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The Life of a Princess Pork Chop

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A long day

August 28th 2007 6:31 pm
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The good news is that now we know I have heart disease and I am on pills (yucky poo...but I didn't give my Mom too hard of a time!) It was a long 1 1/2 hour visit to the vet and a long car ride but I was such a good girl..the most cooperative patient! Not like my furbrother at the Rainbow Bridge, Roscoe, he gave vets such a hard time that he had to be knocked out completely! At any rate, everyone in my family is shocked because I am a spunky lil thing. When I get going playing, they call it "Girl Cat Gone Wild"! Mom said my heart is extra big because I am an extra big sweetheart.

In case you are wondering, I am the Princess "Pork Chop" because that is that I do when my brother annoys my. I whack him very hard on his nose about 12 times in a quick manner. That is called a pork chop in my house. My bro, Harley Fatboy (just look at his picture!) just looks at me with a dumb expression and runs away.



August 29th 2007 5:44 pm
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Well, I am not happy with the medicine but I am loving the treats and attention. I massaged Mom for a whole hour (from 4-5 AM) and all she did was hum and love on me! Dad snuck out of work today to check on me and gave me treats. Grandmew came about an hour later for lovin' and treats. Sheesh, I knew I was a princess but I didn't realize how loved I am.! Mom is a teacher and we had the whole summer together. Yesterday we got the scary news and she had to go back to work today. She hugged and loved me so much this morning that her makeup started to smear. I told her girls can't be unkempt, so she got her act together. Oh, by the way, my pain in the a**, little bro must be jealous because he started limping today. I think it is because he is a fatboy at 21.2 lbs. and he needs Jenny Craig.

My family CAN NOT thank all of you kind, cat-loving souls that have taken the time to send a message of concern. We don't know you by sight, but you are all forever in our hearts. Really.


If love can keep me alive, I'll live forever!!

August 31st 2007 11:52 am
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Mom took the day off so that we could hang out. SO cool 'cuz that means extra treats and loving. Dr. Glassman called late last night and said to change my Lasix to only once a day. YES! That means I only have to deal with 2 pills once a day. I gave my Dad a real hard pork chop today when I tried to give me my pills. For having a bad ticker, I can still be fiesty! I fooled him a couple of times. He thought I had swallowed my pills and set me free. I walked away from him, turned around, and spit them out. TEE HEE!! I did that a couple of times until I finally decided to cooperate. Then I got Treats!!
Dr. Glassman called again this morning. I think he is in love with me, even though I've only met him once. I go back in 3-4 weeks, the Good Lord willing.

I spend an a lot of time giving myself a pedicure. I work real hard at digging and chewing my back nails. Mom calls them my Narily Nails. I think they look pretty. That's all for now, folks, it is nap time!



I am a big sweetheart!

September 1st 2007 10:31 am
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Last night was so cool. My Dad got called into work so Mom, Harley, and I stayed up ALL NIGHT watching movies and hanging out. We all went to bed after 5 AM. Mom put me on my favorite hamper to sleep but I wanted to be next to her. SO, I jumped up on the bed and I stole her whole pillow!! She gets so worried because I really am supposed to not exert myself. Heck, last night she was in the kitchen and she heard the pork chops flying and a lot of hissing out of me. Of course, being the neurotic Mom she has become in the last few days, she came flying into the guest bedroom to see what was happening. Fatboy was bothering me even though Dad told him to be gentle with me these days. So....a girl cat has to do what a girl cat has to do! PORK CHOPS! Oh boy, Harley got yelled at. By the way, all of a sudden, he had developed a pretty bad limp. He doesn't seem to be in any pain but now he is hobbling. Attention seeker!! Well, Mom and Dad discussed it and they will take him to the vet if it doesn't get better. Mom has my cat carrier (hate it!) in the guest bedroom ready to go "just in case". That is Harley's new sleeping spot! This morning, when we all got up, I rushed down the stairs like a wild woman. I don't know if you can tell by the pictures, but I have very short legs. Dad calls me a sparkplug. Sometimes, I get going so fast going down the stairs that I almost wipe out. Mom explained to be that she would prefer if she carried me down the know, the "new don't over exert rule" I have now. I took my pills today without giving trouble at all. I'm just a big sweetheart with a big heart!!

Happy Labor Day, guys!!
Head butts......Baby Girl



September 2nd 2007 7:11 am
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Dad turned the air conditioning off and opened all the windows! Fresh Air!! My little sniffer was going a mile a minute. We live in the country so there is lots and lots of good odors! And I can perch in the windows and chitter at the birdies. It keeps both me and Harley very occupied and very happy.



In the Beginning....

September 5th 2007 3:33 pm
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Even though I have this nasty HCM crappy heart disease, I am still doing fine. I know my family has been extra cautious with me because they love me big time. I love them, too. It wasn't always like that, though, so I thought I would tell you about....the beginning.

It's important, first, that you understand about Roscoe. I hate to admit it, but he was a hell of a cat. Harley and I had BIG paws to fill. Roscoe was Mommy's cat from the literal moment he was born. He was "THE CHOSEN ONE." So, when you start off with a life like that, well, you're bound not to have abandonment and trust issues. Roscoe was so dependant and attention seeking. He followed Mom every where at all time talking "MA MA MA!!" He was so comfortable and secure that she would wrap him around her shoulders like a shawl and she could walk around with him without holding on. Dad came along when Roscoe was about 5. It took no time for the "former cat hater" to be transformed. As soon as Dad sat down, Roscoe would snuggle in his lap. After 16 1/2 years of this awesome relationship, it was time for Rosoce's physical presence to be at peace. His spiritual presence is still in this house and sometimes, I swear, I see him.

The next day after Roscoe's departure, Mom and Dad adopt Harley and me. I wish I could talk to let them know how scary my first years were. I captured their hearts at the SPCA but when we got home....let's just say that my trust and abandonment issues surfaced big time! Harley was just a little kitten so he was OK. Me, well, someone must have hurt me or left me. Mom was sad that I ran every time she came near. I wouldn't let anyone touch me. I was very very ill and almost died. You could see in my eyes that I so wanted to be a part of the family, but damn it, I was scared! Mom was gentle and loving and patient, and I was with her, too! We have worked so hard together. When they tried to approach me, I would "WE WE WE" and run! It's a funny noise that I made that resembled a pig squeel. Ain't nobody gonna pick me up, no sir-re-bob!! But I had a plan because I really was looking for love. THE FOREVER KIND I NEVER HAD! So, what I did was wait until Mom and Dad went to bed. One night, I just held my breath and hopped on the bed. What would they do??!! Mom was so startled she didn't move. In fact, she usually has to get up to go to the bathroom a few times a night and she held it all night long so I wouldn't be disturbed! Then, a few nights later, she heard it. I started to purr. Mom started to cry. Dad just smiled and said, "If anyone could make Chloe turn around, it's you babe." It has been 2 years and 2 months since we've been together and I am happy to say that my issues are resolved, and we didn't even need family therapy. That is why this diagnosis is so tragic. We've decided that we have whatever time God has given us and we are going to enjoy each other. Gretchen Jackson, owner of the awesome Barbaro Chester Co. PA native and Kentucky Derby winner (RIP) said it so eloquently....grief is the price we pay for love. And love indeed has come to us, so we will endure. In the beginning, we loved and forever, we will love. And in the meantime, we are gonna have some fun!


My Angel Brother, Roscoe

September 6th 2007 7:43 pm
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Mom did what she does every 6th of the month, she lit Roscoe's candle on his grave. It has been 26 months since his worldly body departed for the Rainbow Bridge. I heard all sorts of Scooty-isms today....again, big paws to fill! Mom cried just a bit, but mostly they were tears of joy for the long and beautiful 16 1/2 years they had together.

Me, well, I porked chopped today so it is a good day. Beat the hell out of the purple catnip mouse. Heart trouble....go to hell!!

By the way, Mom's theme song is...."Don't you wish your girl cat was hot like mine???"

Thanks to all who care about a little girl cat. Can't find words....


HAPPY 26 Month ANNIVERSARY to me and Fatboy!!

September 7th 2007 7:19 pm
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It's hard to believe that 26 months ago today, I was shaking in my paws under the chaise lounge. My eyes were the size of (milk) saucers...yum...and I was thinking, "holy cats, batman, where am I?? and who is this nutty orange spaz that is supposed to be my 'lil bro??"

I spent my night in the window and I even chased a bug.Mom is relaxing just a tad bit but still watches my breathing. I know I am loved, finally.


Confessions of a Treat Tramp

September 10th 2007 5:33 pm
[ Leave A Comment ] name is Chloe.

I am a.....treat tramp.

A treat-a-holic.

I acknowlegde that I am out of control and addicted to the nibbly morsel. I have done unspeakable acts to aquire the desired treat. I have done the Texas two step to get a treat. I've succombed to all sorts of rubbing and touching to fill my cravings. I've meowed and batted my eyelashes (I have Andy Rooney eyelashes by the way...totally out of control) in a treat trampy sort of way. I have even rolled over and exposed my underside (GASP!).

I've admit that I am powerless over the treat. I surrender to a high power (Mom!) It doesn't help that she is an enabler and even gets up in the middle of the night to fuel my addiction. In the master bath, no less, is a discrete stash of the mind altering Good Life treat. In our gathering room, there is a complete basket dedicated to treats. I spend many hours gazing lovingly at these goodies. If only I had fingers! Mom says "Girl Cat Gets What Girl Cat Wants" since my diagnosis. THE GIRL CAT WANTS TREATS!!

PS. Grandmew stops by while Mom and Dad are at work and she really really loads me up. SHhhh....don't tell (:


how to commandeer a pillow...from an expert

September 11th 2007 6:36 pm
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OK, fellow furr friends. The pillow is the ultimate! I have perfected the fine art of acquiring the entire pillow and looking cute (so I don't get yelled at) in the process. I am going to instruct you all 'cuz I'm that type of good girl.

First, wait until your victims, usually Mom and Dad, are fast asleep. The element of surprise is crucial. I wait until 4 A.M. Give or take.(Mom is up and down a lot at night.) Then, I lunge on the bed with the brute force of a lion and I assume myself as if I am gracing them with my presence. In other words, act like it is a gift that you visit. At this point, loud enunciations are necessary. I'm not talking about little pitiful "Meows", but PEOPLE, you must bring out the big guns.

MRRROOEWWHHHOWWSSS!!! And a lot of them in succession! It is also important to begin, what I've learned since being on this website is also referred to as making biscuits, kneading like a wild cat.Then, just quietly move to impose yourself on the pillow. If your victim doesn't move, simply do the loud meows, while kneading like a banchee, and plop your ass on their face. Hard. Trust me, they will move. Now, they will not get mad at you if you are doing all the other cute stuff. If you forget to look cute, they will launch you like a missile. So, to reiterate, CUTE is essential. Your victim,( in my case, my Mom) is so endeared with my cuteness that she easily forks over her pillow, (which is a custom made pillow which is supposed to be molded to her head.) Ohh, what a ripple effect this has in my house. She then commandeers Dad's wretched ole pillow and he, in turn, must sleep cockeyed on the mattress.

At this point, I am like " on top of the ole pillow, just purring away!!" Everyone else is spread around like a crime scene. And none of it matters because I am the girl cat of this house. My people love me. We've worked hard on the unconditional love. It pays off, in case you are wondering.

PS. Mom's custom made pillow which is supposed to be fitted for her head is the exact replica of my butt now!! (;

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