the cement slab. Then she starts eating grass. Then she starts getting very interested in a small space under some stacked cement slabs. A space about 3 inches wide, 2 inches deep and 1 inch high. I see the messy web of what might be black widow spiders. I also have seen wasps in that area, so I pull her back. I try and continue on our walk but she is fixated on that spot. I go down low and look closer and I see feathers. There is a bird under there. I pull back my cat, as if it is a dead bird, I don’t want her to touch it. If it is still alive, I don’t want her to hurt it. I can’t tell what shape the bird is in. Only that it is quite small and gray. So, I bring Squirrel back in, despite her protests, get some gloves and a cardboard box. I go back out, without Squirrel, and have another look. The bird’s eyes are open and it is sitting up. So, I reach in with one gloved finger and try to reach around its chest to pull it gently out from there. Well, it bursts out of there like a bomb, almost attacks me and makes a loud squawking noise, and flies away! I hope the neighbors aren’t watching as I almost fall back on my ass out of surprise and fright! Bird is fine. Squirrel may have indirectly saved it as two tom cats hang around my front door all the time. Had they found it, it would have been easy pickings for them.


I was at a party today!

June 10th 2007 7:41 pm
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June 10, 2007
Some cats were having a big bash on Catsters today and I got to drop in. Also, Mommy posted another video, starring me, on Youtube. There are a bunch of videos of us on there. Some of when we were tiny babies. She goes by the name "breakgive" on Youtube.
Anyhow, today's video has me chattering at magpies. For some reason, that amuses her.


I Do Have One Bad Habit

June 16th 2007 12:30 pm
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June 16, 2007
A few nights ago, I saw a giant rat moving under the bedcovers and, as any nomral cat would do, I attacked it! We must have a rodent problem as this seems to happen almost every morning. Well, I guess I got it pretty good because my mommy cried out in pain! As it turned out, I clawed the hell out of her foot. (ha, ha) She wasn't too thrilled about it. This was several days ago and her foot still hurts. She did try and sneakily trim my claws for the next several days. I still have one sharp one that she missed.


I Was Bad Today

June 24th 2007 7:32 am
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After pestering Mom for over an hour to take me on my leash walk, I finally got out there. I checked out the cedar bushes where I see other cats hang out and growled at them, then I led Mom to the storm drain and growled at that. Then I took her farther than I had ever gone before and she said enough and picked me up. When she stopped at the door to get her paper, she put me down and instead of going in, I tried to make a break for it. She dropped her paper and it went flying all over the yard. I freaked out really good then but she still had the leash. I tried going this way, then that way, then pretended to go in the house and tried once more to go for it, but it was no use. She said she will never take me for a leash walk again. We will see about that.


Mom is BACK!

August 14th 2007 9:35 pm
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Mom got home last night. She was surprised that we didn’t greet her at the door. I eventually did but was spooked a bit since Lucky and I have been alone so much this week. Lucky didn’t come out at all. Mom had a message on her phone saying that our care giver never even saw Lucky all week and was worried. Mom searched for her and found her hiding in the spare bedroom. She left her alone as Lucky didn’t want to be bothered. Mom unpacked a bit and took a bath and I relaxed and came for petting. The dogs came in for a visit. Mom was dead tired, so she went to bed with wet hair and I joined her and must admit that I was glad she was home. I cuddled her all night and this morning, Lucky came with me to the fridge for our morning treat like nothing had happened. Mom was relieved to be able to pet Lucky and have her affection again.
Now, for the best part... Mom was busy unpacking all day until a man came to the door with a box. Mom stopped what she was doing and put this box on the livingroom floor. Lucky was sleeping under the covers in Mom’s bed when this happened. I could smell something really nice in that box and tried to open it. Mom helped. In it were OUR BOOGIE MATS!!!! Wow! They are everything every cat said about them! Mom grabbed her video camera so I’m pretty sure a Youtube video is on the way.


Mom is back again!

September 15th 2007 5:13 pm
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Mom got home from her Momma’s funeral a week ago. She was more tired than I’d ever seen her. I greeted her proper this time. Lucky still hid, but not for as long as the last time she left us for a week. Mom went and got Tasha from the neighbor’s and then Tasha, Lobo, Lucky, Mom and I were all reunited. But things were not normal. We were completely out of our Fancy Feast Ocean Whitefish and Tuna treat!!! Mom was surprised, as she had left the catsitter enough to last a month! And, she knew Lucky was not coming out to get her share. She hid the whole time. So there should have been plenty left. What she didn’t know, is that the catsitter thought we would get a whole can every day! So I got about 20 times more Fancy Feast during that week than I normally get. It became obvious when she went to put my harness on for my leash walk. I had gained a tiny bit of weight!
Then poor Mom had to work 8 days in a row and still can’t sleep well. I’m helping by massaging her back and being my cute self.
Today is Mom’s first day off since then and she is catching me up on my mail.


I'm a real wildcat!

September 16th 2007 8:55 pm
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It was a dark and stormy night. Mom was busy and forgot to chase us back in the house. She was on the phone with her brother when she heard the big storm come up. She was wondering why we didn’t come in out of the wind and rain. About 15 minutes later, we came tearing up the stairs. She said to her brother, “They are in and they are all frisky.” She hung up and then heard a commotion in the bedroom. At that point, she knew even without looking, that I had caught a mouse. It was tough to wait patiently for that mouse to wander into our cat run while sitting out in the wind and rain, but I did it. The weeds had grown up enough in the cat run that the mouse didn’t see me at all. Until it was too late! Mom noticed that when I put the mouse down that it was still in good shape. She was about to go for a box to trap it in, when thank goodness, she went for the camera instead. I’m glad she got proof of my great hunting skills. I wouldn’t let her or Lucky get too close to my prize and they followed me all over the house. Up and down the stairs. In each room, I stopped often to play with my prize but when they got too close, I would pick it up again and move to another spot. Finally, to my dismay, Mom put down the camera, grabbed a container, waited for me to lose the mouse behind some furniture, then trapped the mouse. I didn’t quite see that move of hers and even after she put the live mouse back outside, I still hunted all over the house for it for an hour. She gave me lots of pets. She said that I sure looked like the wildcat that I am.
Mom added some photos to my page of this huge event.


Another Big Day for us!

September 23rd 2007 8:56 pm
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Mom was at a pet store today, looking for a dog poop scooper. The old one broke. Probably because of Lobo's giant sized poops. While there, she saw the cat tunnels were on sale so she bought us one!!! We played with it right away. Then, just now, we caught another mouse!!! Mom was on the phone, yet again, and just happened to be talking about the one we caught last week. Talk about a coincidence. She was mid sentence, describing our last week mouse, when I dropped this new one on the floor right beside her. She said to the person on the phone, "They got another one! I gotta go!" Then she said to me, "I'm not going to bother with the camera if you are going to bring me one every week." So, she petted me, captured the mouse and released it. It was a tiny one and didn't run around much for me so I was already kind of bored with it. When Mom released it, it didn't go right away. She thought maybe it was hurt. But it wasn't. It was smart. When it was sure it was free, it took off like a race horse!
I'm right back in the cat run now with Lucky, waiting for that mouse's little friends.


My Little Kitten

October 17th 2007 8:49 am
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I am so pleased. Rosie, who just had 4 beautiful kittens, named one of them after me and Scottie. Scottie Squirrel is kind of like my nephew. You can see him on my page. Isn't he precious!


I've Been Tagged!

October 17th 2007 5:37 pm
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Another fun tag game! This time I have to pick 10 fellow Catsters and say a nice thing about them and the cat that tagged me. Then, send pmail or rosette to the kitties that I have tagged! This is so much fun guys!

I was tagged by KC Sunshine BOY!
KC seems to think Lucky and I are boys. Maybe because I teased her and called her a boy a while back. Anyhow, we are all girls, including her.
KC Sunshine Girl is a cool kitty. She has livened up Catsters a lot and we love her.

My tag list ....

Rosie ... The wonderful kitty that gave birth to 4 wonderful kittens after finding herself the best home ever!

Mr. D ... The kitty that got Mom involved with Catsters in the first place and is creating those cool cartoons.

Toes ... A good buddy of ours who is keeping us posted on Puffin and her kittens.

Maneki ... The kitty who is recovering from an awful dog attack.

KC ... Who is a little, furry, Florence Nightingale.

Snowie ... has one of the neatest faces I’ve ever seen.

Athena ... who has cool pink claws and can boogie even without a boogie mat.

Robert Redcat ... Every bit as handsome as Redford and a good friend.

Bella ... A very sweet Bengal whom I am teaching how to catch mice.

Arwen ... Just look at her markings! What a gorgeous girl. She has been very nice to me.

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