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The life of Boogers!

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September 23rd 2012 7:35 pm
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Thank you to the kitties who filled up my treat jar.

Fido and I have been sorta fighting over mommy. Sometimes Fido will sit in mom's lap and to rub it in, he purrrs up a storm. When I come around the corner, to my horror, I see Fido giving me the stink eye. He knows this upsets me! I try and be a big boy and not let it bother me, but I always sulk and leave the room.

When he leaves I take over and give mom extra lovies. Then Fido sees it and just stares at me. He does give up from time to time but today he wouldn't leave and just stared at me! *gets nervous*

Doggy went on for a long walk with mom. We're so enjoying the cooler weather. I wonder if this is an indication of a cold winter?


Fainting goat mom!

October 2nd 2012 6:47 pm
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So mom fainted 2x today within 20 minutes. She's feeling better but she's not sure if she worked out too hard or if her BP is acting up even though she saw her Cardiologist last month.

So she'll be calling the Dr. tomorrow. She's better but the 2nd time she fainted, she fell backwards and luckily didn't hurt herself in the kitchen. She remembers waking up, wet, as she had just filled her water bottle after working out. Then she heard Grandpaw asking if she was ok. The first time she fainted was shortly after working out. She felt weird and was trying to sit down, and then was on all fours, and Grandpaw was trying to wake her up. She said it was weird as she didn't remember a thing! Just had ringing in her ears, and felt really dizzy and bam!

Stinky ugly cat Ethan was by her side both times but he ran when mom fell. Scaredy ugly cat!



October 5th 2012 11:08 am
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Yup! It's true! I'm a DDP!!!

I can't wait for the weekend as it's supposed to cool down a lot! In the 50's Sunday!! Mom said I'm going to get a stroll in this weekend before it's too cold. I'm a bit jealous that Fido and Tiski already got their strolls in.

I wonder if I'll have to stroll with PorkChop???

My crazy bestest is all decked out in her Thanksgiving attire. When will she learn Turkey Day is in Novemeber?! :)

I don't care when it is, just as long as I get some food!


Who dunnit?

October 15th 2012 5:40 pm
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Someone scratched my left eye :( Ok, not the EYE but about 1/4 inch below my lower left lid area. Mom has been putting euromyacin how ever you spell it in my eye. Cats who have white fur near their eyes? Ugh, it always looks reddish and yucky looking when you get ointment on it.

Handsome me can't get a break!

Tiskers has been yacking food up the past two days and I keep telling him, "You gotta CHEW your food".


Purrrrs for my brother Hondo

October 20th 2012 7:52 am
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Please check out Hondo's diary. He could use some purrrs as we're concerned that it might be something bad... Hoping it's B-9, but please rev up those purrrrs!!


I shall call her Bunsy

October 20th 2012 9:33 pm
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So today I got a nice lil' surprise package from my bestest bestie aka my arch enemy :)

Girlfriend hooked me up!! Tons of nom nom cat treats (MINE! ALL MINE!!), a very sweet card, and a lil' something for my stinky brother Ethan. Also enclosed was a new friend. This friend is a cream Bunny, and oh so soft!

I was telling Pansy I didn't know what to call the Bunny. Pansy replied, "What about Bunsy". I like it! So officially Bunny is called "Bunsy".

Wait a minute... Bu-nsy... Pa-nsy... D'oh!! That sneaky minx!!! :) Tis ok, Bunsy now responds to Bunsy!! Thank you Pansy for your kind package. I'll have to have Bunsy take a photo with me this week! But I think Busny is a bit scared of mom... Not sure why but Nurse Pansy gave mom specific instructions and Bunsy seems a bit frightened...

Thank you for the purrrs for my brother Hondo. I'll know more once he sees the vet. :(



October 23rd 2012 11:01 am
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So I was a DDP on the 22nd but mom was away for a few days with a friend so I had to wait for my typist to return!

Thank you for all the nice messages and gifties to make my page cute.

And big thanks for the purrs for my brother. I will let you know immediately what we learn when we see the vet. I promise to be extra nice to him until he sees the vet :) I promise!


All safe

October 30th 2012 6:32 pm
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So we're all safe from the hurricane. We have had rain for almost 24 hours straight but the rain and wind picked up last night around 6pm. It was crazy but no damage.

We knew we wouldn't have flooding but are thankful our power stayed on as it's COLD out! Rain and 39 degree=cold!

Mom has the heat on and we're all keeping her warm like good boys.



November 8th 2012 5:34 pm
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I think my bestest is sending her COLD Canadian weather down my way! It's been chilly the past week so mom put the fireplace on for all of us!

Tiskers is the one who loves it the most, he's a fireplace hog.

I'm just a food hog!

I hope we have a lot of snow this winter! I can do without the cold but the snow is always fun to look at! Plus Ethan wants to play in it. He's silly... Cats are so much more dignified!


Brrrrrr part deux

November 14th 2012 5:49 pm
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Yes, it's cold and mom is happy when all of us sleep on the bed with her at night!!! She brought out a few blankets too!

Tiskers keeps hogging the top spot on the pink condo as there's an air vent above it and it keeps him extra toasty!

Even our dog doesn't like the cold weather. He however will wear a winter coat that used to belong to Dogster Autumn! It keeps Ethan warm now that he fits in it. He was drowning in the coat the first year we got it as he was a lot smaller. I'm glad I don't have to go outside!

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