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Whao, what a swell place

March 7th 2007 8:51 am
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Just want to say Hi!! to all my new friends. You guys and dolls are really something, making me and my papa Buddy feel so welcome, gee thanks a million. Bijou, our little girl here at home is kinda sad she's not part of anything yet. But mom's gotta get a new camera we keep tellin' her. Mom is going to be working on this! Wait til meet Bijou, she's drop knee gorgeous!! I was scared of her at first, oh wait! what....Bijou just said not to tell anymore about her, she wants to do that when she finally gets on here, and mom just said that's right, so I'll have to leave it at that.

There's lots to talk about with me! I'm just so happy to be here, cause I don't get to go out much. Only to the vet's. Mom's just said to say she has to update my pictures too, so keep an eye out for more pictures of me in the near future! I have ta say this makes my week, I was suffering cabin fever something bad, getting into trouble, he he thats my middle name, lolo!!! I just love to play and visit, oh yeh!!. Too bad we just missed my birthday on here!!! Coulda had a party, woulda been fun!!!!! I LOVEEEE to party, all that it lunch time yet? I love to eat, I help myself to my sister's food and papa Buddy always leaves food for me. Mom says that from when the other people who had me only gave me milk for a week, sheesh....sounds like they were starving me!!! Fat chance that'll ever happen again....but just in case, better to have some extra fat stored....

I'm off to see about come more groups and make some more friends! Yap at ya later!!!!!! Friday


Big Hugs all around.........

March 8th 2007 7:50 am
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Big HUGS all around to all the wonderful, caring kittys and pups who have extended warm welcomes to Bobbie at the Bridge. We're all deeply touched, but none as much as Mommy. She's been doing alot of cying since yesturday. Mommy says that o.k.

I made lots of friends already! Thanks to everyone whose welcomed our family into their lives.

Last night we all had a very quiet night. Watched a movie and went to bed. Mommy let me play with Papa Buddy and Bijou for awhile. We all made Momma laugh real hard, it was sooo good to hear her laugh out loud. We did that again this morning. We're all taking turns today being with Mommy, so she isn't left alone to cry. We're going to make her laugh, laugh, laugh!!!!


My Papa Loves Me.........

March 9th 2007 7:36 am
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Woke up singing, MY PAPA LOVES, OH YES HE DOES!!! He gives me lots of kisses and makes sure I'm clean, even when I'm sleeping! He always saves me food, what a guy. Everynight before we go to bed, PaPa Buddy calls me out to the livingroom so we can play. And I always go, even though I know the game is: Let papa Buddy get me down and make this funny growling noise as he's gently holding my neck. Sometimes Buddy gets carried away and hurts me, Meowmy comes running to my rescue. We do this game during the day,too. The game I really like playing is when Buddy lets me get him down! That fun, cause then we're both laying down, rolling all over, pretending to slap each other. I never use my claws, cause Buddy doesn't have any. That's how Meowmy got him!! I play with Bijou too, but she's a more in your face kind of kitty. If I have something, she's right there, taking it away from me, sheesh!! But I sure love my family....Friday


Look What I Can Do...

March 10th 2007 8:08 am
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Oh boy! Meowmy did it this time! yeh! I'm in this real cool club,....What's it called again Meowmy".....oh yeh, its called Artistic Expressions. I got to make hearts around my name, it looks sooo cool, and Meowmy likes it. But she says I have ta slow down and read all the directions, because some things didn't work for me.

I get to pick the movie for tonight......hmmm been wanting to see the second Pirates of the Carribean movie for awhille. So I t hink tonights the night, hehehe. I scratched Meowmy first thing this morning. Accident, trying to grab that niffty soft belt on Meowmy thingy she wears every morning. Its long and thick and soft. Made just for me! Meowmy says STOP IT FRIDAY!!!! Like I'M going to listen to that. I don't think so.....but I don't want those silly puple things stuck to my paws fingers again. Meowmy calls them soft paws. I don't care, I DON'T WANT THEM!!! She still has some pairs left!! I was a bad kitty. HE HE HE!!! lol.....I still love toes; hiding under things is the best way to catch them, HE HE HE!!! lol....gotta go, laughing too hard...Friday


March 11th 2007 10:20 am
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Pieture taking day! Meowwwy! Auntie Kerry's coming to do it. Can someone say FAMILY PORTRAIT!!

Bijou can finally join us at Catster! You should hear her, got all kinds of ideas and LOTS to say. Typical female, lol!

So what'da think of my, ehr, OUR, creative pictures? Me and Buddy did Bobbie's picture together and then we worked on our own. Bobbie's might be a little much but it's a first one so, we figured he deserves some'n splashy!

We need music! I want MUSIC!!!! Meowmy said I need to learn patience, sheesh!

I think I'm going to bug Meowmy for a blog of my own, like Buddy!...Friday


I'm Speechless!!

March 12th 2007 8:48 am
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Well, almosst! Some wonderful new friends gave our whole family the DogsterPlus and CatsterPlus gift subscription.! We did a little last night, when we first got it. This moroning we worked on frames around our pictures and captions under it!

Picture taken yesturday....I was not a very cooperative boy for this! Scratched Meowmy and really messed up her hair trying to get away. Everyone should know by now that I will do things when I want to.

Meowmy is finishing up her bowling league today! We're all going to the candle light service for rememberance of Bobbie and all the fur babies and sick ones tonight.


Hey! Hey! Hey! I'm Here...

March 13th 2007 2:57 pm
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A little late to day, Meowmy had lots to do. Bobby and Buddy have music on their pages. Mine will be a little longer. Meowmy has ta think about a good song for me. I don't know lots of songs, or I would surprise her!

Still waiting on the pictures from Sunday. Hurry up Auntie Kerry, I've gots lots of ideas.

Bijou needs her picture too, she wants to come on so bad! She likes it when Meowmy leaves the inside door open now and the screen on the door is opened a little. Have ta watch she doesn't get out. Bijou is only a baby still, not quite 11 months old. She doesn't know any better. Meowmy said she never had to worry about me, I'm always good, listen very well, and talk back to her very nice, too.

Meowmy is fixing our supper...hey, that means FOOD...gotta go...Friday


I Need Help.....

March 14th 2007 2:19 pm
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Lots of help is what I need. I want to work on my page. I want music, and paws, LOTS OF PAWS!!! Whoppeee..... ho, sorry about that, getting carried away, happens when I'm excited.

While the other two are catnapping, I'm having my special time with Meowmy. Just the two of us. All three of us take turns having individual time with Meowmy.

We're getting me some more friends, there great to have! Meowmy says I'm a great boy. I asked her what's so great about me, and you know what, this is what Meowmy said:

1. I'm the best listener

2. I like to snuggle and stay in bed with Meowmy

3. I talk lots

4. I share my toys and food

5. I love my PaPa

6. I'm very clean

7. I'm friendly

8. I'm handsome

9. I get along with everyone

10. I'm very patient

And since I'm patient, Meowmy says my page is going to be beautiful. We both just have to find things that reflect who I am. We need more pictures, too.

I just love being on Catster, it's the greatest place to be, besides being with Meowmy and PaPa Buddy and Bijou at home, that is...Meow at ya later.. Friday!


Hey! What's The Big Idea?...

March 15th 2007 7:27 am
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No music playing on my page.....sheeesh finally got some yesturday. Meowmy help!

Found a new toy, don't know how I'm going to get it, though. There's some bubbles I want! There inside Meowmy's big blue water bottle and they move around sometimes, like there trying to get out. Interesting, been watching them this morning. I really want them! This is where the patience of a kitty comes in, but I can always meow them out, works for my toy mice. Meowmy comes and helps me.

I hugged Meowmy lots yesturday. Needed to be held a few times. Went to bed before everyone else did, when I'm tired that's it, off to bed I go.

Meowmy says we're all going to be putting up new backgrounds this weekend. Already? Oh yeh, we have for ST.Patty's Day right now, need to change, maybe for Easter.

Easter! Oh boy, oh boy! That's going to be pretty and colorful. And new toys, yesss! PlezzzzMeowmy?!!

I want my music to work. Will be working on this today and Bobbies not working either, OH NO!!......gotta go ...Friday


Where'd It Go, MaMa?

March 16th 2007 5:09 pm
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No music...I only got to hear it a couple of times...MaMa is trying to help, did lots of things, but no go. Finally left a note for Headquarters. Yeh, take to the top, that's my Ma Ma!

Played with my new friend some more today. Meowmy called me a freak and Bijou was trying to figure out what I thought was so special about it.

Bijou jumps on top and sits on my new friends head. Nothing new for her. Meowmy pushes a button and fills Buddy's bowl up with it...oh yeh it's the water cooler jug. But it's what floats inside of it. Meowmy says a cap, I don't care, I like it. I want it out! I worked on it last night and woke Meowmy up when I was trying to get the big blue bottle off. Meowmy called me a freak and told me to go to bed.

I think Meowmy was nervous going into the kitchen this morning. I was working on the water cooler and Bijou was working on the boxes of cereal during the night. I said to her Mewo..see Mom, no messy! cereal boxes were on there sides, that's about it....

Movie night...Bijou's choice...who knows, it's a surprise she say's, laughing her little multi colored head off!...

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