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Memorial video.

Memorial video

April 10th 2007 10:40 am
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To see a video in meory of Tinker Bell, you can go to, Type in "Tinker Bell" in the search button. I miss Tinky very much.



April 13th 2007 9:33 am
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Sorry, it's Not


The Song Goes On (poem by Tink's human to Tink)

December 11th 2007 2:42 pm
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The song goes on
Ever, straight on.
Though sometimes I stop to think-
Stop to think about you.
Yes, the song goes on until the "end".
But then I realize there is no end, and you miss me too.
I'll just keep walking the road which has no bend,
Just keep walking,
Knowing we'll meet again.
Right now we are seperated, but we keep talking
Of how we'll meet again.
Yes, when we meet again you'll look up and come running.
No sickness, no pain, never to part again.
The rest of eternity with Jesus we'll spend.
When we meet again...
But for now, I walk
Knowing I'll see you in the "end".


I'm glad that my human is happy

February 8th 2008 5:01 pm
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I'm so glad that my human is happy. She still misses me, but why not? I was the purrrfect kitty. She was privileged to have been owned by me.


My Tail of Devotion for ♥Tinker Bell(R.I.P.)

March 9th 2008 8:56 pm
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Anyone ever known a smart cat? You can bet your last fish Tinker Bell was smarter. She was always very clever. I wouldn't be surprised if she was the smartest cat that ever lived or ever will live. Only a handful of people had the privilege of meeting her face to face. She had a wonderful personality: almost always happy. She would try to make me feel good when I was sad. It worked too! When she was mad, she would give you a hurtful stare and twitches of the tail. But, it all passed in just a few minutes. She had so nice a personality, that a friend of mine (the late Mrs. Daisy) wrote a poem about her ("My Kitty Cat"). She never held a grudge to anyone. She had a short, but happy, life (only three years of living). She was always at ease around all dogs, since she grew up around a German Shepherd. No dog could scare her. In fact, I don't remember ever seeing her scared, except as a young kitten. The first time she got her shots, she was shaking like a leaf. Only a couple of weeks later, when she got more shots, she acted just as if there weren't any being given! When I first got her, she was terrified of the vacumm cleaner! Only a few days later, she would sit right next to it, watching it. If it got too close to her she would simply back a few inches. Nerves of steel! She loved me most of all. She always came when I called "here kitty kitty". The only exception is when she became chubby. She became that way about 2 1/2 years old. She was so chubby that even batting a mouse for a second tired her out....You can imagine what running to me would do to her. Strangly, she died the same year (2006) that Mrs. Daisy did. I like to think she's in Heaven keeping Mrs. Daisy, my grandpa, and other folks company. I also like to think that when I dream about her it's not just a dream. I think it's really her, trying to comfort me. It would be just like her to think of me like that.

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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Tink will be in a book!

March 9th 2008 9:09 pm
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The late Mrs. Daisy's family is puting together a book of all of Mrs. Daisy's poems and have it published! Mrs. Daisy had written several poems, including one about Tinker Bell. It's called "My Kitty Cat".

My Kitty Cat
There's a loving, gentle cat
Just a kitty- cat - Oh well
But she's mine; and I love her
And her name is Tinker Bell
She's a friend, a loving friend
And a real companion, too
A real friend when I am sad
She's always there; she's so true
Her fur is so soft and gentle
When I touch her, she's so warm
She's a constant, real companion
Does not seem to be no harm
She's mine! She's mine! And will be
I'll feed her good food to eat
And fresh water - As long as
Her "meow" sounds low and sweet.

I bet that Tink is purring to Mrs. Daisy in Heaven right now. Interestingly, Mrs. Daisy died the same year as Tinker Bell, only a few months before.


A Visit

June 6th 2008 2:01 pm
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This may sound strange, and I'm sure that some won't believe it. But, today my human went outside, asked God if she could "see" m for a moment. She saw something move way up in the sky, like a cloud, but it was there for one or two seconds and then disappeared. Then, I was with her. She could feel my spirit. I talked to her, not with words, but she just knew what I was saying. I stayed with her for a few minutes, then told her that I had to go now. She said "bye, Tinker Bell" and felt my presence go back up to Rainbow Bridge. Though she didn't "see" me with her earthly eyes, God granted me to visit her for a few minutes after she requested it and she "saw" me. It really comforted her. She was looking for assurance that she will meet me once again someday - that my spirit is still there even though my body isn't - , and God gave her the assurance.

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