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Sarge's week

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Dad found a job!

January 12th 2011 1:22 pm
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Dad got offered a position Monday. It was really fast, less than a week between initial contact and offer. He's accepted it and starts on Tuesday. It's in Chicago's loop so he's going to be gone more during the day. Pepi will hate that, but it's old hat to Lena and me. It's a contract position so in a few months Dad will be back home again. What can you do?

I've been asking for more attention lately. I love to be held and petted. Dad has to wake up earlier now so he tried last night. I didn't exactly help. I kept asking for pets and getting in the way. He didn't sleep at all. I wanted to help though. It will all work out.


Daddy's working

January 23rd 2011 5:16 pm
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Well Dad's been at his new job for about a week. He's gone longer than at previous jobs but not as long as others. Pepi is surprised he's been gone this long during the day. "It pays the bills." he says. I miss him too. This weekend I insist he hold me a lot. I started rubbing his cheek with my paw. He's taken care of me nearly half my life now. Cared for me when I got sick. Made sure I felt happy and safe. I'm so glad he adopted me and he feels the same way.

Lena has discovered the wet food too, now I'm never going to get any. She growled at Pepi when she tried to get some. Heh heh, that'll show her. But I'm still low on the totem pole. I used to be the only one who got the wet food, now I have to wait for the girls to eat what they want. Dad said he'll leave a little more out so I'll be sure to have some.


Happy Birthday to Me

February 2nd 2011 5:38 am
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It's my birthday today. Well my estimated birthday. This one is special because it marks me spending half my life with Dad. Yep, he's giving me the longest home I've had in my life. He got back late last night because of this storm. He was stuck on the train for 90 minutes longer than usual. Last night all of us stayed with him in bed. (Well Pepi was at the foot and got kicked off at some point, but Lena and I were next to the pillow being sentries.) He gets to stay home today. He doesn't get paid, but considering the snow and everything, it's a good idea he doesn't go anywhere. Plus it's my birthday so I want some more attention!


My time at the vet

March 5th 2011 9:54 am
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Dad gave me half a crumpled pill this morning. It was awful, worse than my usual pill. After a few minutes I felt really funny and tired. Dad took Pepi and me to the vet. I tried to be angry but my legs weren't working right and I was sooo tired. I got examined all over, which I hated. Then I got taken to the back room where they drew blood and gave me shots. The good news is that my weight it stable and I'm in pretty good shape. The bad news is that I have a heart murmur. If it's not caused by my hyperthyroidism, I'll have to go back again for a scan. It could just be age.

Anyway, with that small problem, I'm doing fine. They said I behaved myself but I was too wonky from the sedative to notice. When I got home I jumped out of my carrier and nearly tripped over the edge. Dad put me on my bed to rest. He says I'll be fine in a few hours.


I'm doing good

March 9th 2011 4:36 pm
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The V-E-T called the other day. I'm in pretty good shape. Blood work all came back without any problems. We think my heart murmur was caused by having to take the sedative. It really did a number on me. I wasn't back to my usual kitty self until the next day. Tonight Dad chased me up and down the stairs to see how fast I'd go. I stayed ahead of him, but not zooming around like Pepi. Hey, when you're being chased you don't have to be fastest, just faster than the one chasing you.



March 23rd 2011 8:25 pm
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Like so many others here, we morn the loss of Hazel Lucy. Every person who adopts a cat knows there will come a time when their friend will go. That will happen in every relationship, human or animal. There will be a visit that will be the final visit and you'll never see each other again. Maybe they passed on or moved or the path your lives have taken will no longer intertwine. That is the nature of things. Even the stars will go out one day (depending on how much dark energy is in the universe of course, but you're not here for a talk of theoretical cosmology).

If you think that is sad, consider the alternative. The only way to avoid being saddened by the loss of a loved one is to have no loved ones at all. You just stay in your home with no friends or family, keeping everyone at arm's length to avoid emotional attachments. That's worse. That's not living. Being sad when someone is missing means you cared about them and want them in your life. Love will hurt when it ends, but I would rather have love knowing it is finite than avoiding it.

One day Sarge will no longer jump up on my pillow and rub my head. I will weep and morn and probably make myself sick with grief. I will remember what he added to my life and wish he could have been with me longer. It is what he, and all our loved ones, have have done to make our lives better is why we cannot just hide away. To know love is to know loss. With everything love has given us, I'd say we're getting it at a bargain price.


Don't Litter

April 6th 2011 5:13 pm
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Catster is suppose to be a happy place, but sometimes you see something here that makes you, requires you, to say something. I won't name names, but those who check Catster daily would likely know who I'm talking about.

One of our members passed onto the Rainbow Bridge recently. That's tragic enough, but this was an easily preventable death. The kitty died from a uterine infection probably aggravated by two earlier miscarriages and a current pregnancy. That's right folks, she was not fixed despite ample time to do so. If she was, or at least was not allowed to get pregnant, she would not have died.

There really is no excuse for this. I know getting a cat fixed can be expensive, but there are ways around that. Some vets offer reduced rates or payment plans. There are charities and groups willing to help with the cost. Even saving a few bucks here and there would have saved enough money for the surgery since this cat has been on Catster for over 2 years. And even if money was the sole reason it wasn't done, then you must keep your cat indoors!

I'm sure her family loved her and I don't want to cause them further pain, but this has to be said. There could be some critical detail I don't know about, but based on everything I've read her owners, for all their love, failed her. I hope they will become better pet parents and won't make the same mistake again.



April 25th 2011 6:56 pm
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The weather was nice and warm over the weekend so Dad brought out my harness and took me OUTSIDE Saturday and Sunday. I was so happy! I meowed constantly and tried to sniff everything. Dad kept me on my harness and insisted I go where he wanted to go. He carried me across the street where some neighbors were working on their lawn. They oohed and ahhed at me and said I had nice markings. I let them pet me, but I really wanted to sniff around more. One of the children brought his Guinea pig out, but I didn't pay attention. I have enough food at home and sniffing stuff is more exciting. I love the attention.

I had to go in too soon and begged to go out again. Maybe this coming weekend.



May 12th 2011 5:54 pm
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I've been using the litterbox a lot lately. Dad was worried that my hyperthyroidism may be getting worse so he took me to the vet today. I lost 2 pounds since February and some of it was muscle. Everything though was looking good at first. We were sure I could get get an extra half pill a day and all would be normal.

But it wasn't.

I have diabetes now. Dad is very scared. Twelve years ago Dad lost his kitty, Opus, to it. We're not sure exactly what happened, but it was bad and we won't list all the details. The only humane thing Dad's family could do for Opus was to him to be PTS. It was one of the worst experiences in Dad's life. Things have come a long way in those dozen years according to the vet. Everycat is going to be fed special food now and I have to get a shot twice a day. We'll see how things go.

The vet let Dad give me my first shot in the office to be sure he was doing it right. I let him. The vet said I was a lot calmer when Dad was near. It went OK. This shouldn't be a big problem. The vet said it's better to give me too little insulin than too much (we think that's what happened with Opus). Dad sometimes forgets my pill in the evening so forgetting my insulin shot occasionally won't be the end of the world as long as it doesn't happen too often. "When it doubt, skip it." is what the vet said. With a little luck, I may be off my insulin eventually. Let's purr for that!


An update

May 28th 2011 6:49 am
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Well it's been over 2 weeks since I started my shots. Things are going well in that department. I'm getting used to the DM food. Dad tried to mix it in with some other wet foot and everyone would rather have DM. He's going to try and find another food for us.

Dad's contract ended yesterday. They said they would want him back once they have more projects ready. And he's happy to go back. Good people, good company, good pay. Not much more you could want. Well except for something called PTO. So now Dad's going to take it easy for a few days and think about what to do next. Everyone is optimistic so we're not going to worry much for now. We can make it for a few months on our own and something is bound to come up by then. Hey, we knew this was a temporary position when he took it. Only thing we didn't expect that he'd like it so much.

The weather is nice here. I get to go outside occasionally and eat the grass. It will be nice to have Dad around here more. We missed him.

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