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Second Chances

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Tomorrow is the Big Day!

October 25th 2006 6:09 pm
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Well, um...I'd introduce myself but I don't think I know my name. If I have one. I've heard that my new family is trying to think of something, but they want to get to know me furst.

So, I've been at this shelter for a few days, and today I was hearing rumors...something about "last chance today", and a lot of hushed humanspeak. They were all making me scared. It just didn't sound good, somehow. But then late today they told me some lady is coming to get me in the morning and take me to my new furever home. Furever??? Really? A *home*? I don't know what to think right now. So many things running through my mind. I'm nervous about meeting my new family. Will they like me? Will I like them? Will I have to live in a cage, like here?

This Catster place seems pretty neat. I'm told that's how my new mom found me. But I'm getting treats and ribbons and pumpkins and stars...such wonderful presents...from kitties I don't even know!! I have all these new furends, and I'm not even home yet!

I think I'm gonna sleep pretty good tonight....*yawns*


Home at Last!!

October 26th 2006 11:35 am
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Well, the lady really came and got me this morning! She seems pretty nice, too. She was saying how handsome I am, and how sweet. I had to wait in the carrier while she filled out the paperwork, and then they carried me out and put me into her big moving machine. We had a long ride home, but we talked the whole time!! She told me all about my new family, and we talked about the bumps in the roads, and just everything. OH!! And I got a phone call! Really! Miss Anita called to see how everything went when my new mom came to get me. I hadn't even made it home yet, and I got my first phone call ever!

Then the moment of truth! New Mom got me out of the Machine, and we went into a HOUSE!!!!!! As we walked through the house, I tried to look at as much as I could. Seems pretty nice. New Mom had a room made up for me. I have my own brand new potty box with a cool looking mat, and my own brand new toys, and my own brand new hidey bed-cave. The bed is dark red with tan, so honestly, I look very good in it! I had a snack immediately, and a loooong drink from my very own water fountain. The litter in my potty is different, and I like the way it feels when it squishies between my toes!! New Mom has been in and out of my room. She comes in and sits for a while and we talk. I got to meet the DOG through a small crack that New Mom opened in the door. The dog smiles...a LOT! He was okay. He didn't try to act all crazy or anything. I haven't seen the other kitties yet.

Well, I want to say thank you to all my friends at the Osceola County Animal Control. They got me off the streets and they were really nice to me. And thanks to Billy Jo , and Miss Anita from Spay the Strays, and SPARKLE for working so hard to get the word out and find a furever home for me. I'll keep you all updated right here!

New Mom here: This little guy is so amazingly sweet. He doesn't even take the time to sniff and decide about you, he just dives right in with his loving! His picture doesn't do him justice; he is absolutely gorgeous!!!! His markings are just beautiful. I wish he could tell me his story. He's so loving, it seems as though he must have at one time had a loving home. He seems to be pretty unphased about being in a new home. He didn't waste any time gobbling up a snack, and seems ready to explore whenever he gets the chance. He wasn't afraid to come nose to nose with Geely (our Border Collie). We will wait a few days before we begin introducing the cats. But all is well here so far! I have to tell you, what a waste if this guy had been euthanized! I'm really grateful to everyone who networked to give this kitty another chance!!


The Furst 24

October 27th 2006 9:04 am
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Well, I have been in my new home for almost 24 hours so far. I asked Mama and that's what she tol' me. It has been okay. For now, I am in my own room(Mama's office) with bathroom, so I have good roaming room to start off with, and lots of things to explore. Mama's office is so full of stuff!!!!! My new favorite nap spot is on the desk behind Mama's screen thingy that she looks at alla the time. Mama is gradually changing my food to sumthin' differnt. She says it is primo, and will make me even more handsome than I already am. I'll trust her with that. I just know whether or not I like a food, and the new stuff tastes good to me so that's all that matters. The dog is okay, too. He hangs out with us in the room and he doesn't bother me. Mama says soon she will have to open this room up to the other kitties because they are used to being able to hang out in here with her. Last night before Mama went to her big bedroom for sleepy-bye, she came into my room and stretched out on the floor. She let me curl up with her and use her as a pillow. She let me sleep that way for a quite a while, and it was really nice.

Mama here: Ambro is doing well. He's just totally unphased to be in a new home. He doesn't seem to have any interest in his toys. I'm not sure if that's because he doesn't really know what they're for, or if he's just one of those kitties that has no interest in playthings. Time will tell. He sleeps a lot!! He's really a lounger. But that could also be because this is the first chance he's had in a while to rest comfortably without being disturbed and a lot of commotion around him. Again, time will tell. He is just so sweet, though. He has a slightly raspy little voice, and a quiet little purr. I got kisses for the first time last night when I stretched out with him. Our dog is fascinated, and couldn't contain himself this morning. Just a few minutes ago while Ambro was walking across the desk, Geely finally jumped up to get a better look and smell. Ambro actually gave him head nuzzles and a little kiss on top of the head!!!!


November 2nd 2006 2:48 am
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Wow!!!! I can't believe I'm so new to Catster, and today I'm a Diary Pick!!!!! Things have really been looking up for me lately!!!

I like my new home. I'm not confined to the "office" any longer. I've had fun exploring and finding lots of hidey-holes to stake out as my own. The other cats and the dog are okay, too. The dog is crazy...he keeps everything and everyone in line. Mama says that's just "what he does"...something to do with his breed. The female cat, ELe', has not exactly warmed up to me, but I will work my charm and win her over, I'm sure of it. The male cat, Gimme, doesn't seem to mind me too much. But he's also been sick, so maybe he's just not on his game right now.

I managed to break out on Halloween night. When the last little candy grubber came to the door, dad wasn't paying attention and I ran right out!!!!! Since the fence around the house is open and not solid-paneled, I had great fun watching mama and dad run around the beighborhood, as I ran back and forth through the back yard to the front yard, and then through again to the area behind our property. Mama was PO'd!!!!!!!!! It was really just a test, though. I just wanted to see if they cared enough to come find me and give chase. They passed.

Well, I think I hear breakfast, so I'm off to chow down!!!!


Thanksgiving Mews

November 22nd 2006 2:55 pm
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Guess I have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! I almost didn't make it...

One thing I am thankful for is all of my new Catster furends! You all embraced me from the word "go", and have made me feel very welcome.

Of course I am thankful that I have a furever home, and I am thankful for all the people who helped get my new mama to me!

I am thankful for having good food to eat every day, and soft places to sleep, and for being able to sleep without having to be on guard.

Tomorrow will be a big day for me! I get to meet my new grandpawrents and the rest of my new family. Sure hope they like me, but mama says I have nothing to worry about.

Well, I hope you all have a really nice Thanksgiving with your families!! And I hope soon that many other kitties can be thankful for having new furever homes, too!!!



Lots of "Firsts"!!

November 30th 2006 6:24 pm
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Well, I survived my first Turkey Day with my new family. I got to meet my grandpawrents, and my Uncle Kenny and Aunt Kathie...everyone was so nice to me, and they were all saying how handsome I am!!! And mama had special turkey dinners for us kids!!

So now we are getting ready for my first Christmas with the family. There is a Christmas tree just for us kids, and mama even got me some of my own ornaments, with my name on them and everything!!! Can you believe it?!?!? And there is one package under our tree right now, and it is for me!!!! It came from my Secret Santy, from my Super Strollers group! I'm doing a Secret Santy exchange in the B/W Ankle Biters group, too. I've never had so much fun!!

It's fun here at home, too. Gimme has stopped trying to put the smack-down on me so much. Boy, does he own mama!!!! He gets really upset when she pays attention to anyone else. But she gives me lots of snuggles anyway. And I've been playing with the all the toys around here. Mama says she really likes to see me being playful. And the food that I get here is soooooooooooooo good!!!! I'm getting a little tummy on me. heh heh

Well, I guess I won't be on here for a few days, cuz mama will be gone. Hope all you Catsters have a nice weekend, and I'll type to ya soon!!


Christmas time is full of mysteries!!

December 3rd 2006 5:29 pm
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Today I received a rosette from a Secret Santy!! I can't believe how much fun Secret Santy's are, and Christmas, and all of the season!!!!!!! Secret Santy, do I get clues???


Back to the Drawing Board!

December 10th 2006 5:36 am
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I thought I had the purrfect plan! Mama and dad have learned to really keep an eye on me since I like to sneak outside so much. But I figured out yesterday that if I could collaborate with Gimme, I could get out undetected. I figured he help me get out, since he's mad at me right now anyway for scoring cuddle time with mama. He's waaaaaaaaaaaaaay possessive of her! Sheesh. Anyway, how could I know that he would plot even further on my own scheme?!?!? Mama and dad had gone out through the side doors of the house, and I could see them doing stuff in our front yard. I knew if I could get Gimme to open the side doors for me, that I could make it outside to explore for the afternoon. That's all I wanted to do. Just as I thought, he was happy at the idea of getting rid of me. But apparently he decided to use the idea to get rid of the Ugly Kitty, too!!!! So I'm waiting for Gimme to open the doors, and here comes Geely, waiting with me. Wha?????? Well, Gimme gets the last door open, and Geely goes strolling through the Big Smelly Room, out the Huge Door and just stands there. Gimme was trying to convince me to come on out, as he strolls through the Big Smelly Room. But I knew as long as Geely just stood there in plain view that we were bound to get busted. So I waited. And sure enough, here comes mama, and she sees Geely right away. She tells Geely to come in with her, sees Gimme and tells him to come inside, Gimme panics 'cause he's busted and comes barreling back through the door pushing me inside with him. Mama comes in and just looks at the three of us. Oh no, will she send me back to the cage place??? She says nothing to me. She quietly scolds Gimme for opening the doors. SHE GIVES THE UGLY KITTY A TREAT!!!!! Explain that one to me!! Then that was it. She just says we better remember that Santy Claws is watching us. RATS!!!! I forgot about that !!!!! Santy, I swear I was gonna come back in anyway!!!!!


December 12th 2006 6:44 pm
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Wowie!!!!!! I've had a package from my Super Strollers Secret Santy sitting under the tree for a while now, and mama didn't want me to open it until Ele' and Gimme got their's, too. So I FINALLY got to open it!!! Soooo many great things!! There's a blue blanket to go with our blue stroller, some mousies, some greenies, a big catnip mousie, and a package of balls for any sport I want to take up!!!! Now I can play football or basketball or soccer or any sport with a ball!!! Maybe I can make it into the NFL....


Secret Santy from the South

December 13th 2006 3:36 pm
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Wow!!!!! This whole Christmas thing with my new family and with Catster is pawsome!!! Today I got a package from my Black and White Ankle Biters Secret Santy. I'm not sure who it is, but this Santy hails from the South...even further South than us!! Well, my package was filled with catnip toys, and little toy balls of every kind (I'm still thinking about trying to make it in the NFL), AND...DELI SLICES!!!!!!!! OMC!!!!!!! Do I LOVE the DELI SLICES!!!!! Mam says I'm a treat monger anyway, whatever that is, but I do love those soft little slices!!!!!!! Thank you so much, Secret Santy! From the bottom of my tummy!!!!

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