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Sarge's week

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New things!

December 9th 2006 7:39 pm
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This was a week of fun new things to try. Daddy made a dinner for himself that had canned chicken. I got to drink the chicken water. Well I had to share it with my step-sis, but yummy! I love chicken. Daddy's dinner was something he called curry. But it didn't turn out well. I took a sniff and a few licks when he wasn't looking. It didn't make me sick or anything. Actually it was pretty bland. I still got to sneak some human food. I also got some new kitty treats because all the friends I made on caster. They're not as good as my usual treats. The important thing is I got to satisfy my curiosity.

Daddy also let me in the garage a few times. I kept hoping the garage would warm up. It never does. I want in after five minutes. Actually I want in after five seconds, but a cat needs to keep his dignity. On the plus side I got plenty of holding time.

Life is good.


Sniffles again

December 14th 2006 6:07 pm
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I've been sneezing again. I caught a cold, probably from going into the garage too often. Daddy got to work from home today so I got lots of holding time. He gave me some yucky medicine. I threw it back up later, but some of it seems to have worked because I'm not sneezing as much. Daddy also set up the humidifier. That probably had more to do with it. I may have to go to the V.E.T. if I don't get better. Wish me well!


Daddy left

December 23rd 2006 9:43 pm
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I had to comfort Lena a lot today. Daddy left for his human family yesterday. I knew it was coming. I've been around for a four years and know humans sometimes leave then come back a few days later. There's one when winter is coming and another soon after winter started. The nice people who have a dog came by to feed us. But most of the time it's just me and Lena. I hope Daddy comes home soon. I may act aloof at first, but I'll be happy to see him. Lena wants to go with Daddy sometime. But Daddy's Mom like to scoop up and hug cats. Just like she did to me when they came here. I like how she loves cats, but Lena won't be ready for someone who insists on holding her. Lena has issues about being held.


Daddy's Home

December 26th 2006 3:40 pm
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Daddy finally came back today. I got some cool toys, but nothing is as good as him coming back. He held me a lot and brushed me. I missed him lots. Now I'm hanging around on my kitty bed purring. It's great we're together again.


Happy Circa Birthday to Me

February 3rd 2007 1:40 pm
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Yesterday was my pseudo-birthday. I was adopted into my fureverhome on Sept 2nd and I lost my old home in February when I was abandoned. They guessed I was 4 years old. So now Feb 2nd is my unofficial birthday. But there was some bad news. Yesterday Daddy found out Baby has passed on. It was last week, but Daddy was busy with work and couldn't check on her until then. Worse, my kitty aunt, the sister of the kitty Daddy's had growing up passed on too at the age of 18. She died in her favorite chair while napping. Daddy felt sad. Don't worry Daddy, I won't be leaving you anytime soon. We're one big happy family, Lena, me and you. Now since it's my birthday, give me kitty treats!


Stupid Cyst

February 11th 2007 9:18 am
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Last week Daddy found a cyst on my head and took me to the vet on Thursday. The good news I'm in good health and put on over a pound since he brought me home. The cyst seems to be taken care of and is healing slowly. I have a good vet at least. He tried to keep me calm with food. Considering how I usually act with vets, I was pretty good. You should have seen me! I growled and hissed almost the entire time. Hey, at least I didn't bite the vet or struggle much. The only time I stopped was when I was accepting my bribe or when Daddy picked me up and held me. Daddy brought his big fluffy bath towel with me for me to rest on. That helped a great deal. A little bit of home in a strange place.


Again with the cyst!

April 1st 2007 6:29 pm
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Yesterday morning was awful. First Daddy put me in the kitty box for a drive to the vet! I just went 2 months ago, why do I need to go again? The cyst I got before hasn't gone away despite Daddy's best efforts. This trip was to find out if more drastic measures should be taken. They do. This cyst can get worse so we have to treat it now. Soon I'll go back and have it removed. And they'll clean my teeth too.

Daddy was just looking out for my health, like any good Daddy should do. I forgave him and sat on him for a while. Then I got packed up again! This time with Lena! He took us to the place where we adopted us. No! Daddy you said we'd never go back. Please don't give us up! My old foster Mommy and Daddy were there. A bunch of people poked at us, but we didn't leave our carriers. So we're not being given up again. That's good. Everyone just wanted to see how I was doing. That's even better.

Daddy took us to another vet in the Petsmart and got ID chips injected into is! Then Daddy took us back to the Almost Home people before getting cat food and leaving for home. Don't scare us like that!

Lena forgave Daddy pretty quickly. I was a little miffed for hours. At least the injection doesn't scratch. We're all safe and happy now. I took a long nap behind Daddy's monitor and got treats and rubs. Life is good.


Rollercoaster ride

May 2nd 2007 7:00 pm
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I've had an interesting couple of weeks. Good and bad. First the bad. Daddy took me to the vet a while ago for my cyst. I expected it to get popped again then go home. But no! He left me there! Nooooo! I got examined again then the vets jabbed something in my arm and I went to sleep hoping for Daddy to save me. When I woke up parts of my head were shaved, I had trouble closing my right eye, and my mouth was sore. Worst of all, I had this big collar around my neck! How could I scratch my face or clean myself with it on? It took a long time for me to wake up. Then they picked up my kitty carrier and started moving me. I growled and howled but then I heard a very welcoming sound, Daddy!! He come to take me home! I didn't fuss at all. I was so happy to be back.

The nasty vets said not to climb stairs until the antithetic wore off, but I showed them. The second the kitty carrier was open, I jumped out and ran upstairs and hid under Daddy's bed. I wanted to go where I felt safe. I slept a lot that night and next day. Daddy gave me some canned catfood which I ate soon enough, then I had some dry food. Daddy also made me take yucky medicine. Later that week I had to go back to the vet so they could check my progress. They made me wait so long I didn't want to be touched by ANYONE. But I was getting along fine. A few days later I ran out of the medicine and learning how to get around this stupid collar.

Finally I got the stitches out. It was painless. I still look like I'm giving the evil eye to people, but apart from that I'm normal. I still ask before jumping on Daddy. I still fight and chase Lena. I still make demands. My fur is growing back so you can hardly tell it was shaved.

Then last weekend when the weather was nice, Daddy opened the patio door and a mini-human walked up and talked to me. I was the perfect kitty gentle-cat and didn't do anything Daddy disapproved of to the mini-human. I sat there and made welcoming meowing sounds. Because of that Daddy decided to get me and Lena a harness so we can go outside! It was a rough start, but we finally got to touch what we've been watching for months. We went outside several times by ourselves with Daddy holding the leash. There are many dogs in the neighborhood and Daddy has to look out for us.

Oh, the neighbors got a little black and white kitten. We greeted her by meowing. We wanted to see her up close and be friends, but the neighbors had to go. Bye little kitty! We hope we see you again!



June 3rd 2007 7:15 pm
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Well Daddy should have updated my diary weeks ago. A bunch of stuff happened to me. Most of it is good.

First Daddy got a grill. This is good for me because when he grills he goes in and out so much that it's easy for me to sneak outside. He tries to keep me in, but he gives up and settles on watching me outside after a while. As long as I stayed in sight, it was OK. Naturally I couldn't leave well enough alone and went around the corner of the house. He said next time I'll be put in the bathroom as he grills. He's kidding right?

Daddy also went to visit his family this weekend. We didn't get to go. The nice people with the little dog came over to play and feed us. It was good, but they're not Daddy. He came back early and we were happy. He brushed me and got a lot loose hair I lost through stress. But we're together again. I'm going to take a catnap now.


Happy Fourth of July

July 7th 2007 9:33 pm
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What a week. I found a new way to get Daddy to fill my food dish in the morning. First I get up on his bed and plop down around his head on the pillow. I purr and gently kneed his head. I follow him when he goes to the bathroom and shower. When he's drying off I remind him of his first important task and lead him downstairs to the food dish. I'm patient but the excitement builds up and I let it get the better of me.

Daddy had friends over in the middle of the week. He got to sleep in (I got fed extra the previous night so I wouldn't ask him to give me food at dawn). When his friends came over Lena and I got to go outside. We had to wear our harnesses, which stinks. Lena went inside after a few minutes. I stayed out more, but wearing the harness was really lousy. I got irritable and when I started kitty swearing I got carried inside. But over the afternoon I still sneaked outside a few times. I never go far, just to lie on the sunny sidewalk or nibble on grass. It's a chance to go somewhere I don't get to go. But inside I got petted and played with by nice people. Lena had a good time too, but she's less socialable and spent a lot of time asleep.

Friday Daddy's other friends came over. It wasn't too interesting. I made rounds and got attention. I knew these people better so I wasn't as curious. I still ran out when they left. But I got caught soon.

Today Daddy went to see the people he adopted us from. He showed them pictures and was told we look very happy. He held a kitten. It fell asleep in his hand. He was amazed at how small it was. Daddy is tall. He likes bigger things to cuddle like adult cats. Kittens are just too tiny for a good hug. Remember humans, fully grown cats are more fun! We don't need to be litter trained and we're smart enough not to gnaw on power cords. We still love to play and we know how important it is to be part of a family!

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