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Mister Micky's Diary

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Tabby Tales

February 9th 2008 12:05 pm
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Both my brothers have diaries. So, I decided to get busy and start one.
I'll start by just telling a few things about myself.
I was born in a carpet mill.
I spent my early kitten hood in a foster home.
I was then placed in a shelter in a big cat room with about 25 other cats of all ages and sizes.
I was only 4 months old when Mom and Dad came to the shelter to look for a kitten. I cleverly got their attention by running up to a very big cat like I wanted to play. When the cat swatted at me, I ran to Mom and Dad and looked my sweetest. The rest is history. They scooped me up and brought me home!
My older brother is Tennessee Gentleman Jack the Abby. Like all kittens, I drove him crazy the first year, but now we live in perfect peace and (yeow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Spit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hssssssssssssss!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!) harmony......
More later, Mister Micky


I Love the Holidays!

November 25th 2008 7:02 am
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I love the holidays! I've been working on my music for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm like my brother, Weezercat, I love all kinds of music. Mom says I have chosen from the 'sublime to the ridiculous'! I hope you'all enjoy llistening. HolidayPurrs from Mister Micky


A Small Town Southern Cat's (of Scottish Ancestory) Music

January 22nd 2009 8:07 am
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I love music, guess I'm like my brother, Weezer that way, he loved music AND played the piano, I think I'd favor bagpipes myself, hummmm, wonder if I could take lessons? This would be nice with Robert Burns Day coming up Jan. 25... Purrs from Mr. Micky McAdams


My great adventure and near Cat-tastrophy

July 12th 2009 2:18 pm
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I'm resting up today from my great adventure. We cats are curious and there is a big black box beside the computer table and yesterday-IT WAS OPEN! Well, being true to my nature, I jumped inside while no one was looking. It was disappointing-just a bunch of papers and folders. I was about to jump out when there was the sudden thud of a drawer closing and I was in total darkness!! I heard Momcatt and Dadcatt leave the house. OHMYCAT, they were gone a long time and when they returned (Mom says about 3 hours) I was scared and in pain-I cut my nose and my whisker-pad somehow-I stayed quiet. They turned the house upside down looking for me and finally, Mom opened the evil file cabinet drawer. Mom said, " don't ever scare me like that again kitten Micky."
So, today I'm taking it easy.......


Visit to the Vet

July 17th 2009 12:19 pm
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I went back to the vet yesterday....not my favorite thing. First of all, it involves a trip "Down the Mountain" and I DO NOT like riding down that curvy road. Mom thinks it makes my ears pop like hers. I've had a tummy upset for several weeks and I'm not feeling better. My doctor is kind and caring BUT some very unpleasant things were done to me and I cried and cried in my loudest voice. Well, I heard the vet say I don't have parasites or an obstruction in my bowel and my x-ray showed symptoms consistent with a kitty who is going to the cat box w-a-y too much. I have new medicine to try, hopefully, it's not something chronic and will clear up. you'all please send me purrs-I want to feel better.


One week later

July 22nd 2009 10:13 am
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I've finished one week of three of a sulfa drug for kitties-Mom thinks I'm a bit better-fewer litter box visits and I'm a bit more lively-like my old self. My doctor suggested dissolving the pill in non-dairy vanilla coffee creamer (since I'm 'hard to pill') but I hated this, IT WAS HORRIBLE. So, now we're back to taking the pill.....thanks to all my furriends who are sending me healing purrs, they really do help and make me feel watched over.


Down the mountain, thru the valley and back to the vet

July 25th 2009 2:34 pm
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I've been on my kitty sulfa drug for over a week-my tummy problem seems better BUT but for a couple of days now, I've been very lethargic....after a phone call to my vet, it was decided I needed to be looked at. SO, I was VERY unhappy to find myself in my carrier and going down the curvy mountain road, AGAIN. I don't handle the altitude change well...I meow most of the way. Dr. Josh looked me over and decided to adjust my daily dose of medicine. He was pleased my litter box trips are fewer and not shall I delicately say urgent. So, I'm back home this afternoon sunning myself and waiting for my deer to come out of the forest so I can watch them graze. Gotta run, Mom says there are four deer in the yard! Purrs from Mister Micky


I like to Jump

May 3rd 2011 3:20 pm
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I like to jump and I'm good at it as I have very long legs. I love to get into the big closet, jump onto a 4 foot shelf, then jump up to the high shelf and look down on Mom when she comes in, hee hee. Well, I had a surprise today, as I leapt the metal shelf came completely apart!! I fell from about 6 feet onto shoe boxes. Mom came into the closet just as I jumped and saw me fall. She was so scared and afraid I'd really hurt myself. Mom says thank goodness I seem to be ok, Mom felt my ribs and hip and is watching me, I may be sore tomorrow but I'm ok. Mom says she is NOT going to put that shelf back as I'm more important than storage. :)
Hugs form Mister Micky

From Micky's Mom, He really scared me, he's so precious to me.

From Micky's Dad,Next time,he'll REALLY be in the cat house with me.


The next day...

May 4th 2011 1:07 pm
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After my "fall" yesterday I'm glad to report that I survived with no injuries. I'm moving normally and I'm not sore! Mom and I are so relieved. Many thanks to my furrriends who sent me catcerned and encouraging messages. Drat, Mom has removed my jumping up shelf so no more peering down from on high.
Hugs from Mister Micky


Christmas and Birds

December 29th 2011 2:00 pm
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We had a very nice Christmas with rain this year, no snow yet. Mom picked up bird seed, safflower, that critters other than birds are not supposed to like. Well, apparently the birdies don't like it either. The feeder has been up 4 days and NOT ONE BIRDIE has been to eat. We're waiting patiently, we like bird watching, and are disappointed that no one likes our seed :(

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