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My big adventure!

November 14th 2006 5:51 am
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Since I am still a baby, Mom is hesitant to let me run around, you know with the dogs and all!

Anyway, she has been letting me go in the computer room and the hallway! It is so fun to run into the living room down the hall and jump on the bed!

I am so fast, the dogs can't even catch me now! ROARRRRRRRR!

Kirby the Great


Lost yet another life

December 1st 2006 5:02 pm
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Today it snowed and I mean snowed! My human siblings school was even canceled!

Well, since they were home, it was back and forth, back and forth , inside, outside, inside, outside ALL day!

Mom doesn't want me to go outside, ever, but it looks so cool out there especially with the white stuff all around! I really would like to go out there! When they weren't looking I tried to escape! That is when I met the door up close and personal!

Mom took me to the vet (again) and I have a very swollen face. The vet gave me a shot and some pain medicine and boy I'm I tired now!! He said that I would be find in a few days!

Mom said that I am down to 6 lives now!! She told me that I am going to be one tough tom cat when I grow up!!


Christmas is Over - I got a Big Kitty Litter Box

December 27th 2006 8:51 pm
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Well Christmas is over. I got to climb Christmas Trees, helped wrapping presents, explore all sorts of boxes and got in the way anyway I could!

I am getting big now and Mom bought me a Big Boy Kitty Litter box. It is soooo cool. It is deep and it has a cover. I feel like I am in a cave! Mom had a throw away turkey pan for my litter box - but, I like sprawl kitty litter all over!! This one I can dig and act as crazy as I want!!! My mom is the best!

Well, Talk to you later!
Kirby the Great


Thoughts from an ADD Kitten

January 2nd 2007 7:48 am
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What can I get into? What can I get into? What can I get into? What can I get into? What can I get into? What can I get into? What can I get into?

How fast can I run? How fast can I run? How fast can I run? How fast can I run? How fast can I run? How fast can I run? How fast can I run?

What can I climb? What can I climb? What can I climb? What can I climb? What can I climb? What can I climb? What can I climb? What can I climb?

I must go quickly, there is so much to do!

Kirby the Great


The New World!

January 23rd 2007 6:13 am
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There is this white stuff outside. I noticed it when I was watching those flyee things. (They are just so cool)

My people open the door and let my canine brother and sister out there and I would just love to go to, but mom screams at me when I even go close to it.

One day I got out to were the truck and car live. It was sorta scarey but so cool!

I got to go, it is nap time!

Kirby the Great


My first catnip toy!!

February 23rd 2007 6:14 pm
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Today I got a surprise in the mail! I got my first catnip toy from Morgan. I entered the Men in Pink contest and I won a category!!!!

Anyway, this thing is AWESOME! It makes me crazy and I just have to bite it, roll on it, lick it and throw it up in the air!! I love it!

Well I am going! I want to play some more!!

See Ya, Kirby the Great

Oh No!! Mom is putting it up:(


Walking OUTSIDE!

March 14th 2007 6:00 pm
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It has been gorgeous here! Mom let me outside today to get the "full effect".

She put a harness and leash on me and set me in the grass. I did the ~low crawl~ a bit then I walked around some. I like chewing on twigs and chasing leaves.

When she brings me in I just sit at the door looking out doing the ~moeooowww~ (female in heat sound) or that ~eeeettt~ (bird call thing).

Mom said that it is going to get cold again so it will be awhile until my next outing~~

See ya!
Kirby the Great



July 2nd 2007 8:51 pm
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These dogs are really annoying me. What is so special about them? I am truly the only one that loves these people. Those stupid dogs just think with their stomachs!

Anyway, my people left me alone for a few days and I thought that I was going to die! I can only beat up on Reba so much before that isn't fun anymore!!

They are back now and I have been laying it on thick. They WILL NOT be able to forget me again, I will make sure of that!!!

Kirby the Great

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