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All I want for Christmas

December 4th 2007 7:30 pm
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My fur-riend Lalo tagged me for "All I want for Christmas!" Since Lalo is such a special fur-riend, I'm writing my first goes:

Five things I want for Christmas:
1. I wish for lots of Christmas adoptions at the shelter mama volunters at...there's lots of kitties there who need someone to love!
2. I wish for sister Paige's bloodwork to come back squeaky clean.
3. I wish someone would buy our house so we can find that house with a sunroom that mama has been promising us.
4. I wish our neighbors would not let their cats roam...we live on a busy road.
5. I wish for all my Catster friends to be happy,safe, and healthy all through the coming year!

Happy Holidays everycat!!!

Aggressive headbutts!!!


I'm home!

October 10th 2008 6:06 am
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Hello friends,

First, thank you all so much for your purr-ayers and purrs...I feel so much better just knowing I have such wonder-purr friends!

I was pretty darn sick, and still don't feel up to snuff, but i think I'm heading in the right direction now. It all started when I yucked-up my breakfast last Wednesday morning. Then I started sneezing Thursday. The sneezing progressed over the weekend until I was "extreme sneezing" 15-20 times in a row.

On Monday, mama came home from work I didn't want to eat. Then I did my extreme sneezing thing. Then...I sat down and cried and cried. Mama scooped me up and rushed me to the vet.

The vet took my temperture. I loudly expressed my displeasure. I had a fever, so I got a shot of antibiotic in my hip. It hurt, and I hissed! Then they gave mama some vile liquid to give to me 2x a day. I don't like it. It smells like bananas. Do I look like a monkey for heaven's sake?

Well, things got no better. After mama got me home, I yucked-up pinkish yuck 3 times. The next day, I did try to eat and drink in the morning, so mama thought I was getting better. But then when she got home from work, she saw I had yucked-up again, and I couldn't put my head down to drink without pain. I cried and cried again, and mama rushed me to the vet again.

I still had a temperature and I was dehydrated. I had to stay at the vet and they poked me and put fluids in me all night. As if that wasn't bad enough, the next morning they came and got me and poked me again! After that poke I don't remember anything! All I know is I woke up minus 4 teeth AND the forearm hair on the both my front legs!! I look like a bleepin' poodle fer cryin' out loud!

Anyway, mama came and got me after it was dark out again. I heard the vet lady talking to her. She said she flushed gobs of bloody mucus out of my sinuses. Gross! The vet lady didn't seem to think my bad teeth and the sinus issues were related...just bad luck to have both problems at once. At any least I got to go home.

I have a different antibiotic to take now and I am on pain meds for my mouth. I was still doing my extreme sneezing when I got home last night, and this morning too, so mama is watching me like a hawk! We will keep you all updated.

Thanks again to all my wonder-purr friends. Mama and me appreciate you all!

Purrs n' headbonks,


On the mend!

October 12th 2008 7:43 am
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Hi ev-fury-one!

I'm feeling so much better! I only have one day left to take my pain medicine, and two days left to take my antibiotic! I can't wait to get that over with...they taste terrible!

Mama says my eyes look bright again. My appetite has also returned. Mama has been feeding me yummy Tiki Cat to encourage me to eat. So, I don't think I'll let on that I feel THAT much better since I'd like to continue to have Tiki Cat for every meal!

There is some bad news though. It seems I gave Paige my crud. She started sneezing Thursday night so Mama took her in to the vet when she picked me up. The vet found a scratch on her right eye where one of us gave her a poke in the eye....I'll never tell who....and felt that was the whole problem. Mama was sceptical and sure enough the sneezing got worse and she had to go get antibiotics for her yesterday. The worse news is that Paige is a big huge honkin' baby about getting medicine AND she has to take double the amount I do because she is so big! She slobbers like a Great Dane before mama even puts the medicine in her mouth! Needless to say....mama's about at the end of her rope! Purr-lease say a purr-ayer for my mama's sanity!

Love and headbonks,


Poor Paige

October 14th 2008 6:06 am
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Well, Paige caught my crud and caught it good. Mama is really worried about her. She's so congested she is weezing, and her eye looks awful. Mama put her in the bathroom while mama took a shower in hope that the steam would help. It did appear to help some, because Paige ate her breakfast with the medicine in it and drank some water while she was in there. She was napping peacefully when mama went to work.
Mama says she's gonna buy a vaporizer on the way home and sit in the bathroom with Paige again tonight.
Purrlease purr for my sisa-fur. She's a pain, but I love her anyway!

Love & headbbonks,

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