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Hudson: A Record of My Explorations

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April 18th 2007 9:29 am
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Hello, gentle readers!

My name is Hudson, and I am an intrepid gentleman explorer. Three years ago, when I was just a tiny, eight-week-old kitten, I survived harrowing experiences...being transported in cars, put in cages and stared at, handled by strangers, and finally, after a long car ride in a box with a stranger (who has since become my best friend, Gromit) was deposited in the middle of a large, sunny room in a nice house.

Somehow, I knew this place was mine! I set to work, methodically sniffing my way around, looking under everything, and playing with anything in my way that looked interesting. As a result, my new human parents (after a rather spirited debate in which my mommy strenuously objected to the name "Mr. Boomerang") named me "Hudson". A fine, dignified name, befitting my true love...exploring the unknown. Henry Hudson, a human of long ago, did lots of exploring, some of it near where I live (there's something called the "Hudson River" nearby, but I've never seen it).

I'm only allowed outside when mommy or daddy is with me but I make the most of it and I am undaunted by wind or weather! The first time it snowed when I was a kitten, daddy opened the door and he and mommy were very surprised when I strolled right out, sniffed at the white stuff, and kept walking! But anything new in the house is always thoroughly explored and checked out by yours truly. I love new things!

I live with my mommy and daddy and my adopted brother/best friend Gromit. Daddy is my favorite-est person ever! I snuggle with him at night and purr lots at him. I love mommy too, and she says I give the sweetest "nosey kisses" in the world.

I am creating this journal to document my explorations, both present and past, so that future generations of kittens can hear about my experiences. Maybe I'll get a river named after me someday too!


In Which I See a Big Monster!

April 21st 2007 8:30 pm
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Today was a strange got really warm out and mommy and daddy opened the windows. I love open windows! Gromit and I ran around and looked out...

Daddy left for a little while to go to the hardware store and came back with a horrible monster in tow! It had no body, and a mean little head with a long snout full of teeth! Daddy was carrying it. He is very brave.

The suddenly the sleeping monster woke up! It made a horrible horrible noise and tried to attack daddy! But he wrestled it into submission and forced it into the bushes around the house.

It was so terrifying that I couldn't watch it! I am curious, and I tried, but sometimes it was so loud and scary that I ran away.

Let me tell you, that thing was voracious! It ate all the old bushes around the house. Well, not ate, but it cut off their heads and their old bushy bodies are laying all around. But the cool thing is now we can see out the windows even better!!!

After it ate the bushes, the monster feel asleep again. We were very relieved. Mommy and daddy say they like the way the house looks with some of the old bushes gone. I just hope that monster stays away!


In Which I Share an Early Memory

April 27th 2007 1:49 pm
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My kittiversary (the anniversary of when Gromit and I came to live with mommy and daddy) is coming up, in honor of which I will share an early memory.

I was very, very happy to be adopted by nice parents. But after a couple of days in my new home, mommy noticed I was not as bouncy and active as I had been before. So a few days later we met Dr. Bennett, who has been our vet ever since. She's really nice and all the people in her office are too and they all really like us.

When it was my turn to be checked out, she found out I had lots and lots of mopeyness was probably caused by anemia. So they gave me a bath!

Most kitties don't like baths, but I guess I was too young to know that. I stayed really still and let Suzanne (who still greets me specially when I'm at the vet's office) wash me really good. Then they wrapped me up in a great big towel, and asked mommy to hold me while I dried off a little, 'cause they were very busy. Mommy says there must have been 80% towel in the bundle, and 20% me. When mommy held it she felt it shaking, and she stuck her hand inside to see if I was cold and shivering. But I was purring! It felt sooo good to get those fleas off! And then be snuggled in a big warm towel too!

Mommy thinks I must have been part of a feral litter...because I am much more primal in my instincts than Gromit, and because my fur is soooo thick, and 'cause of all those fleas. Haven't had any since, yay!


In Which I Celebrate an Important Anniversary

May 1st 2007 9:57 am
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Woooo-hooo! Hello fellow kitties! It's party time at our house! It's our THIRD kittiversary! Three years ago mommy and daddy adopted us and brought us home to our new house.

Stipey sent us both rosettes to mark the occasion! How nice was that!?! He's quite a cool fellow, that Stipey, and named after mommy's (mine and his) favorite rock star. Thanks Stipey!!!

My adopted brother Gromit (we were adopted together at eight weeks old) has epilepsy and this morning he had a seizure and that wasn't so great. I always get very worried when he does that and run in and help mommy and daddy take care of him. And I help wash his face afterwards. Mommy and daddy think it's really nice that I do that.

But he's a tough little guy, and he's always fine after a few minutes. So the party is ON! Crank up the tunes and open up the kitty treats (and maybe even the NIP!)...what could be more worth celebrating than three years in a really nice home with humans who spoil you rotten!


In Which I Am Trapped!

May 3rd 2007 9:45 am
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Last night Mommy got the little sweeper out of the coat closet to clean up around our litter box, and she left the door open. Naturally I had to explore the area...hello, my name is HUDSON. But because of my lovely black coat, she didn't see me in there when she put the sweeper back. Oooh noes! She shut the door and there I was in the coat closet in the dark.

But intrepid soul that I am, I didn't panic! I finished my investigation and made enough noise to attract the attention of my brother Gromit. When Mommy saw him scratching at the door and meowing, she caught on fast and let me out. This is why you always need someone to spot for you, fellow kitties. We all need someone to have our back.


In Which I Receive Numerous Invitations

May 15th 2007 9:45 am
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This morning mommy was petting me and she didn't know why I kept meowing at her! It was because I KNEW that I was invited to join TWO catster groups! Purrz for Palz and Black Cats Crossing Our my new bud Snowy (who is another lovely black kitty) had sent me a Rosette.

But mommy didn't understand me, so she didn't know until she checked her email how pawpular I have become. And now I have some new friends who are on a whole different continent! Snowy and his family are in South Africa! Wow! But as I'm named after a world explorer, it's only fitting, right?

It's getting so nice and warm here! We can go on the sun porch and the windows are open and sooo many sunny spots. But it's still chilly enough at night to make us want to snuggle with mommy and daddy.


In Which I Receive Numerous Compliments

May 17th 2007 4:54 pm
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Wow! I feel so pawpular! First of all thanks to Ellie Belle, who is a beyootiful little Meezer mix, for giving me a star! I have to admit, I was a little jealous that Gromit had one and I didn't! But now I have my very own.

And what a nice reception I got from Black Cats Crossing Our Path. Snowy has been pawmailing me all the way from South Africa, which makes me feel SO cosmopolitan. And I had no idea so many people would find my white patches smoochable! I am a very mellow kitty and let mommy pick me up and cradle me belly up, so she has passed on everyone's smooches. She also gives me "belly raspberries" sometimes, which generally make me confused.

There's a little chipmunk outside the front door who is taunting me! He pops out of his hole and walks around while I am looking out the front door. OOOh, I wish I could get out and chase him! But mommy and daddy insist on keeping the little critters safe from us. Humans are so sentimental.

Gotta go...time for treats!


In Which I Say...

May 23rd 2007 5:55 am
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In Which I Get Tagged!

May 24th 2007 7:07 pm
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Maya tagged me with the "seven random facts"

1. Mommy says the white spot on my tummy looks like a heart when I lie on my side, but daddy says it looks like a bat when I'm on my back.

2. I don't lick, but I show affection with "nosey kisses". Mommy says they are the sweetest nosey kisses in the world.

3. When I was a kitten I would do backflips playing with the feather wand.

4. I am a brave explorer, but afraid of the vacuum cleaner.

5. I don't mind water as much as most kitties, I like to play with it and I have jumped in the shower with mommy and daddy.

6. I have a high pitched meow which mommy says is very musical and pretty.

7. I like to burrow under the quilt on the big bed to sleep.


In Which I Weather a Storm!

May 28th 2007 6:33 pm
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There was a loud storm Friday night. But that's not what I'm referring to. We had strange people here over the weekend. Usually I'm not too afraid of strangers, but this weekend I mystified mommy and daddy by having a total contrary fit and running away from everyone. They were daddy's mommy and daddy, and I hear they like kitties, but I just didn't feel like being available, so I spent a lot of time in the basement, or under the quilt.

They appear to be gone now. I hope there's no one else around for a while.

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