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Time With Tony

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cat litter warning

December 27th 2007 2:05 pm
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one of our friends from the group "Shades of Grey" sent us a sad message about a kitty that became trapped in a bucket of cat litter that had a HINGED lid on it. apparently she got into the bucket and another kitty jumped on top and trapped her inside.

you can go to shades of grey and read the entire letter. please pass the word to all your furry families. our love Tony and the gang


My Pawsome Self!

February 9th 2008 5:31 pm
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My beautiful friend Nakita tagged me to play the "pawsome" game. but i had to get my mom to type for me, so she added a few things. here goes:
Why I am Pawsome:
1. I am so kind and gentle All the cats in my home love me and think i'm their Daddy.
2. I have a "Huge" purr. my vet has a hard time hearing my heart because i purr so loud. That's because i am one contented kitty.
3. I have beautiful Siamese blue eyes. they don't show up very well on my page but they are clear crystal blue. perfect for a ragdoll.
4. I have Big feet. But am like a tiger, im very graceful and elegant.
5. I always let my Mom and Dad know when to feed the gang. I take it very seriously that I have to make sure everyone eats on time.
6. I love my Dad and Mom and make them very happy. I sit in their lap and let them pet me (a lot) I know it is good for their blood pressure.
7. I am a Christian kitty, I know my creator and He made me special and unique just like every kitty in the world is beautiful and unique.


I've Been Tagged for Fabulous Five

May 26th 2008 2:39 pm
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My Pal Sir Sonny Bono tagged me to play the Fab 5 Game:
Here are 5 Fabulous things about me.

1. I'm the oldest in the familyso i get to be the peace maker.
2. I have a sweet and gentle nature all my brothers and sisters love me because i'm a cool laid-back dude.
3. I used to hang out in the woods with the foxes until dad and mom decided it was too dangerous.
4. I always make sure mom's day starts off purrfectly because i sit in her lap while she drinks her coffee every day.
5. I don't have a girlfriend but i'm looking.

Now run because I tag:
2.Princess Gabriella Grace
5.Tocca Dolce (Sweet Touch)



May 31st 2008 4:23 pm
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I have a Girlfurriend! She is the beautiful Calia. We have our first date tonite. We're going to watch our favorite movie 'The Lion King" .

I've bought roses for her, peach to compliment her lovely green eyes. I'm really excited and nervous. well, i guess it's time to go. Write ya later.


Summertime Tag

June 21st 2008 3:54 pm
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My funtime furiend Sir Sonny Bono tagged me to tell my five favorite summertime things to do:

1. Go on picnics with my beautiful Calia. (she's terrific in purple)
2. Go to pool parties with the Pampered Pets (but we got lost today and couldn't find the party. sigh
3. Go to barbeques at Armani's with all his fun family.
4. Go check out the Honda Hoot in Knoxville.
5. Sleep in the outdoor playhouse until really late. (love watching the fireflies.

now i tag: (to be continued)


Sonny tagged me!

November 8th 2008 12:25 pm
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I've Been Tagged by my good buddy Sir Sonny Bono and

I need to tell 7 Furtastic things about myself!

1) I'm a big georgous guy.

2) All the kitties in my family love me because I'm so gentle.

3) I'm the largest and oldest in our house. I weigh 20 lbs and am 9 years old.

4) I have beautiful baby fine fur and i love being brushed, especially my chin.

5) I have incredible ice blue ragdoll eyes.

6) My girlfriends name is Calia and she is so beautiful and sweet.

7) I bite mom's head to get her attention (gently of course).

I am tagging:

1) Sweet Boy Sammy
2) my new friend Rosie
3) Krikit the velvet kitty
4) My beautiful Calia
5) Teddy Bearz my funny friend
6) Jasper our Canadian buddy
7) Baby the sweet sister of Skinner


Our Dear Friend Needs An Operation

November 16th 2008 1:22 pm
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To Save Her Life our friend Muppet needs a very special operation. Her mom has used all her resources to get Muppet this far.

Catster has approved a fund raiser for Muppet's operation. A donation of ANY amount (no matter how small) could make a huge difference for this precious little girl.

Please link to:


Muppet's id# is 624959 please go to her page,
read her amazing story and find out how you can help her.


Overflowing with joy

November 26th 2008 6:01 am
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Oh JOY! our dear friend Muppet has a full bucket!! she will be having her operation Dec 3, so please power up those prayers!!

We knew the Catster Community would fill the bucket for her, but were amazed at how quickly it happened. So this Thanksgiving we are giving thanks for all the purrfectly wonderfur kitties at Catster and their families!

What a priviledge to be part of such loving and compassionate kitties and their families. Our hearts are like Muppet's bucket - overflowing!

Blessings to all our Catster furiends and to those who so generously gave to save Muppet!

Our love Tony


Thanksgiving Tag

November 27th 2008 4:15 pm
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Thanks Harley for tagging me, i like saying thank you! Five things i am thankful for:

1. Blue eyes, mom says i have the most beautiful eyes she has ever seen.

2. My georgous girl Calia, she is not only beautiful but sweet too.

3. That all my kittie friends who are sick have wonderful mom and dadcats to take care of them and love them. momcat says love is the greatest healer of all.

4. That we have a mom and dadcat who think we are the best gifts they ever got!

5. That there was enough turkey left over for us to have treats!

I hope all of you in Catsterland had an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving. Sleep well and God bless Tony and family



December 4th 2008 3:55 am
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Oh wowzers! this may be the best week we have ever had! Muppet has had her surgery, she was chosen COTW, our buddy Sir Sonny Bono is slowly getting better, our pal Skinner is on the mend and then mom wakes up to find i'm a DDP! things just couldn't get much better.

Thank you DDP cat for chosing me. Our house loves Catster and for me to be chosen for this honor really is special for us. to be part of the Catster community of love is a real priviledge! We are all dancing around the house and mom says we may even get a little tuna as a special treat! Life is good! purrrs and love Tony

ps. this is sooo funny, mom was so excited, when i dictated my diary entry to her instead of putting it in my diary she sent it as a pmail to me! LOL Have a happy day

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