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The life of Boogers!

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August 26th 2006 6:51 pm
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HOLY BATMAN!!! Me and Fido just got back from *MONKEY'S(Blue)* pawty in honor of him being Cat of the Week!!! It was pawsome!!! I give it 4 paws up!!! He even provided us with a limo!!! Met a few friends furrr the first time, and witnessed my brother, Fido, dancing with my good friend, and cutie *SIMBA*That girl is wild!! *CATS GONE WILD! MOL*

Also, prior I went and helepd my friend *COLLEEN* audition pawspective band members. My brother Fido was playing some mean bass!!! Hope he gets in as I'm their keyboadist!

I'd like furrr everyone to visit my friend *ORCA (the killer cat)* site and vote furrr ME at:

PS my brother was the 100 member!! WOOHOOO!!!!


My girl Oreo...

August 27th 2006 11:15 pm
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So I had a lovely chat with my girlfurrriend *OREO* I'm so glad she posted some more pictures! She pointed out that we both have a little black circle on our bellies! I think she mentioned that before, but I totally furrrgot! Gettin' old as my 3rd birthday is in December.

Today was a nice and relaxing day. We went to the college dad's going to, and I'm told that it would have been a purrrfect stroll. But I'm glad I didn't go as it started to rain and that didn't help the humidity... Perhaps we'll take a long stroll there someday...

Later I helped put together a desk furrr our computer/cat room. I helped alright! I managed to sleep on the backboard. It was sorta comfy, but my pawrents weren't too happy as I almost sat on a nail! MEOW!

Well, I hope to stroll soon. I'm glad my friends are all doing well.


OREO!!! Thank you MEOWY much!!

August 28th 2006 5:53 pm
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HOLY KITTEN!! (Cow would be so inappropriate!)

My girlfriend *OREO* surprised me today with a package!! Inside were 2 catnip toys (which I haven't stopped licking yet, but only to type this) and a card (won't share all the lovely thoughts) and some pictures which are furrr MY VIEWING ONLY!! PAWS OFF CATS!! All I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH!! What a great way to start the week!!!!

Ok, sorry so short, but I gotta tack these pics up on my cat wall in my cat room:) ::blush::

((head butts and whisker kisses to OREO!!!))


Gimme some paw, aka Simba style!!!

August 28th 2006 9:35 pm
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So guess what? Last night was the furrrst time I ever gave paw to someone I knew!!! My pal *SIMBA'S* sister (Dante) received 5 paws from me. And wanna know something cool? Turns out, Simba's family gave Fido his first 5 paw the same day!!! YEAH!!! Tres cool! Oh? You didn't know I speak french in addition to Meow? Dang right I do!

Ok, I know pawmail should be private, but I had to post this as I know Fido, my brother reads my page (AND my mail sometimes!! HISSS). Let this be a warning to you Mr. Fido!

Message from Simba:
"Hey, Boogers. Fido is kinda young so he might not get how catster works. So you tell him to keep being nice to you otherwise i'll take away his paws. You and I know that I'd never do that, but maybe Fido is naive. It will keep him from biting you ever again! Hee hee."

Meow, isn't Simba wise?? She's such a smart cookie!!


Reminder furrr September 1, at 9PM EST

August 29th 2006 12:51 am
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I'd like to remind everyone that I'll be hosting my furrrst strolling pawty this Friday Sept. 1 in the Country Club at 9pm EST. Also, if Toulouse and his mom can stop by, there'll be a mini "Happy bday pawty" there too!!

Just to give you all an idea of what's to come, the following is a sample from the menu:

-Catnip tea
-Fillet Mignot with a hint of nip
-Chicken and Pineapple pizza
-Chicken and Salmon Pâté

As for transportation, Mouse Chasers Limo Service will be providing free rides again.

For entertainment:
-I've hired Fancy Cats Wax Museum where there will be someone on paw to make a wax model of each of the guests!
-The band will be *PUNK KITTENS*

And the dress code will be cat-tail dresses furrrr the females, and a tux furrr the males...

PS. Here's a link to our animal organization us SUPER STROLLERS are strollin' furrrr:


Double standard...

August 29th 2006 12:04 pm
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So why is it ok furrr Fido to take my toys (which clearly are MINE) yet cat forbid I try and eat some of his catnip. I tried it just a few seconds ago and he said "MEOW! grrrahhhhhalll MEOW" and swiped at me!! :(

Also, check out my in-pawgress pimpin' stroller! I got a little cute pink mouse furrr the zipper from one of the purrrdiest cat's known to felines! Non other than *ROCKYANN* THANK YOU MEOWY MUCH!


This week keeps getting better and better!!!

August 30th 2006 1:10 am
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WOW! Not only did I join a cool club today, but I got a purrrty Rosette from the originator of the club*SKEEZIX THE CAT*
MEOW! Don't I smell purttty? Thank you again meowy much! I even took the cat quiz on Skeezix's site! Turns out I'm like the famous cat "Pawscar Wilde"

You can take the quiz at: *QUIZ*

Could this week get any better? This so makes it easier furrr me to accept that there won't be strolls anytime soon due to the rain and humidity:(


I was wrong! This week COULD get better and it did!

August 30th 2006 3:29 am
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WOOPIE!!! I just got a pawmail saying that, I, Boogers, am one of the 5 "Catster Diary Picks of the Day!!" WOW!!! I'm so honored!! Again, I accept this honor with many head bonks and whisker kisses.

*Obligatory acceptance speech, ruffles fur, and quickly grooms self*

"I, Boogers, am very honored to be apawt of this great organization called 'Catster'. It has not only helped me freshen up the cat room when I received Rosettes from my friends, but it also has given me the chance to meet new friends! I shall take on the responsibility of this deed very very seriously. I will set an example to cats that are lost and confused from too much catnip consumption, and will try to lead them in the right direction of being themselves and to help them pace their intake of catnip"

MEOW!! *Whiskers 500*


Good day indeed!

August 31st 2006 12:01 am
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Well I'm so happy to repawwt that I woke up this morning with TONS of pawmails concatulating me on being Diary of the Day! I even got a Rosette from my pal *SPOT* Again, thank you!! Don't I smell good???

Also, did you all check out my good friend *SIMBA'S* page? She made a cute video of her opening and enjoying my presents! In the wise words of Simba, *Glompity, glomp, glomps* indeed!!! What a cute cat... I *heart* her!!!

If Lucky Boo is out there, PAWMAIL ME!!! I am frantically trying to get a hold of you!! Hope all is ok!!! ACK!!! HAIRBALL!!!!


Pawty over here, Pawty over there!!!

September 1st 2006 12:34 am
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WOOPIE! My pawty is offially today in the East Coast... 'Word...

I'm so excited! I hope it's goes great as this is my furrrst Catster Pawty. Us Super Strollers are honoring a great organization which many of you have heard of, *THE HUMANE SOCIETY* ! My pawty is going to be held in the Club House featuring the Super Strollers. We like to 'stroll furrr a good cause.

In addition, we're going to throw our paws in the air and will also be wishing my pal, *TOULOUSE'S*
meowmy a Meowy Birthday! WOOPIE!!

So we're all meeting in the "House of Wax Kitties" at 9pm EST furrr an hour. Can't wait as I haven't been strollin' in a week due to the weather:(


1) Dress attire is, well, Tux's and Cat-tail dresses furrr the ladies...

2) Transportation will be purrrvided by Mouse Chasers Limo Service, so be on the look out furrr the Hummer limos!


4) Menu:
-Catnip tea
-Fillet Mignot with a hint of nip
-Chicken and Pineapple pizza
-Chicken and Salmon Pâté
-Catnip impawwwted from Pawscar Wilde and Co.
-Open bar furrr those who want to get their drink on
-Sautee Chicken in a yummy butter sause

5) And our entertainment will feature *PUNK KITTENS*

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