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My Birthday!

January 21st 2007 4:21 pm
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I just had a birthday! It was on January 17. Well, actually, we don't really know when my birthday is, but that's the anniversary of the day I came to live with my mommy so she calls it my birthday. I don't care. I got presents and that's what matters.

First thing when she woke up in the morning, mommy said "Happy Birthday, Smokey!" I thought I'd get my presents then, but I didn't. I had to wait all day. It was even longer than I thought it would be because she went to work and didn't come home at her regular time. No, she went to school after work - I really, really hate it when she does that. And on my birthday - how could she?!

Well, she FINALLY came home and she and my grandma sang "Happy Birthday" to me, which is fine, but come on, just give me the presents! Grandma's present was a platics ball with snowflakes on it. It makes noise when I bat it around. Mommy gave me two balls. They're both clear plastic and inside each of them I could see a little toy mouse. I can't get the mice out, though. I suppose I'm not supposed to, but I want those mice! I batted them all over her bedroom while she was trying to sleep, but I haven't been able to break them open yet and get the mice. I'll get them, though, I will!

My birthday was nice, but Christmas was better. I wonder what's the next special occasion on which I'll get presents. I love presents!



April 13th 2007 8:46 pm
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Last Sunday was Easter and just as Mommy promised lots of people came to visit me. Usually I like to have lots of people paying attention to me, but I just happened to be in the mood to have Mommy all to myself. So after I made everybody pet me (this had to be done) I meowed and meowed at Mommy. I told her to make everyone go away so I could have all of her attention, but she didn't seem to understand. She was busy cooking people food and just kept saying ridiculous things like "yes, sweetie. I know pumpkin. You're so cute." (Which of course, I am, but that did not address the matter at hand!) Then they all sat down and ate dinner. I knew they wouldn't go for a long time, so I went and took a nap. Later when they finally left I got Mommy to myself. She was all tired out, though, so we just snuggled up in bed and went to sleep.


Window Sitting & Petting Stations

May 21st 2007 5:40 pm
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I'm an indoor cat, so the only way I get to know what's going on outdoors is to sit in the window. The weather was okay today so mom left her bedroom window open when she went to work. For Christmas I got a perch, but that's in the parlor window. I do like the perch because that window faces the back yard and there are woods beyond the back yard. I get to watch squirrels, chipmunks and birds, but I can see them out the other windows, too. What I really like about the window in Mom's room is that it faces the driveway. That way I can see her car when she comes home and I can start meowing at her before she even gets out of the car. I did that today. It was fun. She said she could hear me from the car. By the time she got into the house I was already at the door to meet her, demanding to be petted. When I want to be petted, I throw myself down on the floor right in front of her and look adorable so she has to stop whatever she's doing and pet me. How could she not? Well, sometimes when she's late for work she doesn't and that really hurts my feelings.

Today when she came home, she petted me lots. I love being petted. I have super soft fur and most people love to pet me. They say I feel like velvet, whatever that is. Whatever it is it must be really nice. My fur should be soft, I wash it all the time. Even though I love being petted, I do have to take a complete bath afterwards. I must keep my fur in perfect condition. Mom thinks I'm obessed with bathing, but I know I'm just keeping my fur in top condition.

The other thing Mom thinks is weird is that I have petting stations. Those are places in the house where I will allow myself to be petted - in a certain spot on the sunporch, in the hallway near the kitchen, in certain spots in the den and in the parlor, on the rug next to Mom's bed and on her bed. Any other places are off-limits except under special cirucumstances. Mom doesn't understand that I did this for the benefit of humans. If I'm in one of my designated petting stations I want to be petted. If I'm not in one, I don't. I thought it would help them to know when to pet me and when not to. They don't always get it right though, poor humans. Sometimes they pet me in non-petting stations and really mess things up. I suppose they can't help it. Mom does say I'm so cute she just can't resist. It's a burden I must bear.


I went outside!

July 6th 2007 8:47 am
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July 6, 2007

The weather was so beautiful yesterday that Meowmy took a book outside on the deck to read. I'm an indoor cat and not supposed to go out, but I cried at the door so much the Meowmy finally relented and let me out. She said I could stay out as long as I stayed on the deck with her. Well, I was willing to agree to that at first, but after I finished walking around the deck and smelling the watering can and the porch swing and letting my whiskers blow in the breeze it just wasn't enough. I could see grass and flowers and all kinds of wonderous things. I've seen them out the window before, but this was up close!

I slipped off the deck and headed for the garden (which is right next to the deck). I sniffed all those wonderful flowers - they smelled delicious! I could put my nose right on them! Meowmy said to watch out for the bees. I think those are the little things that fly around the flowers and buzz. They kind of looked like fun, but Meowmy said "no, no, no!"

I sat under a bush. Then I went to the little square near the lamp post and ate some grass! Yummy! Later I walked around behind the deck and sniffed the purple flowers out there. Oh, what a wonderful time I had. There's so much out there. It's like a paradise! Of course, everytime I turned around I saw that Meowmy was standing right behind me. She followed me everywhere I went. (Except she didn't go under the bush with me, but she sat just beside it.) I hope I get to go out again. I had a splendid time.

I so envy kitties who can go out. My three furblings (whom I never knew) who are now at the bridge got to go out whenever they wanted. How come I can't? We live on a deadend street with very little traffic and there are woods behind our house. I would have a wonderful time out there! Meowmy says it's because she's at work all day and Grandma is too old to rescue me if she hears me getting into a fight. Meowmy had to take the others to the vet too often because of fights with other cats. I won't fight, I promise!

Well, at least maybe I can go out when Meowmy comes with me. I guess that will have to do. When I go to sleep I'll have wonderful kitty dreams about roaming outdoors to my heart's content!


New Adventures! New Friends?

July 12th 2007 8:41 am
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I went outside again. Actually, I've been meowing Meowmy into letting me out every day. Of course, she has to come with me, so I have to wait for her to have time to take a book and sit outside.

Yesterday, I met a new friend! I was just wandering around the driveway when I spied something furry under the big hunk of metal Meowmy uses to take me to the vet. So I went under there to see what it was. I ran up to meet him and he started to hop!!! He hopped and I ran out into the sunshine. Silly Meowmy caught sight of me out of the corner of her eye with another animal and let out a little scream. It scared my new friend and he hopped off as fast as he could. I gave Meowmy a scowl for scaring off my new friend. Meowmy said he is called a bunny. He's furry like me, but he's got very long ears and a round puffy tail. And I'm just fascinated with that hoppy thing he does.

I was really upset about losing my new friend so after a few minutes I came up on the sun deck to meow at Meowmy about not scaring away my new friends. Just as I got up there and started my lecture I heard something that made me turn around. Just coming around the side of that vet-going hunk of metal was another furry creature, but this one looked just like me except he was kind of a tan color and skinnier than me. I knew this one was a kitty. We started meowing at each other as he slowly approached the sun deck. I thought, "Oh, goody, another new friend!" We were just starting to get acquainted when that Meowmy said, "Oh no!" grabbed me and put me in the house. As soon as she picked me up I let out a hissssss, because I was so mad that she was ruining my second chance at a playmate. Unfortunately, I was still looking at the kitty when I hissed and I think he thought I was hissing at him because he looked very offended. Oh, I will never forgive Meowmy if he never comes back so that I can explain!

The next thing I knew I was in the house, the door was shut and I have no idea what's become of my new friends. I'm going to get her to let me out again and I'll just hope and purr that they come back. I have to make amends because of HER and hope they understand.


I can't go out anymore!

October 3rd 2007 7:35 pm
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I am sooooo mad. Meowmy won't let me out after she gets home from work anymore. It's all because two days ago I went out after she came home and I took off. I went into the woods behind our house. I was having the best time ever. You won't believe what's in the woods. There are all kinds of animals: squirrels, chipmunks, birds, mice and lots more. Plus there are tons of trees and I can have my pick of any of them for sharpening my claws and no one yells at me to stop. The ground in the woods is covered in leaves and I can slink through it and sneak up on stuff and it's so much fun. I can watch what all the "wild" animals do. I can climb trees if I want to, but I don't want to yet. The woods are just sooooo cool.

Then it got dark. The woods are even better when it gets dark. The moon and the stars came out and, hey, I'm a cat, I can see just fine by moonlight. The woods are really pretty at night. And these really neat things called bats (flying mice - can you believe it!) come out and fly around.

Okay, so it was dark and Meowmy was calling and calling me. Yeah, I heard her. So what, I was having a really good time. Plus I know what she wanted. She wanted to make me come in the house. Once she got me in I knew she would close the door and lock up and I be stuck in the house for the night. So no way was I answering to that call. I'm a cat. I don't come when I'm called unless I feel like it. She knows that!

Being a human, Meowmy can't see that well at night (maybe she's the one who shouldn't be out at night!) so she got this thing that she holds in her hand and it shines light around. I think she calls it a flashlight. She was in the back yard shining it into the woods and calling my name. I knew she was desparate, so I hid really good. Finally, she gave up and went back in the house. YES! Now I had the night and the woods to myself. Or so I thought. A few minutes later I was compelled by something I can't explain to go home. So, reluctantly, I came out of the woods, went up on the porch and put my adorable little gray nose right up against the door and Meowmy let me in.

Then, believe it or not, she started yelling at me. She actually told me to come when she calls me. Yeah, right! Hello, I'm a CAT! She said she was so worried about me that she actually had to pray to St. Francis of Assisi (Patron Saint of Animals) to get me to come in. And she promised that if I came in safely she wouldn't let me out after she gets home from work anymore. I can't believe she made such a rash promise. So now I can only go out during the day on weekends when she's home to keep an eye on me. And I have to come in BEFORE it even starts to get dark. Meowmy says there is something in the woods called coyotes and that they come out after dark and that they will eat me. I didn't see anything that could eat me. I think she's making it up.

I am so bummed out. I think she's really serious about this promise thing she made because for the last two nights she hasn't let me out after she got home from work. Believe me, I tried my most pleading meows and my most pathetic look both at the same time. That combination never fails. And yet, I didn't get to go out. I'm doomed.

When is the weekend?


New Tag Game

October 19th 2007 7:41 am
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Rules are this: I have to pick and list 10 fellow members and say a nice thing about them and about the cat who tagged me.
I then send a Pmail or Rosette to the 10 cats I picked.

Whisper is the cat who tagged me. Whisper has the most gorgeous blue eyes ever. Plus he's the brother of my bestest boy kitty friend, Dash.

Baby-G also tagged me. She's a great writer with a good sense of humor. And cute, too!

1.) Dash - He's sooooo handsome. He looks just like me! And he's kind and thoughtful.

2.) Amelia - Amelia is the sweetest cat ever. My heart broke when she went to the Bridge, but the Bridge is undoubtedly an even more beautiful place than ever now that Amelia has graced it with her presence.

3.) Chrissy - Chrissy is a mysteriously beautiful cat.

4.) Pooky - Pooky is a queenly cat. She's elegant and refined. I'm honored that she asked me to be one of her brides maids when she marries King Suede (please purr hard for King Suede's mommy to get better soon!)

5.) Mouse - Mouse is Pooky's sisfur. Mouse is sweet and gentle. She's a kind and thoughtful kitty.

6.) Jazz - Jazz is Mouse and Pooky's other sisfur. She's the "comic relief" in the house. I love her orange spots. Jazz is loads of fun.

7.) Sparkman - This is one adorable kitty. And - he does backflips!

8.) Alaidh - Alaidh was the first kitty to invite me to join a Catster group. That's what got me going on Catster. I love Alaidh. She's a grand old lady with CATititude!

9.) Navin - Navin is one totally cool cougar. He even has magic pants!

10.) Scottie - Scottie read my tales of woe and came to my rescue by inviting me to join the Kitty Complaints Gallery. I've been having a blast complaining ever since!

Wow! I could go on and on about all the wonderful kitties here at Catster. I'm so lucky to have such terrific friends!


Blessing of the Animals

October 26th 2007 2:00 pm
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I wanted to write this entry on the day it happened, but it was about the same time that my dearest friend Amelia went to the Bridge. I just didn't feel like writing in my diary at that time. I was too sad. Now I think I'm ready to tell everyone about my big day.

On October 13, I went to church with Meowmy. I was scared at first because Meowmy put me in my carrying case and I thought I was going to the vet. I hate going to the vet. Instead we went to a different place that I had never been to before. Meowmy tried to explain it all to me in the car, but I was crying so much because I thought that I was going to the vet that I really didn't listen. It turns out that Meowmy was taking me to a special ceremony at church just for pets. Meowmy is the one who organized it and wrote the ceremony so we had to get there early. I got to go in the church office with her so she could make a bunch of photocopies of the ceremony, but I had to stay in my carrying case which I didn't like at all. I really didn't know where I was and I thought maybe it was just a different vet's office.

After a few minutes I stopped crying and decided to look around. It was a big room with lots of desks and tables and strange machines. I didn't see any vet-looking things, so I started to feel a little more safe. Then a man came in and started talking to Meowmy. I thought, "aha, he must be a vet." I was sure of it when Meowmy picked up my carrying case and showed me to him and said, "this is Smokey". I went to the back of my case to get as far away as possible. But they never opened my case and the man left after a few minutes.

Next we went outside. It was a beautiful day and I wished I could have gotten out of my case and played with the birdies that were hopping around on the grass. It was so nice and peaceful that I was actually starting to enjoy myself. Then I heard it. Barking! Yup, dogs started showing up. Suddenly, there were dogs everywhere. Big dogs and little dogs. Dogs on leashes and dogs in their owner's arms. I looked around, but all I could see were dogs. I was the ONLY cat! What was going to happen next?

Well, that man I had seen in the office came out, only this time he was wearing a long robe. He spent a few minutes going around talking to people and their dogs. Two dogs started growling at each other and acting like they wanted to fight. The man in the robe said to them, "St. Francis would not approve of that at all!" As soon as he said it, the dogs stopped growling, sat down and behaved for the rest of the time they were there.

Now, I know about St. Francis. He's the patron saint of animals. Meowmy and I purr and pray for his intercession a lot. That means we ask him to pray for us or for other people or animals. It's just like when you ask a friend to pray for you. He's our friend and he prays for us when we ask him.

Okay, so then the guy in the robe starts talking loudly so everyone can hear. He tells a story about St. Francis and a wolf. I think he chose that because there were so many dogs. Dogs probably like wolf stories. Then someone read something from the Bible about how God created all of us animals. That makes us special because we are God's creation. Yippee! Then Meowmy read some prayers for care and protection of animals. Then everyone prayed the "Our Father" together.

The next thing I knew, Meowmy had unzipped my carrying case just enough to get her hand in. I was so interested in all that was going on, I stuck my head out just a bit. Meowmy held on to me gently, but firmly and the guy in the robe shook a funny looking thing over my head and I got all wet. Now I ask you, was that nice? Meowmy said it was holy water and I was being blessed. I just know I got wet. Oh well, I guess he didn't mean any harm. He went around and did the same thing to all the dogs, but they didn't seem to care. Dogs! We finished up with a song.

When it was all done, we all got together for a group picture. Meowmy unzipped my case again so that I'd have my pretty face in the picture. That's when some big lumox of a dog waddled over and tried to kiss me! The nerve! I gave him a look of queenly disdain and he slinked away. I backed into the carrier after that. Picture or no picture I was not getting near any of those slobbering dogs.

Finally, everyone went home. I liked it while Meowmy was cleaning up. I got to sit outside in the sunshine after the dogs had gone and it was quiet and peaceful again. I spent my time thinking about how wonderful God is. He must be, He made cats, after all.


Helping with Crafts

November 30th 2007 7:30 pm
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Meowmy has been making jewelry to give as Christmas presents. She's been very hard at work in her craft room so tonight I thought I would surpise her by giving her a helping paw. I jumped up on the craft table to see what was going on and where I could best help.

My, it was interesting. She was stringing beads on a wire to make a necklace. She had a whole bunch of necklaces already made and set to one side of the table. First I walked over there and lay down on them so I could really get a good look - you know, up close and purrsonal.

Then I turned my attention to the one she was working on. She was almost done with it, but she seemed to be having a little trouble attaching the clasp to the end of the wire. I figured there must be some kind of problem with the wire. So, I thought the best thing for me to do was to inspect the wire so I'd know how to help her out. Well, I found some wire she wasn't using and jumped down to the floor with it in my mouth. I was giving it quite a good inspection, when Meowmy took it away from me! She said wire wasn't a good thing for a kitty to play with. Now, didn't she know I wasn't playing at all? I was inspecting it to see how I could help her with it. Sheesh!

However, she must have regreted being so ungrateful, because she gave me a piece of string to play with. She told me I could make anything I want to from it. I brought it upstairs with me. I have been twisting and rolling it, dragging and chewing it. I'm letting my creative juices stew while I mull over what to make. I'm sure I'll come up with something great. Right now I'm just waiting for the string to inspire me. In the meantime, it makes a great toy just as it is.


Christmas Tag Game

December 19th 2007 6:53 am
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New game everyone!

I've been tagged by my good friend, Mouse.

Here is MY list of 5 things I want for Christmas:

1. I wish that everyone in the world would realize that God made all of creation, that it all belongs to God and that people are meant to be good stewards of it, not "owners", treat the earth and its creatures with compassion and use its resources wisely and share them fairly.

2. I wish all cats and dogs had furrever homes to live in where they are wanted, loved and well-cared for.

3. I wish Meowmy would give me more treats.

4. I wish a real mouse would be my friend and not break when I try to play with him - I'm just playing after all.

5. I wish the Christmas tree would stay up all year so I could always sleep under it.

I will tag: Dash, Whisper, Amelia and Alaidh!


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