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The life of Boogers!

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I have the bestest friends!!!

September 26th 2006 11:05 pm
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MEOW! I'm so happy to see that Rocky Ann, Fido, Hondo, and my group "Best Friends Animal Society" has sponsored 30 cats in one month!!! Can you believe it??? Not only did we sponsor 30 great cats, but we've made new friends.

We're going to throw a pawty very soon to honor and celebrate our new friends. Words cannot express my gratitude towards every cat's supawt and love!!! So throw your paws in the air and have a great day!

YOU FRIENDS MAKE ME SO HAPPY!!! ((head bonks, and whisker kisses))


ConCats to my brother Fido!!!!

September 27th 2006 7:37 pm
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HOLY COW!! Mr. Fido aka the rookie is COTW!!! Put your paws in the air!!! I bet he'll be all demanding now that he's COTW. I gotta make this short as he's telling me he has TONS of pawmail to read. Ok, fine... Just this one week you can hog the computer:)

But I'd like to say THANK YOU MEOWY MUCH *EVE* furrr the 2 adorable pictures of you (purrrrrrrrr) and the treats, toy and magnet! I'm going to post pictures soon (provided Fido will let me use the computer)



Speedy Gonzalez??

September 27th 2006 8:13 pm
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Meep meep!! Speedy Gonzalez has struck again!! Thank you so much furrr the Rosette! I have been fighting with Fido ::ignores the meowing in the background that he is COTW:: as he won't let me at the computer!!! I hope my friends don't furrrget about me and Hondo as Fido is a mad cat on the computer! MOL

THANK YOU Speedy Gonzalez!!!


Mystery pawkage...

September 28th 2006 9:11 am
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Dom Dom Dommmmmmmmmm!

So I wake up this morning to the man in brown and he hands me a pawkage... So I tear that to bits and immediately look furrr a card/note (My meowmy said that's the polite thing to do), but I don't see one!! Who sent me a pawkage?????? I "THINK" I know who did, but I gotta get a confurrrmation from my friend.... Who could it be??? I'll pawsonally say THANK YOU when I know furrr sure!

And while our household is crazy like cats who ate too much nip, my pal Ripley gave me a rosette:) Gosh, can you have a cooler friend than him? THANK YOU RIPS!!!!


Mystery solved!

September 28th 2006 10:24 am
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Like to say THANK YOU MEOWY MUCH from my friends *SOCK,ASHLYE,SIMI,CINDERELLA,AWNEE* furrr the adorable beanie babies!!! I can't believe we got a pawkage! SO COOL!!!

((bonks, and whisker kisses))


"Purrrty Fly"

September 29th 2006 6:12 pm
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In the wise words from my friend *TOBEY HAWK*, I am indeed looking "purrrty fly" in my new ride:)

I'd like to say THANK YOU furrrr the rosette!!!

Now that I have every cat's attention, who's with me and "Speedy Gonzales" in that we should get 25 rosettes per family member. Any idea how hard it is to share with 3 other siblings??? Some of my friends have TONS of siblings!! CRAZY!!




September 29th 2006 7:52 pm
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My friend *MONKEY (BLUE) * threw the coolest pawty to help bring the summer to an end. I'd like to say that cat knows how to pawty!

Also, I'm wishing my friend *DIEGO * a Happy third Birthday tomorrow!!!!



September 29th 2006 10:06 pm
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PURRRR! My friend *EVE* is SUCH a sweetie!! I received a letter in the mail today (the human kind that goes into that weird looking box)

And inside was the cutest letter and she sent me a tiny button furrr my stroller!!! I'm so loved!! THANK YOU EVE!

And furrr all of you who don't know her, she's a great friend! Check out her new brother "Oliver" aka "Mr. Poot Poot" MOL

((Hugs Eve))

Also, like to give a meow out to my friend
*GORDY* furrr the Yankee Hat tip:) Purrrr!!!



September 30th 2006 8:49 pm
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WOW! Big thanks to *DANTE AND SIMBA* and *MONKEY (BLUE)* furrr their help with my new and IMPROVED video!!

I owe you rosettes!!!


Furrrst place B/W Ankle Biter!!!

October 1st 2006 11:31 am
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I'd like to say THANK YOU to *ORCA THE KILLER CAT* furrr hosting the contest furrr Black and White Ankle Biter of the Month!! I, Boogers, won furrrrst place!! #1!!

YAY! I'm the Black and White Ankle Biter furrr the month of SEPTEMBER!!!

So watch out! ::CHOMP CHOMP:: Also, my brother *FIDO * aka COTW won 2nd place! ConCats bro!

You can see me honor on Orca's page *HERE*

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