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Home:Pullman, WA  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 10 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 11 lbs.

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Petie, Poofie Tail, Tom Kitten, Dorrito, Solan, PatroniusPete, Petronius (official name), PetieCottonTail, Toonces, Pistol Pete

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sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

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-mixed breed-disabled -cat rescue

June 1st 2006

Cameo Tabby

Licking anyone

Not going outside

Favorite Toy:
Da Bird toy

Favorite Nap Spot:
On his back on the bed or the very top of the cat tree.

Favorite Food:
Does licking people count? Otherwise Fancy Feast, but only if it's a different flavor every time.

Likes everyone!! Super fast & strong! Best groomer!

indoors and outdoors

Arrival Story:
Pete was found as a 9 month old stray. He wasn't using a front leg and there was dried blood. His angel took him to Helping Hands Rescue in Lewiston, Idaho, who then took him to Riverview Animal Clinic in Clarkston, Washington. They discovered that Pete had been shot in the leg (lead on the bones!), shattering his elbow, and that injury had healed incorrectly. They rebroke the bones, ripped off the healed fibers, and reconstructed the whole shebang with the help of a pin. I learned of him 3 weeks later when I was desperately seeking a young orange male to give Sid a companion. I met Pete in the clinic and it was love at first sight. The poor guy was fresh from a ringworm bath but so full of energy, curiosity, and attitude that I knew he would be a perfect fourth cat. He moved home a week later.

Pete is a character! He's not much for loud noises, but he's game for almost anything else. Thanks to our friend Kjersti who noticed that Pete looked just like her NFCs at the same age, knowing that explained so much. After losing more than half of his fur this summer, Pete's first adult coat is glorious. His mane is thick and his tail enormous. Initially I'd thought he'd be rather small; Nope. You can almost see him grow. He's longer & taller than Bear, and Bear's a big cat. His weight is still low, just 12 pounds so far, but I won't be surprised if he ends up 16. He's amazingly active. Bear taught him to hunt (it's true, I watched), and then he taught Sid to hunt and climb trees. He tries to come down head first, that front leg just isn't strong enough, but he does it anyway. Sometimes I'll turn around in the shower to find him there in the tub! He doesn't think rules are for him, especially not "come inside at night" rules, but the one good thing about a bum leg is that he gets cold a little easier than he would. My favorite moments are when he sneaks up on Bear on my bed and licks his head. He would do that Sarah & Sid, too, if they would let him. He's my special boy.

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Pete's Life by Petronius

I'm doing fine! Well, sorta...

September 1st 2010 10:05 pm
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Thanks to every fur who sent me a zealie! Thanks a bunch! I'm sure you're wondering how I'm doing since the big shooting attack....

I'm fine! No sign that the pellet hit anything important and I just finished my antibiotic this morning. I have a funny shaved spot on my side where the pellet entered but otherwise I'm good as new! I'm playing and spending my days avoiding my annoying sister, Ceci, who apparently has nothing else to do besides bother ME!

The bad news.... I'm trapped inside. This is much worse than being shot at. I want OUT so badly that its all I think about. I don't know if mom is going to budge but I'm trying to make her life as miserable as possible to encourage the door to OPEN. OPEN NOW! Sid is trying to help, he's a master door opener if its left even a little bit not securely closed, but despite hours of work on the deck door, he can't get it to budge. I think she locked it.

Ceci doesn't really care. She's running all over and doing lots of playing, that's what nearly kittens do I guess. Sid is trying to teach her to do the run from the top of the stairs down to the cat tree and back up the cat tree (8 feet tall!) but she is more interested in playing than running. Mom's trying to play with us much more and I'll admit that I like that part. Except, of course, the little rat runs in and wants to play with my toys! Luckily Aunty Marion sent some treats, so those are yummy and welcome. Mom got me a new mousie and that's pretty fun as well. But most of my time is spent looking longingly out the window at the outdoors. Can't I go OUT???


Pete's home

August 25th 2010 1:10 pm
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Hi everyone, right before Pete crashed on his thermal pad (thanks Mumtatz & Jolan's mom, Marion!) he asked me to update his diary. Pete got to come today and he was very glad about that. He used up quite a bit of energy meowing and making a fuss on the way home. Normally our trips to the vet are very long and he gets to roam about the car so he was quite torked that he was trapped in the carrier. I think he's been holding it, too, as he peed the carrier which is quite out of character for him.

When we got home he learned that the unjustness wasn't about to stop - the back door was closed and I didn't come open it when he stood there looking sadly outside. Ceci must have told him the scoop because he gave up pretty easily and headed down stairs for some piece and quite in the basement bedroom. Its cooler and quieter there.

I was quite discouraged to see his condition. At the vet he'd been all vim and vinegar but at home trying to settle himself on the pad he is very clearly in pain. I gave him some Metacam and an assortment of his beds and he finally found a position to lie that he could tolerate. He's not interested in food and his breathing seems labored.

Ceci is lying near him watching him and I've moved my computer work for the day down to the bed. Sarah could smell my lunch preparations and decided to join us taking the best bed for herself. Pete is finally sleeping and Sarah & Ceci are taking naps as well. We'll see how he's doing later.

There is a good chance that the pellet nicked organs on its way through his body. For the next few days I'm charged with watching for lethargy, poor appetite, fever, swelling at the site, and other signs that he's not doing okay.

I'm also going to make a flyer for the neighborhood hoping that it will either stop whoever shot him or someone will turn him in. While we have a bit of property around us we're still in town and its illegal to discharge any weapon in city limits, even a sling shot.

Thank you for your purrs and good wishes,
Pete's human, Jill


Shot again

August 24th 2010 5:11 pm
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Hi there everyone. I'm writing this from my room at Alpine Animal Hospital. It turns out that they have laptops for everyfur! I'm here because I was hurt this morning and mom brought me in. Here's the scoop...

We've been having a rough summer here in Pullman. Four kitties who live within 2 blocks of us have either been killed or disappeared. Mom talked to the police and they told her that the coyotes pick a new hill every year. Last year it was the SW hill, this year its us on the NW hill. The kitty bodies that have been found have been mostly eaten up but two of the kitties were never found.

As all of the kitties who have disappeared have done so in the middle of the night, mom has been letting us go play outside during the day, but making us come in at night. We don't think much of this plan as the best hunting is after dark but mom is very insistent and stays up late to get us in.

About a week ago I refused to come in. There is a family of rabbits nearby and I have been eating each and every one of them. Delicious! I especially enjoy bringing them into the house and taking them to my secret room (the downstairs shower) but the downside is that sometimes mom or Sophia catch me on the way down and rescue the bunnies. Three times they outwitted me so I'm trying to be more stealthful now. But I digress...

I wouldn't come in, mom stayed up until 2am calling and rattling kitty treats but I wouldn't come so she had to go to bed. In the morning she found me waiting on the deck and as soon as she opened the door I RACED in! I was so scared that I couldn't tell her why I was scared but an hour later when dad found me I was still jumpy and frightened.

Ever since I haven't been out as much. I'm sticking closer to home, I'm coming when mom calls, I'm being careful. Mom can see a difference in me and has been worried that I found the kitty-killer and had a near miss but I'm not telling. I can't bear to relive the memories.

This morning I was anxious to get out. 8:30am is VERY LATE and it wasn't my fault that mom was up until after 1am. I came in at 12:59. I did take a few seconds to google some Fancy Feast but I was in too big of a hurry to eat my serving and raced outside. Mom leaves the door open during the day and a couple hours later she was downstairs and found me sitting on the bed looking uncomfortable. She stopped to look at me and I howled at her that I was hurting then took off before she could catch me. You know how humans are - she's going to want to touch me and see why I hurt. Ouch!

I jumped off the bed and ran upstairs and I could see mom noticing that I was walking funny. Rats. I kept yowling at her to leave me alone and went to the upstairs bedroom so that I could lie next to Sarah. Sarah wouldn't poke me and she'd make me feel better. Sarah was up on the table under the window and mom was coming up behind me. My side hurt so much but mom would get me if I didn't get curled up fast, so after I thought about it a bit I jumped up. OUCH! Mom raced in and tried to pet me. NO MOM DON'T TOUCH ME I yowled at her. She was gentle but anything she did hurt and I told her. Since it was clear she wasn't going to leave me alone I looked over at the floor and thought about jumping down. It was really going to hurt and I thought about it a while. Mom moved Sarah's step over for me and left the bedroom closing the door behind her. Oh no. I'm trapped.

It turned out that mom was calling our secondary vet, Alpine Animal Hospital, to see if she could bring me in. Normally mom calls Dr. Tammy but mom thought she worked at the Lewiston Humane Society on Tuesdays. Mom caught me (she's pretty sneaky, I was under the bed by now, but she pretended to open the door and when I made my mom she grabbed me!) and locked me in my carrier for the long drive to Alpine. I sure wish she'd called Dr. Tammy but mom guessed we'd need x-rays and Dr. T can't do that in her truck.

Dr. Nichols checked me out and thought it might be a bite. Mom had found a hole in my side that was bleeding. Later Dr. Nichols called mom to tell her they'd found a pellet in my chest on the opposite side of the entry wound. She didn't think it was from today and wanted to know the vet I went to in Clarkston when I was shot in the leg at 6months. Maybe the pellet was there then and Riverview forgot to tell mom.

Mom stopped to see me in the afternoon and I was sure glad to see her but not very happy when she left. Dr. Robinette had taken over my case and she's a very good vet with 32 years experience. She did Sarah's ACL knee surgery 5 years ago and you can't tell that Sarah was ever hurt. She showed mom my x-rays and told mom that she thought the pellet caused the puncture wound. Its exactly the same size as the hole and it doesn't look like a bite. She was planning to sedate me next and poke around in the hole to see if anything was damaged. They couldn't see any damage in the xray but its hard to see tissue damage in an xray. It would seem that I should be really hurt if the pellet went all the way through my body to the other side.

I'm about to go to sleep now for the procedure but the last I heard I had to spend the night. Rats!. I spent 3 weeks in a vet clinic and already did my time. I would be okay if I wasn't trapped in my room. Sure its nice, with a box, water, and a blankie, but I want to roam FREE! I'd write more but the drugs are startttingggg tttooo wooorrkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

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